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    Different strings, same weight but different swingweight? Possible?

    Looking for a 1-2 punch knock out answer for this. Recently changed strings a few months back. Went from a 17g syn gut to a 16g multi. The strung weight of the racquet is the same but for some reason feels like it swings heavier? I know different strings can change swingweight due to the gauge...
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    Prince classic response 97 grommets

    Does anyone know where I can track this set down? I have a feeling it is the end of the road for my frame soon which is a darn shame because the bumper is still pretty clean but the grommets probably won't last too long. I have managed to find a set on amazon but it states it will not ship to...
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    Overgrip that doesn't slip and cause blistering

    As the title suggest. I'm looking for an OG that doesn't slip as the slipping causes blistering under my callouses. Mainly at the base of my middle and ring finger. I'm forced to play with just the replacement grip but my ideal size does need an OG. I have mainly used super grap but it doesn't...
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    Prince speedport black back in production at TW

    Just noticed this frame is back in production and is available from TW. Just thought it was odd they bring this frame back. Been a prince player all my life. Really wish they bring back the tour diablos. Never played the speedport black. Feeling tempted to try it but I have sworn to the gods...
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    Prince resi pro but thicker?

    First off I really like this grip but it seems to compress fairly quickly and suddenly it feels smaller. I have tried overgrips but the overlay points create friction and keep irritating a spot on my hand (almost like forcing a blister under a callous since that spot cops it most when the...
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    Yonex soft grap users! Need your opinion/experience!

    Hi guys I currently use yonex soft grap on my 1/2 size racquet to achieve a slightly reduced size. I have used babolat skin feel and prince resithin in the past and they do not work as good. Despite being a margin thinner than the soft grap (1.50-55mm thick compared to 1.60mm) I notice the soft...
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    Prince textreme warrior 100T

    Hi all I have a younger brother in high school that started to play last year. We play leisurely on the weekend. He is still considered a beginner and started with a prince tour 98 which I got him because it was dirt cheap on sale on TW. However, I feel it is time he made a change to something...
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    Need help customizing my PCR97 back to stock form

    Hi guys, need some help here. I replaced the grip on my stock PCR97 with another resi pro grip but found the new grip was slightly bulkier and affecting my swing. I think the heat shrink plastic when I got it off the shelf had compressed the stock grip to a slightly smaller size that I prefer...
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    To the textreme gurus - which is my textreme?

    Guys I need help deciding on which textreme is for me. Currently using prince classic response 97 in stock form. Eastern forehand, single handed backhand. Looking for something thats easy to use as a back up frame for my PCR97 something light and easy to use with my brother who i am kind of...
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    Opinion on Dunlop Hexy Fiber 17

    So what's everyone opinion about this string? I read the feedback/review and it was somewhat mixed. I am looking for a string that plays like head rip control 17. I used to buy the rip control 17 from TW but can no longer due to shipping restrictions. They were so cheap too! I am in Australia...
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    Roddick interviews Federer Not sure if this has been posted up but I found it on youtube. Very recent interview just before the start of US open. I liked how Roddick was so open and honest about his questions such as discussing the '7' next to Federer's name and dealing...
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    comfortable substitute for prince diablo mid

    Hi all, I currently use the tour diablo mid and I love it a lot but ever since I started using the racquet I have been getting pain or soreness in my wrist. I like to swing loosey and with a relaxed grip and let the racquet do the work for me in my shot. I find the frame plays very stiff despite...
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    Some 'LOLs' for exo warrior users i'd say crop the bit and set it as ur ringtone or message tone =P
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    Any one ever experience this?

    Hey everyone, i've played since ages (over a decade) now but last week i experienced something i never did before and i wanted to know if anyone experienced this before and how to best go about it. After my most recent hit i had noticed some swelling and bruising on my PIP joint on my middle...
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    Wrist tendonitis

    Does anyone know how long this usually takes to heal and what helps speed up the healing process? A week ago i went to the bowling alley and was being stupid a bit. As a result, i got this injury. Doctors said to allow up to 6 weeks to heal. Any advice is appreciated!
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    Manufacturer shipping policy kills people in my shoes...

    Not that anyone really cares but just to rant about shipping restrictions on some brands. The reason this really sucks for me is that i am from australia and here the retailers don't supply 5/8 grips (extremely rare that they do). For this reason, TW has been my holy grail for racquet...
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    EXO warrior DB team? what really got my attention was the 18x14 string pattern. Thoughts?
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    I've never been a fan of 'the scribe' but.....

    ...holy crap look at him go. How come he doesn't play like this nowdays days? The level of play, especially his BH ROS is so dam good. Fearless tennis out there.
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    Want/looking for the following frames

    All in L5 bevels for someone in Australia Wilson K six one team Prince original 03 tour 95 Prince diablo 93 Make an offer and I will respond.
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    Prince tour diablo MP

    I was browsing up on this frame and what i want to know is how much does this racquet actually weigh. I have i looked up 3 other sites and i get numbers between 11.1oz and 11.7oz. The despite the TW specs, the review stated it weighed in around 11.7oz. Other tennis distributor's website stated...
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    Returns and replacements by manufacturer

    Guys I recently got an Exo3 tour 18x20 in TW. I have logged about 7-8 hours of play. At the top part (near the 'prince' logo) I notice 2 fine lines. Now being so new that I only cracked 7-8 hours I'm assuming this must be a crack on the finish or paint at the most. But if this is actually...
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    Prince exo3 tour 18x20

    So what's everyone's take on this frame? I'm in Australia and unfortunately we only get the 16x18 version. I read the review and the 18x20 was quite impressive but there is no demo here in Australia. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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    Full natural gut

    Im planning on going full natural gut on my next string job. It will be my first time. I was just wondering which string would be the best? I would also like to know how well natural gut stacks in terms of tension maintenance and string movement. I would assume it to be more powerful than a...
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    prince ex03 graphite mp leather/resipro grip

    Hi guys, i was looking at changing the grip of this frame into a synthetic since i got the leather version but i didnt want to change the balance too much as i have read that leather grips weigh more than synthetic. However, TW has given the same specs for both models (leather and resipro grip)...
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    delpo's frame

    While watching his match with baghdatis i noticed he still uses the k factor range as opposed to the what TW states as his racquet of choice. Nothing much to say about but yea....just saying. But is TW allowed to use that in their product info if it's not the case?
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    Overgrips and handle sizes

    On average how many grams does an overgrip add to a racquet? And is the weight enough to make the racquet +1 HL? I'm in the middle of looking for a new racquet and i think i have found the right one for me but it just needs very minute changes. And does anyone know if racquet weight/balance...
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    I know im slow but....

    where on earth can i get my hands on babolat super fine play? It wasnt just recently did i realise they stopped making and its only very recently did i string a full set in and it plays so well. why the hell would babolat do this? Does the new replaced version even come close to the original? Is...
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    Prince exo3 graphite 93 or 100?

    Currently swinging the original 03 white - its got 2 heat shrinks and an overgrip on it so it has gained a little weight and more headlight compared to the stock specs. Was looking to maybe upgrade but i don't know which one to get. I use a 1hbh and a rather conservative fh grip. In between an...
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    for the americans that rarely see aussie stuff This guy is known as chopper reed and he has a segment on a tv show where he takes on a redneck aussie role and makes fun of virtually anything. Go have a dig around youtube too
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    Davy and Sod both ranked 11th

    Now what are the odds of that? Both players on the same points. And not along ago people saw soderling as just a player for seeds to 'warm up' in the early rounds of a tournament. Definitely didnt expect him to close in on the top 10 so quickly. And the thing is i dont think people expected...