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  1. doriancito

    My new gear! :D

    Hey yeah, this is a 4 racquet package for 480. With all you said and an extra shirt and cap from wilson a gave a friend (we are adidas sponsored). I go to the U of A. Im the ladies team manager. I warm them up, hit with them, feed balls and string racquets.
  2. doriancito

    My new gear! :D

    I work/play for the university of arkansas, the bag is a "razorback" bag, it says "shoe pack" something like that. Its big enough to hold racquets even though i think i was not made for that. Those are k blades 98. I havent used the strings yet cause i use luxilon. The sponsorship gives me...
  3. doriancito

    My new gear! :D

    Hey guys, its been a while. Just wanted to share my new gear I got. ( I work and kinda play for college and got half sponsorship through them) Comment! [/URL][/IMG]
  4. doriancito

    Vapor VI PROBLEM

  5. doriancito

    Vapor VI PROBLEM

    He uses an Kblade and plays on Clay. Here are the other pics, i didnt notice they didnt show up. [/URL][/IMG]
  6. doriancito

    Vapor VI PROBLEM

    My younger brother bought of pair of vapor VI Roger Federer Black and Red shoes. He sent me an email with pictures telling me that his shoe has been getting this blue spots. Does anyone know if warranty would cover this ? or has anyone else had this problem ? Thank you!!!
  7. doriancito

    just to show off............

    yes ! iknow how it feels ! just take care when one of those days come and you dont hit as good as usual which happenend to me, i bounced it against the floor and cracked ! :( anyways i payed about 30 bucks for it ! but i regreat crackin it ! i want one so bad now !
  8. doriancito

    String Problems (pictures)

    once i saw some similar strings, it got me curious, i think they are kevlar made which make them really hard to break, good for hard hitters, but not so good feel, i recomment you to change for a duralast if u are looking for durability wich enhances feel
  9. doriancito

    This is the Babolat Alliance calling!...

    i passed the other day by the store and saw them too, i loved how the carbon fibres look on those racquets ! i wish they made my babolat aero with carbon too !
  10. doriancito

    Last Pull

    micky ! what you need is a better arm ! and the pain in the elbow was because of playing against me ! lol
  11. doriancito

    tennis scholarships

    Hi everyone, its been almost a year i havent ben online, well ive been traveling and stuff...! :D I ahve a question, im about to finish school and im interested in going to university through a tennis scholarship, anyone know how this is done and which universities do this ? THANKS!
  12. doriancito

    Need Sampras-Federer video

    thanks tons!!!!
  13. doriancito

    Andy Roddick Using Full Gut

    i couldnt see the picture, but i guess its the strings he was using saturday when i saw him play the memphis tournament on TV. it was a yellow one, i think it is not gut, well, i tried this string it is called the hurricane tour or something like that, it was really really good but i borke it...
  14. doriancito

    fed's string tension?

    he posted it on his site, but he said he changes acording to the surface, weather and conditions.
  15. doriancito

    Who'd You clone ( pro's of yesteryear ) to stop FEDERER ?

    i think only sampras might stop federer. Sampras had great shots but federer can do whatever he wants with the ball.
  16. doriancito

    Need Sampras-Federer video

    hey buddies, been long time since i dont write, well kinda busy. This time i come to ask if someone knows where i can download for free the 5 match Sampras - Federer video. Thanks!
  17. doriancito

    now who has the best forehand?

    question was who has the best...not the more consistent
  18. doriancito

    Monfils "The GREAT CHEATER"

    certainly we must admit that each player has a way of winning, some of them are really concentrated into the match and quickly find the poorest shot of the oponent, like agassi did. Monfils has a particular way of breaking all players concentration, either he annoys them with the "Vamos" he...
  19. doriancito

    Roger uses new K-Factor

    what are the specs of this k-factor racquet ? i cannot find them at tennis warehouse..
  20. doriancito

    i went to roland garros!!!

    im working on the site were i put all my pictures, it will be ready in 2 days, if you wish you can look at pictures i took when i was at the grand prix de lyon, with some french guys. till later!
  21. doriancito

    Word Association!!

    roland garros!....happens i went to make a tour and it was awesome!!! i did it yesterday
  22. doriancito

    i went to roland garros!!!

    hey i went to roland garros today, since im in france and i came to paris for vacation, i made a tour by the philip chatrier court, the locker rooms, the player restaurants, everything is underground so nobody bothers them! amazing! simply amazing! also a i made a visit to the tenniseum...kinda...
  23. doriancito

    What Federer could accomplish in 2007

    i think he will have the 4 grand slams in mind, the masters and specially the clay masters and the fench open
  24. doriancito

    History of tennis scores, part II

    Ok, we got to conclusions, the first one that in the old times the perosn who won the first point got 15 pounds or what ever the currency was, then 30, and then 40 and they didnt go any further because it was a lot. Second conclusion was the used the time, as 15,30 and 45 but it got shortened...
  25. doriancito

    My serve. 100 + MPH with video and radar

    the movement seems very slow to have a serve with the speed stated, either the string tension was too low, yes less that 70lbs, even les than 55, or the radar gun wasnt working well, which i have some experience with.
  26. doriancito

    Xbox 360 wireless setup

    try any linksys, they have many models of all brands in best buy and circuit city, come go as far as 100bucks and other as low as 30, and i recall seing once a tutorial on how to set up a special wireless sistem that was built to work perfectly with the xbox 360
  27. doriancito

    History of tennis scores

    Guys, im doing a tennis presentation in french for class, and i want to includ interesting things, one of them is to explain why are point couted by 15, 30 and 40 ? and not 1 2 and 3, can any explain, this must have a background, thanks in advanced
  28. doriancito

    Sampras 14 slams 12 yrs, Federer 9 slams 4 yrs

    man! federer is simply not human!
  29. doriancito

    Biggest forehand among the young guns?

    gasquet, saw him play last night in lyon, he is simply amazing!