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  1. J011yroger

    Any experience running UTR events?

    I am thinking of running some events to generate a few bucks on dead court time, but not sure it's worth the effort. Any feedback, or comparison to regular club leagues? J
  2. J011yroger

    Gel Res 8 Size advice.

    Hey guys, I am happy wearing 12.5 in Solution Speeds and Vapors, 12 in VC4. I have long narrow feet. Wondering what the Resolution fit is like these days. I only wore the original Resolution, which were a little wide and with too much arch support for my flat feet. My foot is long and very...
  3. J011yroger

    What fitness apps are you guys using?

    Anything cool? J
  4. J011yroger

    Let's Hear it for the (orange) Bois!

    Just strung up these two orange bois. Report to follow. J
  5. J011yroger

    "Your Opinion Matters" Survey E-Mail

    The audacity. J
  6. J011yroger

    Greatest racquet by decade?

    What's your vote for greatest racquet of the 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s/10s/current? J
  7. J011yroger

    I hope Sabalenka wins a slam this year.

    WTA has been great the past few years, I'm trying to believe. J
  8. J011yroger

    Logo application methods?

    Hey guys, I know nothing about this. Screen printing and heat transfer is generally cheap looking and fades over time, embroidery is scratchy. What is it when the logo is like rubbery but thin and glued on like the newer Adidas and Lacoste? J
  9. J011yroger

    What is the thought process for eliminating + leagues?

    I don't understand their endgame. What is the USTA trying to accomplish? I would get it if they held 40+ 5.0 and 18+ open nationals too, that they were just trying to split the levels to make play even, but they basically kicked out everyone over 5.0 and all 40+ 5.0s. Just from a fun...
  10. J011yroger

    Will adult tournaments ever make a comeback?

    Or has the ship sailed. The 90s and early 00s and certainly before were a wonderful time for adult tournaments while leagues were just an afterthought, or something clubs offered in the winter. Do you think leagues are here to stay, and tournaments mostly a thing of the past, or will it come...
  11. J011yroger

    If you could make one change to USTA adult leagues.

    What would it be? J
  12. J011yroger

    What happened to Adidas shoes this year?

    Did they just decide to take 2020 off? Will there actually be shoes for sale in 2021? J
  13. J011yroger

    Stretching routine?

    Any recommendations for a good tennis stretching routine? I'm looking for something I can do at home every day with minimal equipment and not take terribly long. J
  14. J011yroger

    Ashe style.

    Could do with a throwback or tribute line, minus the short shorts. He was always a sharp looking dude. J
  15. J011yroger

    Alliteration Pros

    AA: Andre Agassi Arthur Ashe Amanda Anisimova BB: Boris Becker Bjorn Borg Bob Bryan Belinda Bencic FF: Fabio Fognini JJ: Jelena Jankovic Joachim Johansson KK: Karen Khachanov RR: Renée Richards SS: Sloane Stephens Stan Smith TT: Tony Trabert I will continue to update. J
  16. J011yroger

    Where the RF hats at?

    Let's go TW! J
  17. J011yroger

    Why are you deleting all the threads about shutdowns?

    We are just trying to figure out what is going on with leagues and clubs across the country. Tennis is our job just like it's yours, why stifle information? J
  18. J011yroger


    Any info from club owners/pros/patrons? How's the system? Cost/profit? J
  19. J011yroger

    Serve arm angle to baseline?

    Looking for info on arm angle to the baseline at contact on first and second serves. J
  20. J011yroger

    Odds of 2021 nationals being held?

    Do you think we will have league nationals in 2021? J
  21. J011yroger

    Players just not that into it?

    Usually everyone is worn down by the end of the season but this year it really looks like they are just going through the motions. WTA and ATP. J
  22. J011yroger

    2014&15, a whisper from immortality

    If only Rogi had switched to the new racquet in 13. J
  23. J011yroger

    Elimination of + leagues effect on ratings.

    Are they going to create open 18+ leagues and 5.0 40+ leagues? No nationals in those categories right? Will they bump all the 5.5s down to 5.0? Do they expect the 40+ 5.0s to compete against the 18+ 5.0s and make a bunch of teams? After 2021 when the 40+ 5.0s get bumped down to 4.5 by the 18+...
  24. J011yroger

    Tennis in DC?

    Will be there Halloween weekend. Bringing the squad. J
  25. J011yroger

    Extreme Tour, better than the Blade?

    That's the rumor, my demo is being strung. Thing feels legit but it sure is ugly. J
  26. J011yroger

    WTA has been carrying the sport since 2018.

    Once the novelty of Federer's comeback wore off the WTA has more often had the most entertaining matches, variety of skill, and players trying to win. J
  27. J011yroger

    Keyboard closes when I hit enter.

    Samsung phone, tried restarting, closing all apps and changing keyboards. Just started yesterday and only on ttw. J
  28. J011yroger

    2021 USTA League Official Thread.

    Seems like a good idea to start one. J
  29. J011yroger

    What are you guys using to staple buttcaps and grips?

    Regular guns don't have enough oomph, usually have to tap the staple in the rest of the way. J
  30. J011yroger

    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    Just a place to gather our reviews. Mine to come. J