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  1. TheAverageFedererFan

    What Other Players Will Win Their First Title in 2020?

    I've been inspired to make this thread after seeing how many first time titlists we had last year and how this year we have 1 so far and 1 more guaranteed. So who else do you think will claim their first title in 2020?
  2. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who Wins There First ATP Title in 2020?

    Just wondering because this year was amazing with the amount we had, it was nice to see that. But because of that, I'm not sure about next year. Write your predictions below.
  3. TheAverageFedererFan

    Ilie Nastase

    For my channel, Tennis Universe on Ilie Nastase.
  4. TheAverageFedererFan

    Good Seasons with Few Titles Won

    So this is when a player has done very well in a year, won big tournaments and had good results but has won few titles, like for example in Federer 2009. He won 2 Slams and Masters but those were his only titles.
  5. TheAverageFedererFan

    Something Going on with TTW

    TTW is taking forever to post comments and it is duplicating them. Is something wrong with my computer of TTW itself.
  6. TheAverageFedererFan

    Something Going on with TTW

    TTW is taking forever to post comments and it is duplicating them. Is something wrong with my computer of TTW itself.
  7. TheAverageFedererFan

    A Better and More Even Schedule

    So if you could choose. How would you make a schedule where the surfaces are balanced out almost evenly. You can remove surfaces or add new ones. .
  8. TheAverageFedererFan

    Ages of TTW Members

    Just state your age specifically after you do the poll range.
  9. TheAverageFedererFan

    Can Federer Break Connors's Title Record?

    What do you think? I think there is a chance he can do it, if he plays more years and plays a lot of 250's and that stuff.
  10. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best Tennis Player from Each Country

    So basically in time it will go through all the countries of the world, but for now do a few. Here are some from Europe; simple ones. Men only. Another thread for women might be made if this one does well. Sweden: Borg Netherlands: Krajicek Luxembourg: Muller UK: Perry France: Leconte Spain...
  11. TheAverageFedererFan

    Bad Things Famous Tennis Players Have Done?

    Like getting arrested and that kind of stuff, has it happened to any top players? I can think of Rios but that is really it.
  12. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best Hard Court Player of Each Year

    Part 1: 2017-2000 Part 2 (Optional): 1999-1990 I will start. 2017: Federer 2016: Djokovic 2015: Djokovic 2014: Djokovic 2013: Djokovic 2012: Djokovic 2011: Djokovic 2010: Federer 2009: Federer 2008: Djokovic 2007: Federer 2006: Federer 2005: Federer 2004: Federer 2003: Roddick 2002: Safin 2001...
  13. TheAverageFedererFan

    This Thread is Dedicated to All

    Say your greatest accomplishments here in this thread!
  14. TheAverageFedererFan

    Just did a workout :)

    Wow, it was intense that I am having trouble typing and my entire body is in pain. Hope I am ready for tennis tomorrow.
  15. TheAverageFedererFan


    Just off the top of my head. Just say what languages you know. I will start. I am fluent in English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Dutch and Latin. Steps to Know the Truth: 1. Look at the date. It is 9/19/2017 2. Get the last two numbers of the whole...
  16. TheAverageFedererFan

    Federer/Sampras Assumption

    Let's say they were born in the same year and played in the same era. Who would win and what Grand Slams.
  17. TheAverageFedererFan

    2018. What will happen?

    So considering how this year was crazy. Predict what will happen next year. I will start off. Nadal will win Doha, Buenos Aires, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Hamburg Federer will win Brisbane, Dubai, Halle, Cincinnati and Basel Thiem will win Sydney, Rio, Acapulco, Madrid, Rome, French Open Zverev...
  18. TheAverageFedererFan

    2017 Year End Rankings

    Write down your predictions. I'll go first: #1: Federer #2: Nadal #3: A Zverev #4: Cilic #5: Thiem #6: Dimitrov #7: Murray #8: Querry
  19. TheAverageFedererFan

    Most Unexpected Grand Slam Champions

    The title says it all.
  20. TheAverageFedererFan

    Holes in Tennis Player's Careers

    What are some things that great players in history fell short in achieving. For example. Sampras never won the French Open
  21. TheAverageFedererFan

    2nd Best Player of Every Year

    A thread was made for the best tennis player of every year. So how about one for the second best player of each year. Post your ideas.
  22. TheAverageFedererFan

    Changing your profile. Help!

    What is the youngest age you can be to have a tennis warehouse account? Also how do you change your profile?
  23. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best Tennis Player from Each Country

    I would like to make a video of this on YouTube. So any country you can think of, you just give the best player to ever represent that nation. Retired or not, it does not matter. Male tennis players would be preferred for this video. For Example: Off the top of my head. Sweden: Bjorn Borg...
  24. TheAverageFedererFan

    New and Craziest Surface Ideas

    Here are mine. Different Clay Colors: (Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, White, Red, Brown) Bring Back Carpet! Wood Blacktop Velcro Ice or Snow Bungee (Trampoline)
  25. TheAverageFedererFan

    What if Borg kept playing?

    What would he won after 1981. I think Roland Garros in 1982, 1983 and 1984 and 1985 and maybe in 1989 and 1990 Wimbledon in 1982, 1985, 1987 US Open maybe in 1988
  26. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best Players on Every Surface of Every Year

    So basically we give our opinions up until 1990 (overtime). And you have to say the best player of each surface for a year. Here is my opinion. 2016: Slow Hard: Nole Clay: Nole Grass: Murray Fast Hard: Nole Fall Indoor: Murray 2015: All Surfaces for Nole 2014: Slow Hard: Nole Clay: Rafa Grass...
  27. TheAverageFedererFan

    Predict the Grand Slam Champions for Next Year

    Here on this thread I want to see what people predict the Grand Slam/Masters Champions will be. Here are mine. Aussie: Wawrinka French: Thiem Wimbledon: Murray US Open: A. Zverev Tour Finals: A. Zverev Indian Wells: Zverev Miami: Nishikori Monte Carlo: Nadal Madrid: Thiem Rome: Thiem Canada...
  28. TheAverageFedererFan

    Grand Slam Titles that The Big Four Should Have Won

    Dont get me wrong here. I know this thread has been done before. But I would like to see the opinions of your guys at Tennis Warehouse. Here is Mine Federer: AO: He Missed 2005, 2009 F0: Should have Won in 2006 and 2009 WO: Should have won in 2008, 2014 UO: Should have won in 2009,