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  1. tennis_pro

    What do Tsitsipas and Fognini have in common?

    They are both tennis players and since this is a tennis forum I feel like I need to say it. Thoughts?
  2. tennis_pro

    Iga Swiatek is now the odds-on-favorite to win the 2020 French Open

    Isn't that crazy? She's 19 years old, not even ranked in the top 50 and this is her first QF appearance in a Slam EVER. Won her first 3 matches easily and trashed Halep in the 4th round, though. And also apart from Svitolina and Kvitova no-one that you'd consider to be a top player is left in...
  3. tennis_pro

    Are you ready for the real final?????!!!!!!!

  4. tennis_pro

    A player born in the 90s guaranteed to win a Slam for the first time ever

    Players left in the draw + year of birth: Carreno-Busta - 1991 Shapovalov - 1999 Goffin - 1990 Coric - 1996 Thompson - 1996 Zverev - 1997 Berrettini - 1996 Rublev - 1997 Tiafoe - 1998 Medvedev - 1996 Pospisil - 1990 De Minaur - 1999 Auger-Aliassime - 2000 (ok not 90s but who cares) Thiem - 1993...
  5. tennis_pro

    Nadal will win the 2020 US Open

    Here's how: 1) a mutual agreement between the players that they won't play 2) the nadal enters the tournament at the last second 3) the highest ranked player in the draw after him will be Federico Arnaboldi (Berrettini 0.3) ranked 897th in the world who was in the middle of qualies at some...
  6. tennis_pro

    2020 Berrettini Open - official tournament thread

    So I heard that it will be played this year. Who do you think is gonna win?
  7. tennis_pro

    Finally the clay season is over! Grass is here and the girls are pretty!

    WOOOO To @Hitman who always opens up the grass season :*
  8. tennis_pro

    No French Open in 2020!

    Anyone else noticed that there are no FO matches this year? I think the tournament was cancelled.
  9. tennis_pro

    2020 FO - official tournament thread - men's singles discussion

    Hey guys, do you have some good streams where I can watch the FO?
  10. tennis_pro

    Who wants to bet me?

    I say no tennis until the end of the season - if I win the loser gets to upload his/her photo in the "your picture" thread. If I lose I upload my photo. Who wants to bet me?
  11. tennis_pro

    Justine Kenin is back

    37 years old, didn't play for a couple of years now came back and won a Slam. She looks different tho.
  12. tennis_pro

    Nadal will beat Carreno-Busta in the 3R of the 2020 AO

    You heard it here first. Nadal is good enough to cause the upset.
  13. tennis_pro

    Best season with no wins?

    Tommy Haas in 2003?
  14. tennis_pro

    A girl who's got a 0/10 character and 10/10 looks - what would you do?

    She's not dumb, just the type of character that I don't like (loud, swears a lot, drinks a lot) but she's absolutely stunning in looks (I mean she's literally perfect) and I think I have a shot (like a week ago we were celebrating my birthday and she was there, we both got super drunk and I was...
  15. tennis_pro

    What to do during the off-season?

  16. tennis_pro

    I really hope Tsitsipas never plays this “tournament” again

    Or any other tournament for that matter. Do players retire at 21? That seems old in the millennial era.
  17. tennis_pro

    Alexander Zverev to undergo surgery

    A small procedure for his eye, nothing big. Move along.
  18. tennis_pro

    Funniest posters in TTW

    But not "everybody seems to laugh at his/her jokes so he's/she's funny or receives tones of likes so he's funny" kind of funny. Here's my list (not full, just off the top of my head): @vive le beau jeu ! @Red Rick @StANDAA Let them feel good for a minute because I'm a good guy. Please continue.
  19. tennis_pro

    Nadal in 2017-2019.....5 Slams....1-4 h2h against Fedalovic in the Slams

    AO: 2 finals FO: 3 wins Wimbledon: 2 semis USO: 2 wins Has a 1-4 record in the Slams against Fedalovic with the only win against a 38-year old Fed at the FO in tornado like conditions. Last time Nadal beat either Federer or Djokovic in a Slam apart from the 2019 FO was at the 2014 FO. Last...
  20. tennis_pro

    Nadal is 0-8 in successful attempts at the WTF

    He played the tournament 8 times and failed to win each time. What could Nadal change to win?
  21. tennis_pro

    With the exception of 2013 the last time Nadal beat Djokovic on a hard court was in 2010

    4-time USO champion. But hey he's good enough to beat Berrettini.
  22. tennis_pro

    Prediction: Nadal's 2020 US Open SF opponent - Lukas Lacko

    Next GOAT call right here. I mean the pattern is simple. Youzhny, Gasquet, Berrettini. It has to be Lacko.
  23. tennis_pro

    Nagal news thread

    He is in red hot form now, 3rd round of the US Open qualies, good wins against president Tito and Roman Polanski, no sets lost so far. There are a lot of empty Q slots next to his lesser half Rafael so we could see a fratricidal battle early. If Nagal wins he could even draw the Kokk and fight...
  24. tennis_pro

    Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will win the 2019 US Open

    I'm taking those odds. 99,9% looks pretty good. Who wants to bet against this?
  25. tennis_pro

    Nadal/Djokovic - thank you for proving that Agassi was a tough opponent in 2003-2005

    And Federer too who is in the top 3 at the age of 38. So 32-35 isn't so old after all.