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  1. doriancito

    My new gear! :D

    Hey guys, its been a while. Just wanted to share my new gear I got. ( I work and kinda play for college and got half sponsorship through them) Comment! [/URL][/IMG]
  2. doriancito

    Vapor VI PROBLEM

    My younger brother bought of pair of vapor VI Roger Federer Black and Red shoes. He sent me an email with pictures telling me that his shoe has been getting this blue spots. Does anyone know if warranty would cover this ? or has anyone else had this problem ? Thank you!!!
  3. doriancito

    tennis scholarships

    Hi everyone, its been almost a year i havent ben online, well ive been traveling and stuff...! :D I ahve a question, im about to finish school and im interested in going to university through a tennis scholarship, anyone know how this is done and which universities do this ? THANKS!
  4. doriancito

    Need Sampras-Federer video

    hey buddies, been long time since i dont write, well kinda busy. This time i come to ask if someone knows where i can download for free the 5 match Sampras - Federer video. Thanks!
  5. doriancito

    i went to roland garros!!!

    hey i went to roland garros today, since im in france and i came to paris for vacation, i made a tour by the philip chatrier court, the locker rooms, the player restaurants, everything is underground so nobody bothers them! amazing! simply amazing! also a i made a visit to the tenniseum...kinda...
  6. doriancito

    History of tennis scores, part II

    Ok, we got to conclusions, the first one that in the old times the perosn who won the first point got 15 pounds or what ever the currency was, then 30, and then 40 and they didnt go any further because it was a lot. Second conclusion was the used the time, as 15,30 and 45 but it got shortened...
  7. doriancito

    History of tennis scores

    Guys, im doing a tennis presentation in french for class, and i want to includ interesting things, one of them is to explain why are point couted by 15, 30 and 40 ? and not 1 2 and 3, can any explain, this must have a background, thanks in advanced
  8. doriancito

    I am going to see...

    Dudes i am so excited i got tickets for grand prix de lyon, for friday, i think they play semis? dont know, check it out! so cool
  9. doriancito

    How far Agassi

    How far will legendary player Agassi get to in the Us Open? I was up till' 4am(france) watching him play, not bad at all.
  10. doriancito

    Wilson with Babolat grommets

    I've had this idea. We all know that Babolat has its Woofer technology thanks to its grommets that have its convex shape which make the strings slide and hit the ball better, well its a fact it works. But Babolat with having developed this technology it doesnt have frames like wilson with it...
  11. doriancito

    Wimbledon slow-motion videos...

    they have been showing slow motion clips for swings and rallys in matches, specially the final, i was waondering if there is anyone who can post them or has any links thanks
  12. doriancito

    new head racquets

    ive been seeing this new head racquets at tenis warehouse, kind of wierd making the making oif a racquet moire complex.....but well...who knows. as soon as some one gets the chance to take pictures of some post them
  13. doriancito

    see this...pretty funny another of federer comercials we all know how he likes goofing around
  14. doriancito

    tennis backgrounds

    do any of hyou have any cool tennis backgrounds to put on the desktop, i googled some but they are not big enoyugh, im looking for a 1280*1024 size
  15. doriancito

    my city, club and home from google satelite picture

    My city: My Club: My house with my court and pool : D
  16. doriancito

    playing at roland garros, win prizes!

    dudes, there is this awesome game at this site: the sponsors are adidas, sagem, canon, dunlop, sony, lacoste, rado and more, you can win cellphones, plasma tv's, cameras, racquets and more! dude ive played this game last year but i...
  17. doriancito

    Agassi playing the French?

    is Agassi playing the French open or not? i havent seen him on the draw or maybe he isnt, any news from him?
  18. doriancito

    Nike Air Max Breathe 3

    I just got this shoes for $81 ata local tennis store, as sson as i saw them it was a "must buy" for the price and the shoe it self, then i wondered why does my local sport store have a cheaper price than tennis warehouse? hmmm.. well anyways ill feedback my thoughts on this shoe. First...
  19. doriancito

    pix of pro's OFF the court

    anyone has pictures of pros OFF the court, who knows maybe someone ran with roger at a disco and took pictures or something like to see some pro social life
  20. doriancito

    listen to this!

    guys i play tomorrow this guy who will pay roland garros and wimbledon junior, i will play him because he is from bolivia and it is a local tournament, he is the ebst player we have so far, i mean for his age. his name is jose roberto velasco, check his profile, he ahs good junior ranking, im...
  21. doriancito

    Roger Federer, a Chocker

    Im sure this thread will be impacting at a first because it is hard to accept the fact that he is a chocker against nadal, having 2 matchpoints for tournament against andal and not winning them....well first we must clarify nadal DID NOT win those two match point but federer lost them, he got...
  22. doriancito

    cannot find a thread

    guys not more than a week ago there was this thread about the event they held at a tounrament of pros making people laugh, there was a link provided to download, i was downloading it, it was by 52.1% and it didnt find any more users to download from. what should i do i was wanting to click the...
  23. doriancito

    federer and a updated PJ

    i saw the cover at just now and federer has an updated PJ, i say this because in his previous PJ the W, in the grip was black and red, not it is grey and black, as the new version of the 2005-on version
  24. doriancito

    exchange doubt

    guys, my parents want to send me to exchange, well acutally my mom and iw ant to go, but im afraid i will not be able to practice tennis and my goal is to get a schoolarship through tennis, my dad does not say "dont go" but well he would prefer if i didnt since it is money to spend. If i go i...
  25. doriancito

    what if roger is really using the ncode

    so many threads and posts regarding the misterious racquet under the paintjob of the ncode wilson has made for him, after so much thinking what if roger is really using the ncode wilson states he is, just a little costum, not a diferent costum racquet with a wilson paintjob? opinion please....
  26. doriancito

    post pictures of you with a pro player

    any lucky guys AND GIRLS here who have been with a pro player and had a camera at the time and took a shot with him?
  27. doriancito

    Why did Sampras beat Agassi?

    i know they were the top players on the ice age, they met in finals and all of that stuff but sampras beated more often agassi than agassi to sampras, why? what did sampras have in order to beat agassi? or what was agassi missing in order to beat sampras
  28. doriancito

    my 6.1 18*20 ncode

    i couldnt find the thread where eveyone posts its gear so i did one for my racquets i hope it does not hurt .
  29. doriancito

    Creatine Monohydrate Thread

    Hey guys, ive been reading a lot about this suplement, i found out they have it in my drugstore nearby, they have it in powder, is it always like that? well, any ways, for anyone who is taking it, what effects are you getting of it, and also how are you taking it? I know nadal takes it...
  30. doriancito


    give your thoughts and pictures if posible, cause my brother just bought one, I dont see it in TW