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  1. SavvyStringer

    Dunlop help

    Hey folks, I’m not incredibly familiar with Dunlop’s lineup. I have a guy coming in this year that currently plays the Dunlop CV 3.0 Tour. Looks like this frame is last gen. What would be the newer version of this frame. Looks like the Dunlop naming structure changed marginally. Thanks.
  2. SavvyStringer

    Lead adhesion to Blade V7

    Anyone experienced any difficulties getting lead to adhere to the new Blade V7s with the full rubberized paint? I have a collegiate player that I am customizing and matching rackets for who needs a lot of weight to get them where he wants them and it keeps peeling off. I've used rubbing alcohol...
  3. SavvyStringer

    Racket to replace Green Blx Blades

    I have a college guy who is playing the green blx blades. He played all year with 3 of the 18x20 blades that are 4 years old at this point. I'm looking to replace them with a newer racket this summer while he has time to demo and adjust. For reference I weight them to 330g with a 335g swing...
  4. SavvyStringer

    Klip 15L vs. Babolat 15L 'durability'

    Anyone have an opinion on these or has played both strings? Are they pretty similar? One of our girls plays the Babolat 15L currently as a main with alu flouro cross. Looking to see how comparable they are to see which way she should go for the summer when she's paying for her string. The Klip...
  5. SavvyStringer

    16x19 Solinco or 18x20 Luxilon?

    One of my friends was the stringer for the SEC championships this year (and the last 3 years). We were talking about daily volume and total racket count and the discussion devolved into ease of stringing certain brands and his preference versus mine. He said the tourney was a lot of Solinco and...
  6. SavvyStringer

    Tool suggestions

    I have a plethora of tools (Alpha set, Wilson set, cutting tools/pliers from home improvement stores) . My main kit consists of pseudo xuron cutters and pliers. The xuron broke and I went to Home depot and was able to get something very similar. Blunt awl and pointed awl that came with the Alpha...
  7. SavvyStringer

    Gosen SW Machine

    This may go in the other equipment section but customization supply is really stringing equipment. Anyone know anything about the Gosen SW machine? It looks just like the alpha but they have added a scale. I can't find one that can be purchased and shipped to the US. Everything I'm able to find...
  8. SavvyStringer

    DT without ERT

    Anyone have input on the best way to measure DT without an ERT since apparently they've quit making them? I know those gamma twist things and racket tune but how accurate/user friendly are they really?
  9. SavvyStringer

    Babolat Star3

    what if I told you I potentially had a Babolat Star 3 for sale? Any takers? Any offers? I spoke with a guy this weekend and he has one sitting, claims it’s in good shape. Just wanted to gauge interest for him.
  10. SavvyStringer

    RFA weight

    Am I losing my mind? I thought they were a 330g racket but I was matching a few yesterday and they're 340g. Were they previously 330 and they changed it or did I just miss it before?
  11. SavvyStringer

    Yonex synthetic

    I’m not nearly as well versed on grips as I am strings and frames. What is the closest replacement grip to a yonex synthetic? Apparently you can’t order replacements for yonex.
  12. SavvyStringer

    Head Graphene Extreme MPA

    looking for Extreme MPA in a 3/8 grip.
  13. SavvyStringer

    henweezy easy

    Quick payment and easy interaction from the buyer henweezy
  14. SavvyStringer

    Blade 98 2015, 6.1 95S, RFA, Prostaff 97

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year):Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) 2015 Grip Size / Size:3 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet):98 Condition (x out of 10):7-8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): played for about half a league season 20ish hours *General Description...
  15. SavvyStringer

    Extreme MP vs Extreme MPA

    Has anyone played the extreme mp that is listed for $120 and played the MPA? Any differences if you're using the 16x19 in the MPA? I have a pair of the MPAs and like them but would like to have a couple more back stock. Just wondering if that extreme would be a suitable sub. The difference...
  16. SavvyStringer

    Alpha Ghost Boxes

    Any one have any suggestions on where to find boxes large enough to store/transport/ship the machine in? I threw away the boxes when I originally got the machine and am having difficulty finding containers or boxes large enough to store or possibly ship it in if I decide to sell it.
  17. SavvyStringer

    Wilson Baiardo first thoughts

    I know this has been done before, sorry for being late to the party. I got my Baiardo lightly used from Wilson after the Miami Open this year. I set it up last night and strung a couple rackets on it. For anyone that is a serious stringer and is used to higher end electronic constant pull...
  18. SavvyStringer

    Volkl Cyclone Pink

    Did Volkl discontinue the pink and replace it with the orange? I can't seem to find a thread on it and I'm not seeing the pink in 16g for sale.
  19. SavvyStringer

    Vapor 9 vs. 9.5

    Can anyone point me to a thread on the differences? I did a search and didn't come up with anything. I have a pair of each in the closet from buying massive amounts of shoes on sale and now I'm too cheap to buy more so it's time to make my way through my stock. After wearing the 9s last night, I...
  20. SavvyStringer


    Any one know where you can get Mizuno Tennis shoes in the U.S.? Their running shoes are my favorite and I'd like to give the Tennis shoes a go but I can't find them from a U.S. retailer.