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    Unforced Error, Forced Error, or Winner?

    If a player is at the net and gets hit in the body with a ball, would that count as an unforced/forced error for him, or would it be a winner for the opponent?
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    Rafa's Music Video for Federer Rafael Nadal loses during the French Open and decides to sing a song about Roger Federer..... I know I am not a good Nadal look-a-like.... since my muscles are so much larger than his.... but it was for all of my fans, no?
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    What Happened to TokyoPunk?

    Hopefully I will be able to make a comeback in a couple of years... Well in December 08 I was at a basketball game and I dislocated my knee... and I couldn't run too good until around February. Then I played my first tennis match in March and dislocated the same knee again.... Got an MRI and...
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    What Happened to TokyoPunk?

    I had a career ending injury so I'm not as addicted to tennis as I used to be... But I still come here everday... (for the Guys Only thread of course.)
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    FS: Nike Breathe Free Cage II

    I have two pairs of Nike Breathe Free Cage II for sale!!! Both are size 12.5, lightly used, there is not really any tread on the bottom worn out, I would rate them an 8.5/9. One is the White/Black colorway. The other is an Obsidian/Navy/White colorway. $50 shipped EACH via UPS...
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    Kal-El 34 is literally Superman

    Prompt payment, good communication, easy to deal with. Do not hesitate dealing with Superman.... I mean Kal-El 34!
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    Watch our many video outtakes!

    Funny stuff! Can you guys reveal what model camcorder you use to shoot the VLOGS?
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    The French Speaking Thread.

    Well in highschool Babelfish was prohibited because it was so inaccurate... and I need the labels to be perfect.. Doesn't Monfils or Tsonga browse these forums!!!
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    The French Speaking Thread.

    Bonjour my fellow French geniuses, I need the following labels translated to French for a work project, but am having some difficulties finding the correct translations. So far I have only discovered that Danger: High Voltage = Danger: Haute Tension. (Hopefully that is correct) If anyone...
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    Who has the best avatar on this forum?

    No Contest! Mine by far! T-DUB RePrESenT!
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    Song I can't find!!! And it's driving me mad. Help!

    Yes James Blunt - Here We Go Again.... how hard was that?
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    Roger Federer backhand fail, ballet win
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    Homework help-- Which source is right??

    Did you read the wikipedia thing!!!!1 Eighth Crusade 1270 Main article: Eighth Crusade The eighth Crusade was organized by Louis IX in 1270, again sailing from Aigues-Mortes, initially to come to the aid of the remnants of the crusader states in Syria. However, the crusade was diverted to...
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    Samster vs. Saram: Rise of a Tennessee Titan

    I want to see some pictures and fooooooootageeeeee.
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    $20 a good deal for Prince LB Michael Chang Graphite MP?

    Buy all of them and then re-sell them and you will make $200+!
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    Tennis Trivia Question

    Drew Brees
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    Backhand Fail

    I think the fact that it is Federer and not some other lower ranked player makes it 1000000000x FUNNIER!!!!
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    Illinois Tennis!

    Yeah for sure, but I actually have two of them so I am already pretty used to it, I was just looking for a third for another spare, but I will wait awhile until I actually need it before I splurge. Which pro do you dress like????!!
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    Illinois Tennis!

    I think I will pass on it for now...... economy is killin me!
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    Backhand Fail Too good to be just a post in the Epic Fail thread!
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    Illinois Tennis!

    Yeah I am interested, how much are you looking for? Would you be willing to wait until you came in April to deliver the racquet so I don't have to pay for international shipping?
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    Illinois Tennis!

    I can make it in April, let me know and we can all get together on the same day.
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    Who should be blamed for? Beware of gacu!

    Paypal refunds the Paypal fee when you issue refunds. Seller is at fault for not hitting the REFUND button!
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    Samster vs. Saram: Rise of a Tennessee Titan

    I am going to challenge user: Mansewerz to a XO as soon as the moment is right! (when the weather gets warmer in illinois!) It won't be as good as your guys XO though!
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    Samster vs. Saram: Rise of a Tennessee Titan

    Ohhhh baby.... Samster is gonna get RECYCLED!
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    this or that

    How dare you choose Rickson over TokyopunK!!! ---
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    this or that

    Ok ok ok Ladies or Gentlemen, Who is sexier, Rickson or Tokyopunk!!!!!!!
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    this or that

    katana will cut nunchuk chains Who is sexier ladies? Rickson or TokyopunK!!!!!
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    Can you beat Andry Roddick with a frying pan?

    I was second place in that contest and would have won 7-0!