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  1. metsman

    09 AO Federer vs 98 AO Nadal

    Could Fraud keep it together mentally?
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    Fellow Fed fans, it's time to move the goalposts

    Now that the "slam" record is no more, it is time to move the goalposts. Perhaps all the way to Dubai, Halle, or Basel?
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    Nadal Murray 2010/2011 Wimbledon SF

    Was really surprised to come along the full matches on youtube in crystal clear quality no less. 2010 was a high quality match despite the straight sets. In 2011 the quality of ballstriking noticeably isn't quite as intense.
  4. metsman

    Can Federer win the Grand Slam?

    Currently Fed is 1/4th of the way to the "Real Tennis" Grand Slam. That is Dubai, Halle, Cincy, and Basel for those unfamiliar. Federer is of course the first and only man to win back to back Grand Slams, in 2014 and 2015, strong evidence that he was at his peak. Can Federer complete the hat trick?
  5. metsman

    Federer has no heart

    What was he 0-5000 on break points? PATHETIC. It's one thing to lose deep into the 5th, but as usual Federina doesn't have the HEART to do it. Fed can only HOPE for a fairytale ending like Pete at this point. Maybe at Basel. Best guess is to continue to whimper through and maybe have his...
  6. metsman

    Khachanov far superior to Djokovic at every aspect of game, even return and lob

    Forehand-Khachanov can hit 3 FH in a row without looking like in a drunken stupor BH-Khachanov more pace and feel Serve-Khachanov more power and height Return-Khachanov longer limbs, more coverage Volleys-See Return Dropshot&Lob-Khachanov knows what these are Overall, not a very flattering look...
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    Fedr looking meh

    has won Basel
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    Fedr looking ok

    should win basel
  10. metsman

    Rog Federer confirms peak

    starting at 7:00 Fed confirms he is better than ever, more complete, serving bigger (don't recall quite as many 121s and 118 missiles when he was younger, he was more in the low 110s), more evolved as human and person, more beautiful a human being, taking a page from Ned's book. He says each...
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    Fedr not looking good

    will still win basel
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    Fedr looking good

    will win Basel
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    seems my account was recently taken over and turned into a fan account for a certain balding Greek-American serve volleyer from California. I was busy scouting bridges after the recent Federer loss, so I did not notice this was going on. I apologize for any crude remarks I may have made. Will...
  14. metsman

    What's Federer, like 2-5000 against big servers?

    Looked HELPLESS against Anderson. Has lost multiple times to the Big Bird Brothers Isner and Karlovic. 2010, 2011, 2016, 2018, totally OVERPOWERED at Wimbledon against big servers. Another OVERRATED myth about Federer that he can handle big servers just because he beat up on that joker Roddick a...
  15. metsman

    Believe me now?

    Fed can't even beat a total MUG like Anderson. Dude looks like a scarecrow in 50 mph wind, and people think Federer would do anything in the 90s against Goran, Krajicek, and PETE whose serves were WAY better. OVERRATED paper champion. Gimme a break ROFLMAO
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    that even getting to watch Federer play anymore is a joy, maybe not when he plays like today, but still. Keep calm and Peak Fed
  17. metsman

    Berdych vs Shapovalov

    Who is better? Bombs away @TheMaestro1990 @Krish872007
  18. metsman

    Is Thiem better than Peak Borg on clay?

    Figured it was only a matter of time at the rate at which these garbage threads are being made, so I just wanted to expedite the process.
  19. metsman

    The Greatest trick Fraud ever pulled

    as said by our dearly beloved @Meles before the match, Federer's win represents his most magical escape ever.
  20. metsman

    Congrats Meles

    Congratulations @Meles for a tremendous prediction of Fed-Delpo. Let me be the first to congratulate you. Is Fraud still peak on HC?
  21. metsman

    Djokovic/Nadal vs Sampras on grass?

    You will see that Djokovic and Nadal have just as many grass masters as Sampras and also have beaten Federer at Wimbledon which Sampras could not. Since these are two of the most important things maybe we have to re-evaluate this discussion??
  22. metsman

    Who was the rightful #1 of 2006??

  23. metsman

    Enough with the Lord Fedr bullcrap

    seriously, what is a lord, some medieval construct to make normal people who happen to own serfs have a title they can brag about. Federer should be referred to with some combination of sexi, GOAT, emperor, god, omnipotent, king, Jesus, ideally all of these, but any combination in any order will...
  24. metsman

    It's a little surreal

    The first time I saw Fed play a full match was 2001 against Pete. I was 15 and a huge Sampras fan at the time. Still, I almost wasn't even mad that Pete lost because Federer blew me away with his talent. The first time I saw Federer play live was at the US Open vs Agassi later that year, and...
  25. metsman

    Gricasso the Young Artiste to Expose Fedr's False Dawn

    As noted by noted prophet @Meles. Discuss.
  26. metsman

    Sampras-Ivanisevic 1995 Wimbledon

    came across this really great writeup of this match with gif's and everything. Seems this match has been forgotten a bit, and when people think of Sampras-Ivanisevic they think of 1998. I remember watching this match live though, and it was awesome, so great to revisit it again...
  27. metsman

    Best Grass Court Players Ever?

    Came across this great article, and got me thinking. Probably agree with the order listed there although I might put Becker fifth instead of Edberg.
  28. metsman

    Poor Thiem...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    Sorry @Meles but after all the hype you were giving Thiem this week, it seems appropriate. Taken to the bakery by Coric? LOL
  29. metsman

    Rank the following AO winners by level

    To me, these are the highest levels ever produced at the modern AO. Rank their level of play. Sampras-1994 Agassi-1995 Agassi-2000 Federer-2004 Safin-2005 Federer-2007 Djokovic-2008 Nadal-2009 Djokovic-2011
  30. metsman

    Is Indian Wells the Realest Slam?

    i.e. will the winner of the bottom quarter officially be the GOAT? Will it be the guy with the elegant strokes? What a time to be alive!