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  1. T1000

    Never Forget

    RIP to the passengers on flights 11, 175, 77, and 93, to the civilians who lost their lives evacuating the World Trade Center, and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and selfishly rushed into collapsing towers to help save lives. Today marks the 19th anniversary of your untimely passing...
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    Outrageous Baseball Rule Change. R.I.P. Baseball Tradition.

    Get woke go broke. You love to see it.
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    Best dumbbell weight training to increase groundstroke / serve power

    Spot on. The whole adding weight to your sporting activity in practice and magically becoming faster/stronger when you remove the weight during competition myth annoys me to no end.
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    MLB 2020 Season: I <3 Patrick Corbin

    Red Sox lost to the *ros in the 2017 ALDS and beat them in the 2018 ALCS. Kelly is also an over emotional dumbass who throws at people for looking at him wrong like the late Yordano Ventura or Hunter Strickland who held a grudge against Harper for like 5 years because of one homerun.
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    MLB 2020 Season: I <3 Patrick Corbin

    Count is up to 17 Marlins. I hope the season gets canceled. Serves Moron Manfred, the entitled players, and the greedy owners right.
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    Shame on Daniel Tosh!

    Tosh is a more toned down Bill Burr. Jeselnik does a lot of dark humor. It’s not PC but its a lot darker than Burr and Tosh
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    Dan Snyder to take down NFL?

    So where’s this bombshell report? It’s been a week
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    MLB 2020 Season: I <3 Patrick Corbin

    Opening day is finally here. Yankees take on the defending champs, Nationals led by TTW’s favorite pitcher Patrick Corbin. The Dodgers and Giants play the second game of opening day. All other teams will begin their very abbreviated season tomorrow. I won’t be updating this thread much after...
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    Article I wrote on the financial markets

    Skimmed it. Looks good. Will read it in full later tonight when I have time.
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    Dan Snyder to take down NFL?

    The allegations I’ve seen on multiple sites aren’t anything shocking? Wrong and punishable yes but it’s all stuff we’ve seen before by corrupt immoral people with power and money. Not really shocking at all. Laughed pretty hard at the allegations of paying off refs. It certainly didn’t reflect...
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    #1: MichaelNadal :: The Megamind Interview Series

    Solid interview. Michael Nadal is a good dude. Never seen a negative post by him ever, always positive.
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    Tennis date ideas

    Some advice OP: I’ve found that If the date goes well my chances with the girl are exponentially better if I establish some sort of physical intimacy on the first date. Idk if you’re at risk or live with someone at risk or if these two conditions apply to your date. Every girl is different and...
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    What are your most heartbreaking experiences as a sports fan?

    2006 NLCS game 7 - Best Mets team of all time and would have beat Detroit in the World Series. Thanks Heilman and Beltran 2007 collapse and losing the division and playoff spot on the last day of the season. Thanks Tom Glavine 2015 World Series - should have won games 1 and 5, strong case for...
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    My UTR, what's yours?

    0.00 :oops:
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    NBA 2019-20: Fresh Champs, Fresh Faces, Fresh Places!

    That reply though “Hey Rondo that room is nicer than your jumpshot what are you complaining about:-D:-D”
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    Best dumbbell weight training to increase groundstroke / serve power

    Flys (when done correctly) will stretch your chest and open up the shoulders. They are a must if you are doing any pressing movements. “Shoulder issues” can mean anything. Flys can improve shoulder health but it depends on the injury.
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    Pro Wrestling - Stars, Feuds, Accidents, Bloopers, Hall of Fame

    FTR and Young Bucks vs The Butcher and The Blade and Lucha Bros was amazing last night. AEW’s tag team division is stacked. Regarding Sammy I find it convenient his comments came out a week before AEW’s big two week event and that the tape was when he was with the rival company.
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    Just Up The Road To Tampa For Super Bowl LV, February 7, 2021; Who Rocks The Buccaneer Boat?

    Lol that’s actually true. Still waiting for Malik Jackson to call out his teammate or Lebron or Kamara to call this out. Cooper not being cut was such a stupid decision. He wasn’t good and like this situation there’s nothing unclear about what he said. I doubt he gets cut because athletes...
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    Just Up The Road To Tampa For Super Bowl LV, February 7, 2021; Who Rocks The Buccaneer Boat?

    Drew Brees says he’ll always stand for the flag - gets blasted by the media 24/7 for 2 weeks about how loving his country is racist and makes him a bigot DeSean Jackson posts actual racist comments - no one cares. Not to mention Brees has done so much for the New Orleans community while...
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    Is there a better HYPE UP song?

    wouldn't even make my top 100
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Playing the fiddle of gold in Heaven RIP
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    RIP, Ennio Morricone

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    Happy 4th to all of my fellow citizens of the GOAT country!
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    A hall of famer before career ending spinal stenosis. Yankee fans really are stupid.
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    There’s so much fake news about this deal. The Mets agreed to this deal for 2 reasons (1) the deferred payments to Bonilla were going to be at 8% interest. The wilpons were making 10% on their returns according to Madoff (2! The Mets wanted money to spend now and they used the $5 million to...
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    Happy Canada Day

    Happy America’s Hat Day to all of my neighbors up north!
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    NBA 2019-20: Fresh Champs, Fresh Faces, Fresh Places!

    I watched the show but I wasn’t a huge NBA or Knicks fan at the time. I started being more invested during the lockout season the following year. It was almost a given Lebron was picking the Knicks prior to The Decision. There was some jokes about him choosing the Heat to play with D-Wade and...