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  1. Herb

    How long does it take an experienced stringer to string on a dropweight?

    When I had an X-2 I was around 25-27 minutes a racquet. Stringing only, not cutting out old string, measuring new, etc. Used to carry it to tournaments my kid was playing.
  2. Herb

    Help needed

    A girl I taught to string in Barcelona uses and old Babolat Starring with the single clamp. Last I heard it was still working great.
  3. Herb

    What are your top 5 interests Outside of tennis?

    watch your angle. I sharpen most knives to 15 degrees. I use in order 220, 1000, 3000, 6000, and end with a leather polishing strop. Sometimes I will use a 12,000 grit at the end, but have found the leather does better.
  4. Herb

    What are your top 5 interests Outside of tennis?

    BBQ Scotch (single malt) Knife sharpening Thats about it
  5. Herb

    The columns on the Lite are adjustable for badminton racquets

    The columns on the Lite are adjustable for badminton racquets
  6. Herb

    What Whisky Are You Drinking?

    Old Pulteney, Bladnoch, Kilkerran, Arran to name a few.
  7. Herb

    What Whisky Are You Drinking?

    I am a single Malt Scotch guy. I like to support the smaller Distilleries. I have a few from the larger guys (Balvenie, Old Porteney, Ardbeg, etc.), but really enjoy Springbank and their offshoots (Kilkerran, Hazelburn, Longrow), Kilchoman, Glen Scotia. Have a couple bottles of Daftmill but have...
  8. Herb

    Scotch lovers

    I am a scotch guy. Really like anything Springbank, Glen Scotia 15, Bruichladdich Classic Laddie, Old Pulteney 12, Deanston 12 and 18. I have several others, and try to focus on smaller distilleries, even though I have some from the big guys. I have a couple bottles of Daftmill, but haven't had...
  9. Herb

    Opening up the Baiardo

    Should have made a video of the process
  10. Herb

    Stringing tools on the cheap

    Use a file to smooth them over. As above, I use a starting clamp.
  11. Herb

    floating or starting clamp

    I thought Gamma was OEM in Taiwan
  12. Herb

    Apply tension two by two strings

    That was probably my video.
  13. Herb

    Apply tension two by two strings

    It takes time and experience to get stringing times low. I am not sure why people think that after they have strung 5 or 6 racquets they should be stringing in under 20 minutes. Knock out a couple thousand frames, and then look at your times.
  14. Herb

    Full kitchen remodel ahead...any advice?

    We are just completing a full kitchen remodeling. Granite counter tops are going on as I type. Be patient and expect delays. Still do not have all of the new appliances. Delivery keeps getting pushed back (corona). On our second Granite place. Still waiting for finishing touches on the cabinets...
  15. Herb

    What’s your string times?

    I run right at 15 minutes a frame unless I rush. If you are talking about complete process, (enter data, print labels, removes string, string, bag, etc.) Around 17.
  16. Herb

    What replacement grips do you stock...

    I keep a few Babolat and a few Wilson on hand. I only change 2 or 3 per year.
  17. Herb

    FS: Gamma Progression II ELS

  18. Herb

    FS: Gamma Progression II ELS

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Gamma Progression II ELS Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 334 racquets *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Almost like new Gamma Progression II ELS...
  19. Herb

    Advice please: Baiardo vs. Baiardo L

    I have both, and the only differences are the motors and gravity release clamps. Remove the stand and the machines are exactly the same. You can still raise, lower, and tilt, just manually instead with the motors. I have a video comparing the 2 machines.
  20. Herb

    Favorite WTA Tour Player?

    No favorites. Wife and I know several that that we keep in touch with. Most have stayed with us over the years, but some are just friends.
  21. Herb

    Wilson Baiardo Lite vs Alpha Ghost 2 vs Others

    I do not know yet. All I have recieved so far is a short video demonstrating the bases. I believe he is on the boards here. @Noe Alex Fuertes I believe is who shared with me.
  22. Herb

    Wilson Baiardo Lite vs Alpha Ghost 2 vs Others

    Sounds stupid, but. I got a message from a guy that knows a guy.
  23. Herb

    Wilson Baiardo Lite vs Alpha Ghost 2 vs Others

    I was getting ready to buy the Ghost when the Baiardo L was released. As I stated, whichever one you get you will enjoy.
  24. Herb

    Wilson Baiardo Lite vs Alpha Ghost 2 vs Others

    I have strung on both the Baiardo L and Ghost. I think you will be happy with either one. I prefer the Baiardo, but that is just my personal preference. I got a message last week that some after market gravity bases are coming out. The difference in gravity release and the twist lock is about a...
  25. Herb

    Stringing on lockout

    Here is the issue I have with racquet tune, and this is just my personal opinion. My opinion is not law. It is an app that all manner of stringer can download, and gives people a false impression that every strung racquet should come off a machine at a certain tension. If you take 3 machines, a...
  26. Herb

    Thoughts on big-name academies?

    I know a kid that was between 8-9 UTR when he went to IMG for a year. quit and came home because his UTR dropped to 6. Since he has been back has moved back up to I think 6.7-7.2 range. I have spoken to several Pro and high level university players. They have told me that the training for the...
  27. Herb

    Feast of Famine?

    I have gone from 150+ per month to around 10 in a good month. I have done 7 this month.
  28. Herb

    ATW Question: Hard weaves a minor annoyance or the end of civilization as we know it?

    My 2 cents. I don't like doing 1 piece, but if I have to and it is an around the world, it is just part of stringing. Same as a stiff shaped poly with sharp edges, may not like it, but it is part of stringing.