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  1. Shaolin


    I'd like to see Nole STOP wearing a hat immediately. I hate the way he wears it, not pulled down all the way. Fed and Nadal look good with a hat. They should ditch the headband.
  2. Shaolin

    You one ugly...

    Gaudio d. Coria. Epic
  3. Shaolin

    Why #18 feels so good

    Still mad about that default. Would be on #19 now.
  4. Shaolin

    Kyrgios to Murray : Dude, you’re so much better than Djokovic, you should have a way better career

    I'd love to see Nick and Nole play again too. Unfortunately NK will always lose to a random like Albot, Ebden or Sela 2nd round so they'll probably never meet again :rolleyes:
  5. Shaolin

    Are Simon and Karatsev brothers?

    I noticed the similarity also. Karatsev is Simon with calf muscles.
  6. Shaolin

    Predict Roger Federer's schedule for 2021

    I think if you win a slam and stay in the top 20 you're automatically entered in the WTF.
  7. Shaolin

    Predict Roger Federer's schedule for 2021

    Wimbledon Basel WTF
  8. Shaolin


    She's factoring in that lots of dumbass people only look at majors won and noting else to declare GOAT. They parrot GOAT=Slam Titles because that's what they heard some ''expert'' say once on TV. Look at it around here, lots of people calling Nadal better overall than Nole, completely...
  9. Shaolin


    Truth here. Even losing 5lbs can make a big difference in how you feel and play. If she went all-out on physical training/conditioning she could still win at least another major.
  10. Shaolin

    What's next for Sascha Zverev?

    Part time job at Abercrombie & Fitch.
  11. Shaolin

    Some Hard Truths

    Any planet with Federer is not irrelevant.
  12. Shaolin

    Bo3 Format at the USO, how long?

    I'd honestly love to see Bo5, no-ad, no lets like in college. Bring it haters :)
  13. Shaolin

    S. Korda

    It was great to see Tsonga back. He will gradually start playing better...prob a big shock to the system to be on tour again. Korda looked great, was hitting very clean and controlled.
  14. Shaolin

    Nadal will NOT win FO 2021

    Nadal winning RG in straight sets now guaranteed.
  15. Shaolin

    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    I never said it was the ''5th slam''. Keep lying to yourself but don't put lies in my mouth. Nole is the greatest overall player, just how it is. He kicks ass on outdoor hard, indoor hard, clay and grass. Anywhere you put him he can win. Nadal is an ATG and Eternal Clay GOAT but his inability...
  16. Shaolin

    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    You're ridiculous. Many many players have referred to WTF as the 5th biggest and talk about it as the goal of the season to reach it. Your 20-18 thing just shows you can parrot a mindless argument centered around 4 tournaments totally ignoring everything else. Rafa's resume is so clay-heavy...
  17. Shaolin

    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    WTF is the 5th most important tournament of the calendar and shows that a player can do well indoors which Rafa has failed at. Keep your head in the sand "bud".
  18. Shaolin

    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    0 WTF titles say otherwise
  19. Shaolin

    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    Nadal better on clay Nole better overall
  20. Shaolin

    Alot of pros not using dampener?

    Seems like more pros use dampeners than not.
  21. Shaolin

    Asian Karatsev Racquet

    Is he using the regular PT57A or the Asian version?
  22. Shaolin

    Kecmanovic to be coached by Nalbandian for a few weeks

    Haven't seen it but definitely believe he was hitting well. He was one of the cleanest hitters ever.
  23. Shaolin

    Kecmanovic to be coached by Nalbandian for a few weeks

    You miss the point entirely. While on tour he was way more out of shape than his peers and yet still was a top ranked player with one of the best backhands ever. It's only natural to wonder what he might have accomplished with more conditioning. If he could play as well as he did at 20%+...
  24. Shaolin

    Worst performance in a GS final?

    Zverera got beat 0&0. Can't do worse than that.
  25. Shaolin

    Why did med lose?

    Because Novak won.
  26. Shaolin

    Is Djokovic greatest hard courter now ?

    Yes and also greatest overall player
  27. Shaolin

    Johnny Mac Seeks Vindication

    True if true
  28. Shaolin

    Did anyone else notice how long Brady’s arms are?

    Wow what a disparity. If she just returned every ball to the center with her power that return stat would go up a mile. Will be interesting to see her progress. Certainly has some big weapons.
  29. Shaolin

    Backhands on the PRO tour have reached peak powers

    They reached peak powers with Safin.