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  1. TheAverageFedererFan

    What Other Players Will Win Their First Title in 2020?

    I've been inspired to make this thread after seeing how many first time titlists we had last year and how this year we have 1 so far and 1 more guaranteed. So who else do you think will claim their first title in 2020?
  2. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who Wins There First ATP Title in 2020?

    Just wondering because this year was amazing with the amount we had, it was nice to see that. But because of that, I'm not sure about next year. Write your predictions below.
  3. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who gains his first ATP title in 2019?

    Ok so I was right with Shapovalov, De Minaur, Fritz, Lajovic and Mannarino. But its insane how many others I just did not see coming, like Sonego or Garin. Does this year hold the record for most amount of first-title winners? Although I'm guessing next year there will be few first-timers.
  4. TheAverageFedererFan

    What changes, if any, would you make to the ATP Finals (WTF/YEC)?

    I would honestly like to extend the draw to 10. Having that might solve some really sad finishes where one player just barely qualified over another just as good one (like Agut, Monfils, and Berrettini this year). Also, Best of 5 Final for sure.
  5. TheAverageFedererFan

    Winning two slams in a year but not finishing the year as number one

    1977, 1978, 1982 and 1989 are the worst, the other should have finished number 1.
  6. TheAverageFedererFan

    who 's going to win 2020 AO ?

    Probably Djokovic, it is fairly wide open though. I could see Federer, Nadal or maybe even Tsitsipas or Medvedev
  7. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who are your top 10 right now?

    1: Djokovic 2: Nadal 3: Federer 4: Thiem 5: Medvedev 6: Tsitsipas 7: Khachanov 8: Agut 9: Nishikori 10: Fognini
  8. TheAverageFedererFan

    Time to bring back carpet

    I'd like that. Bring back Sampras and McEnroe then.
  9. TheAverageFedererFan

    Karen Khachanov - how far can he go?

    I suppose he could win a slam or two. More masters for sure. Probably will be in Top 4 or 5
  10. TheAverageFedererFan

    2019 First Time Champions Predictions

    Well we already have Sandgren and De Minaur winning their first titles. When Sandgren reached the QF's of the AO last year I figured he would win a title that year or the next year. For De Minaur since last year I knew he would get a title with all his good performances. Here are some of my...
  11. TheAverageFedererFan

    Grand Slam Beatdowns: Aussie Open Edition

    Im going to say when Federer beat Del Potro in the 2009 Quarterfinals. Del Potro was still young and all but he should not have lost in this manner. Also considering how he almost beat Federer in the French Open SF's that year and actually beat him in the US Open Finals that year and the WTF SF's.
  12. TheAverageFedererFan

    Should there be a 750 designation?

    This is a theoretical idea. -1000's: Indian Wells, Monte Carlo, Rome, Halle, Cincinnati, Shanghai -750's: Dubai, Miami, Madrid, Queens, Canada, Bercy
  13. TheAverageFedererFan

    Should there be a 750 designation?

    I've always though this could be interesting.
  14. TheAverageFedererFan

    Final slam counts for: Halep, Kerber, Serena

    Halep: 4 (I feel like she will get a AO and a USO and another RG) Kerber: 7 (I think she gets another one at each slam she's already won but 2 more at the AO) Serena: 24 (She gets one more USO and retires right then and there)
  15. TheAverageFedererFan

    Predict 2019 WTA Grand Slam Winners

    Australian Open : Kerber French Open: Svitolina Wimbledon: Sabalenka US Open: Halep
  16. TheAverageFedererFan

    Thiem vs. Zverev; Who will have the greater clay career?

    Thiem will have a greater career Im sure. But he needs to win a clay masters this year at least. He missed good chances in Rome 2017 and Madrid 2018 but he should get the job done at a masters this year. When Nadal retires, Thiem will probably win RG.
  17. TheAverageFedererFan

    Better Career so far? Berdych vs. Tsonga

    Tsonga by a little bit. But where does Ferrer fall here?
  18. TheAverageFedererFan

    AO2019 Post your QF and up predictions

    -QF's Djokovic/Nishikori Raonic/Thiem Cilic/Federer Anderson/Nadal -SF's Djokovic/Raonic Federer/Anderson -Finals Djokovic beats Federer
  19. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who gains his first ATP title in 2019?

    But I could see Lajovic, Dere, Marterer and those kind of guys sneaking in a small 250 every now and then.
  20. TheAverageFedererFan

    Who gains his first ATP title in 2019?

    Well I was right for De Minaur. Now Im looking towards Jaziri and Mannarino.
  21. TheAverageFedererFan

    Worst Trilogy Beatdowns In Tennis History?

    Agreed. In 1990 both were young but Agassi was the clear favorite. In 1995 Agassi had swept every tournament in the Summer Hard Court Swing. In 2001, Agassi had won a Slam and 2 other masters. In 2002, Agassi had won 3 masters. In 2001 and 2002 Sampras was really not his best but still won. At...
  22. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best player to never reach #1 or win a slam?

    -Best Players to Never Win a Slam Nalbandian: Reached #3 and Won the Tour Finals and 2 Masters. Beat the Big 4 countless times. Made 1 Grand Slam Final and reached 4 Slam SF's. Rios: Reached #1 and won 5 Masters as well as the Grand Slam Cup. Made 1 Grand Slam Final and nothing else. Haas...
  23. TheAverageFedererFan

    Predict the state of the Great Slam Race by EOY 2020

    I think the Grand Slam count will end like this. Federer: 21 Nadal: 20 Djokovic: 18 2019 AO: Djokovic 2019 RG: Nadal 2019 WIM: Federer 2019 USO: Del Potro 2020 AO: Nadal 2020 RG: Nadal 2020 WIM: Djokovic 2020 USO: Djokovic 2021 AO: Djokovic 2021 RG: Nadal 2021 WIM: Anderson 2021 USO: Zverev
  24. TheAverageFedererFan

    If WTF did rotate surfaces..

    Good predicitions. I agree for the most part.
  25. TheAverageFedererFan

    Such an epic match :)

    Who knows what might have happened if Khachanov won this match. Also what if Thiem won his match with Rafa.
  26. TheAverageFedererFan

    Best/Greatest most epic point of 2019?

    My bad, only Federer. Still an impressive win.
  27. TheAverageFedererFan

    2019 Season Predictions?

    AO: Djokovic Indian Wells: Djokovic Miami: Zverev Monte Carlo: Nadal Madrid: Thiem Rome: Zverev RG: Nadal Wimbledon: Federer Canada (Montreal): Zverev Cincinnati: Federer USO: Zverev Shanghai: Coric Paris: Khachanov WTF: Djokovic