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    Yonex Ezone AI98 successor?

    Xi98 plays very stiff. Would not recommend if you have sensitive arm
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    Switching to POG 107

    I used the POG 107 as my main stick last year. For full poly I strung at 51 lbs (usually FB Alu Power) GUt/Poly 55 mains/50 crosses Full syn gut 56 lbs For a standard sized racquet (~98) I would string polys in low 40s
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    Typical Calories Burned During a Singles Match?

    I wore an HRM a couple times last year. Match play. ~4.0 level. Playing guy who gets everything back. Long rallies. Pretty hot outside. Avg heart rate over 90 minutes was ~140. This was using Polar wrist based HRM. Thats alot of calories. Way more than 5-600.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    The Chats Smoko
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    Best racquet for a 4.0, 55 year old?

    Blade 98 16x19 Gravity Tour prince TT310/290
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    All you Canadians....Sale/Trade Club?

    this has been sold.
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    Swiatek...countdown to racquet change

    I have grommets for Tour 100T ESP. Im in Canada though. PM me if interested.
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    NRG2 vs Triax vs Head Velocity MLT

    I believe they have had deals in the past where it gets done to 60 a reel or so. Its really nice string.
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    NRG2 vs Triax vs Head Velocity MLT

    Not that you asked but Prince Premier Control comes in 15 and 15L and at times can be had dirt cheap for a reel
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    Technifibre Triax 1.28 is the truth (Golf Elbow recovery)

    Agree about the shipping to Canada. If they just gave a USPS option instead of UPS it would be so much better. I also order from UK because of the shipping issue.
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    how much does the plastic wrap on a new stick weigh?

    thanks everyone for replies. I only asked because I am considering buying a racquet at a local shop and I wanted to get something close to spec in weight and balance. Really just trying to eliminate outliers.
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    how much does the plastic wrap on a new stick weigh?

    title says it all.
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    Are OS rackets generally more armfriendly?

    I agree with @graycrait ... if you can swing it, the POG 107 is super easy on the arm and very high performance. i can play full poly in that racquet without any arm tweaking. It is difficult to whip that forehand through with it though. Just pick up a 4 stripe cheap on **** and have at 'er.
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    All you Canadians....Sale/Trade Club?

    FT: Yonex XI 98 Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex /XI98 /2012? Grip Size / Size: 4-3/8 (G3) Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 7 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): I bought it used from a member at our club. I have...
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    Weisscanon silverstring/scorpion/tournabighittersilver/topspincyberflash/cyclone/lynx/SPPP???

    IMO silverstring has better feel than YPTP but it definitely does NOT have better spin. Don't know about the others.
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    low tension poly in Extreme Tour, Ezone98, vcore98,tt310, speed etc

    Thinking of picking up a lighter, mid stiffness racquet. I usually play thin beam heavier sticks. I am ~4.0. My question is whether anyone has experience playing full poly at low tensions (<45) successfully in any of the racquets listed in the thread title (or any other racquet in that...
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    Any other chronic racket swappers out there?

    When I lose a set I usually switch to a different stick. Its lame but whatever, I'm a rec tennis player. I have a couple POG 107s, 93p, PCG100 weighted, and the Agassi Radical OS. Honestly I don't find it that difficult to switch between them. I lose equally well with all of them. I test...
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    Ask The Hitman

    @Hitman. Wondering what your opinion is of using one armed kettlebell swings and Turkish Get Ups (basically the Simple and Sinister program) as a foundation for tennis fitness? I plan to start this along with a few additional targeted exercises. I look forward to your response and thank you...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 310 Vs Prince Phantom pro 100P. Need Help!!

    I have owned and sold both. For context, I currently have Phantom 93p 18x20, PCG-100, and POG 107. I bought the 100p (first gen) thinking it would be the one for me. I tried but in the end I couldn't gel with it. PCG 100 feel and control were superior to the 100p in my experience. I don't...
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    Broke gut again, a suggstion for good alternative please

    I would recommend going with thicker gut (15L plays very nice IMO) and get a cheaper cross (Max Power for example). That will save you money but won't give you more spin.
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    Tennis Giant strings?

    maybe re-branded Ultra Cable? Its square isn't it?
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    3.5 F Pure Aero Team...what string should I use

    I am a home stringer who will string for a few people that I know. A woman who I would estimate at 3.5 gave me her sticks to string. Looks they currently have RPM Blast Rough in them. She says her current strings are fine but is open to what I think is best. She is also open to having the...
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    Oversize - String Tension to make up for lack of Control?

    I do 60/55 VS GUT 135 mains; ALU Power 1.25 crosses in POG OS. I will restring crosses only after 10 hours or so and it feels like a brand new string bed.
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    cutting down Prince Tour NXG OS

    Anybody done this? I picked up one on the cheap and ideally would like to cut it down from 27.5" to 27". The problem is the handle is already very short (shorter than POG 107) and it has this goofy Air+ handle where there is an actual slot cut into the frame. Anyway, if I do cut it, I would...
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    2018 25-year anniversary Radical

    Do we know which of the Radical OS iterations use the same mold as the 25th anniversary and which would be closest in specs? I'd like to look for a cheap old one and then try to match it. thx.
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    2018 25-year anniversary Radical

    I like the 18x19 string pattern....more suitable to this racquet than 16x19. I've restrung mine at 51 lbs PTP 1.20. I'll give it a rip tomorrow.
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    2018 25-year anniversary Radical

    I just bought a used one. I am a current POG 107 user (one current version, one 4 stripe). I think the Radical is a great alternative if you feel you are ageing out of your POGs or just need something a bit easier to use. Comments below are based on 1 hr of hitting. String was Technifibre...