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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    As the boisterous Balkan draws within two slams of the supreme Spaniard, the question must once again be asked. Who is currently the greater of these two champions?
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    The most talked about players on TTW (AO wk 2 edition)

    Djokovic (=) 78 Nadal (=) 57 Medvedev (+2) 32 Federer (-1) 24 Tsitsipas (new entry) 17 Osaka (new entry) 13 Thiem (-2) 11 Murray (-3) 8 Karatsev (new entry) 7 S Williams (new entry)...
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    Osaka's phenomenal big match record

    I'm posting this now, because it will almost certainly have to end soon (probably as soon as this year's FO or W, when I predict Osaka will go far, but not win the title). Osaka has a 100% record in slam finals (4-0), slam SFs (4-0) and slam QFs (4-0). That's a pretty ridiculous 12-0 record to...
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    I stand with Mad Lad

    The rampaging Russian deserves the title. He has won 20 consecutive matches and is the tour's form player. Time for the Next Gen to finally come through and defeat one of the Big 3 in a slam final, the biggest stage of all. Oh, and he'd stop Novak Djokovic from winning yet another slam. I...
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    Barty shall win the AO

    The amicable Aussie shall surely lay down the law and lift her nation's trophy next weekend. She has dispatched all opponents with ease thus far, and her consistency and variety shall be too much for the likes of Serena, Halep and Osaka. So be it.
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    Karatsev the first man named after a mythical lion into a slam QF

    Historical achievement - one for the ages.
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    The most talked about players on TTW (Feb 2021 edition)

    I've done this thread a few times before. Here are the players whose names have appeared most often in thread titles in the last 10 pages of this forum (a good proxy for who is being talked about the most): Djokovic 52 Nadal 48 Federer 44 Kyrgios 23 Medvedev 9 Thiem 9 Murray 9...
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    What is the ultimate question?

    A question about questions. The only one of these three questions with a definitive answer is, of course, the first one.
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    What is more admirable?

    What is more admirable? I ask this not merely in a sporting context, but in the context of being human.
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    Most trollish score in tennis history

    Considering both the score and the identity of both participants, I submit the following: 1986 Wimbledon R64, Mats Wilander bt. Andrew Castle, 4-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-0 Any other contenders?
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    How long shall Nadal continue to win RG?

    He can win it until he’s 40, IMHO.
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    I stand with the Bull

    For the sake of epicness, For the sake of morality and humility, For the sake of the great bromance that is Fedal, For the sake of the sport’s greatest warrior, For the sake of having two unassailable titans sharing the sport’s pinnacle, For the sake of all the opponents whom Novak Djokovic has...
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    Will Kenin be greater than Henin?

    There was a young girl called Kenin, Whose favourite dictator was Lenin, The flavour of the day, Will she win on clay, And outperform Justine Henin ?
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    Djokovic now is unbearable

    See how one letter makes all the difference ;)
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    There was only a winner because someone had to choke worse

    Turns out Zverev is even worse a choker than Thiem. Make no mistake though, Thiem was only the least-worst player in this final, not the best. It took a global pandemic, the withdrawal of two superstars (and several other top players), plus the disqualification of the 3rd superstar, for two...
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    2020 is like 1968

    2020 is like 1968 for tennis - the time of an unbreakable barrier between eras. Much as the pre- and post-Open Eras are clearly separated, so shall be the pre- and post-C*vid eras. Therefore we should look at the GOATs as those who proved themselves the greatest of a given era. For the...
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    If Murray wins this US Open, I will concede he's an ATG

    @Mainad @Nole Slam :cool:
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    There shall be a surprise winner at this year's US Open

    Mark my words. Also, as of this post, I am now GOAT (per the rules of this forum). :cool:
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    Is Mainad an ATG?

    @Mainad has the 6th highest number of likes on this forum at 41,840 - which would give him ATG status in the eyes of most. However, this total is less than half that of the #1 poster, stringertom, with 88,480. Some have also pointed out the fact that his record is skewed towards a particular...
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    Most bizarre slam statistics

    Marco Cecchinato has played in 12 slams. In 11 of them, he has lost in the 1st round. In the other, he reached the semi-final of the 2018 FO, defeating former champion Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals. Anyone else have bizarre slam statistics to match / better this?
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    Where do you draw the ATG line?

    Simple question - where do you the draw the line of what constitutes an ATG?
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    Living male slam champs and their generational cohorts

    When we look at the living male tennis champions, I find it interesting that the recognised generational cohorts of the Western world correspond well with the players themselves. There are four of the Greatest Generation remaining, all US veterans of the WWII era (I am not entirely sure whether...
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    The Spectator's Grand Slam

    Has anyone here completed what I'm terming the "spectator's Grand Slam" - i.e. attended all four slam events? If not, how many (if any) have you attended? I have been to Wimbledon and Roland Garros.
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    Should rankings be discontinued if Covid-19 causes tournament cancellations?

    I am of the firm opinion that, should a large part of the season be cancelled due to Covid-19, the rankings should not be used during this period. It would not be fair for whoever is ranked No 1 at the beginning of this period to rack up months at the top, without having to hit a ball. In this...
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    Will 2019 be the last year Federer is top in slam count?

    Federer has been top in slam count at the end of every year from 2009 - 2019. 11 years. More than Sampras, of course, who had the top slam count (at least jointly) for 10 years, from 1999 - 2008. Shall 2019 be the last year that he maintains that position?
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    "We didn't invent tennis"

    A very brief history of tennis (To the tune of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire): Wimbledon, London, Tennis on a croquet lawn, Spencer Gore (what a bore), Frank Hadow, Herbert Lawford, William Renshaw, Wilfred Baddeley, Ernest Renshaw, Reggie Doherty, Laurence Doherty, Brits ruled the...
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    This should be Federer's last slam appearance

    Consider this incontrovertible proof: In his first singles slam appearance, a man named Medvedev lost a close 5-setter against a balding legend of the game, in the final. Thus it would only be right and fitting if Federer were to call the 2019 US Open his final slam appearance. :p
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    Shocking age-related statistic

    The women's game has a slam champion born in the 2000s. The men's game still does not have one born in the 1990s. Disgust.
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    If Schwartzman wins...

    We're guaranteed to have the first male singles slam champion born in the 1990s (finally!) By the way, I'm very aware that this is highly unlikely.