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  1. vladap

    Rafa flying back to Mallorca

    Just saw it on ESPN. Another cancellation is due...
  2. vladap

    USO greets Federer with Valentine's day poem

    Love is in the air...
  3. vladap

    Huge chance tonight for the Federer

    ...copycat you heard it here first!
  4. vladap

    Kyrgios / Nadal vs the shotclock

  5. vladap

    Federer vs Kyrgios at USO WWW?

    strong sense of inevitability here, I mean both of them in a superb form ahead of USO and very likely to meet at some point in that hypothetical scenario who would win this time?
  6. vladap

    Roddick on big 3, SW 19, his career... “I was yelling at the TV, I was in the drama, I felt like a total fan. It’s hard to think that 10 years ago I was kind of having that same afternoon, but I just sit back and try to appreciate it,” Roddick said. “I’m watching...
  7. vladap

    Zverev: " I compete with Federer and Djokovic for the Slams " Known as a great Slam competitor, A.Zverev apparently doesn't see Rafael Nadal as a threat in Slams in near future. Is it because of his injury or is it something else?
  8. vladap

    Murray two plates away from CYGSP!

    Can he do it?
  9. vladap

    What did Dimitrov say to Djokovic?

    ...after his practice session with Roger
  10. vladap

    Is this RG Nadal's last attempt at goatness?

    Everyone is talking how the pressure is on Novak's shoulders, but what about Rafa? What if he misses this chance? I honestly don't see him in goat contention without RG'14. What do you think?
  11. vladap

    Nadal vs Murray?

    I wonder who'll blow it this time?
  12. vladap

    Ret's, w/o's and walking byes. Is this going to make Rafa proud?

    Are we witnessing the jokiest major title winning in history of the game? Discuss
  13. vladap

    Djokovic #1 in getting the most positive tweets!

    ...and 2nd only to Rafa in number of tweets overall
  14. vladap

    Nadal advocates one serve per point only! tennis according to Rafael Nadal
  15. vladap

    How'd Djokovic fare vs aliens of the Deep sea?

    assuming they'd both have breathing problems, I'd still give slight advantage to Djokovic Discus !
  16. vladap

    Rafael Rafa Nadal tops yet another list! Time warning offenders for 2013. Rafael Nadal, 30; John Isner, 14; Juan Del Potro-Fabio Fognini, 11; Novak Djokovic, 10; Tomas Berdych-Ernests Gulbis, 9; Richard Gasquet, 8; Kevin Anderson-Feliciano...
  17. vladap

    Does Berdych's main goal of being Rafa's top lapdog really satisfy him?

    IDK, he seems quite content with the way things are. His game, on the other hand, suffers...0 titles this year, number of M 1000 finals and GS semis- zero. Maybe he should try something different for the sake of his fans, say, find a model girlfriend or improve his twitter account etc. What do...
  18. vladap

    Fed and Nadal weigh in on Troicki's ban

    Roger Federer’s stance on anti-doping protocols is a simple one: Do whatever it takes to catch and discourage cheaters. He has little sympathy for players skipping tests. “I want it as tough as possible, as many tests as possible,” he said Wednesday after beating Andreas Seppi in his...
  19. vladap

    Moya:"Murray is neither Novak nor Rafa" The Spaniard says it is impossible to be No. 1 if a player only focuses on winning Grand Slam titles. “It is something only do [Novak] Djokovic and [Rafael] Nadal can do. For me, Murray is...
  20. vladap

    Federer not to play Basel ?!?

    "Federer refused our offer" said Basel tournament director
  21. vladap

    Ivo Karlovic suffered a brain stroke?!?

    Ivo Karlovic diagnosed with viral meningitis! @ivokarlovicfans Ivo had a brain wishes to him...we are with him :( anyone with additional info? Update: Ivo Karlovic is diagnosed with viral meningitis and will stay in hospital for three weeks