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  1. elkwood

    Sort of article on Tennis racs :) Ran across this on Popular mechanics
  2. elkwood

    How many slams will Serena win in 2020??

    The topic says it all. I think she will win 2 this year.
  3. elkwood

    Halep will win USO 2017

    Becoming number one and shutting up all the haters !!!
  4. elkwood

    Fitness help for my friend Shroud

    After he was crushed by a lowly 3.0. My buddy is on a crash diet and trying to get in shape with bum knees.. He got until May of next year before a rematch. What should he do ??? I focused on his diet.. He eats weird stuff like seaweed.. Kelp .. Goat cheese dung balls No wonder he can't...
  5. elkwood


    Not sure where to post this or email this too. I noticed that on page 1857 and 1858 of this thread That my windows defender is picking up a maleware called backdoor:PHP/Webshell.A I think its embedded into one of the...