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    Slam Count All-time Leader in each surface...

    Hardcourt: Djokovic Clay: Nadal Grass: Tilden, Emerson (Sorry Laver) 4 surface GOATs - the real Big 4 in tennis history.
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    Congrats to the undisputed hardcourt GOAT...

    Djokovic for winning his 9th AO and 18th overall slam.
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    The 3rdwheel...

    Of the Big 3 in women’s tennis is Serena, behind Court and Graf. Enough said.
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    3 Russian Men and 3 American Women are in the QF...

    What does it tell us?
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    Another Club 300 membership earned... Congrats on winning your 300th grand slam match, Nole!
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  7. CYGS

    The RR match that Djokodal lost this year...

    has changed absolutely nothing. Top 4 seeds are all in the final 4, and Djokodal avoid each other before the final. So, those Fed fans/Djokodal haters may not have the last laugh.
  8. CYGS

    Race to have the most numbers of bagels...

    at RG2020. It appears that Rafa and Novak are showing off each other's muscles by maximizing the number of bagels given out before they meet. Disgust.
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    3 Potential Career Milestones...

    for Djokovic by the end of 2020: 1. DCGS 2. Masters Record 3. WTF Record Will he have them all?
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    Big 3 of 2020s

    Big 3 of 2010s: Djokodal with Federer 5+ years older Big 3 of 2020s: Djokodal with Thiem 5+ years younger It is only logical.
  11. CYGS

    As a Djokovic fan,

    I will support him all the way. USO 2020 is not meant to be, then so be it. We have RG 2020 and 5+ seasons of grand slams to look forward to. Go hunt for DCGS. Idemo!
  12. CYGS

    Medvedev looks a champion elect

  13. CYGS

    20-20-18 or 20-19-19?

    Assuming Djokodal split the USO and RG among themselves or Djokovic wins them both, which of these would you like to happen?
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    2nd Career Golden Masters...

    ... coming for Djokovic? I'd rather have him focused on the 18th tbh.
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    Rafa said the Big 3 has a Whatsapp group...

    I have a hard time believing that's true. What do they talk about in that group? Original quote: "Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and I have a WhatsApp group, we have been doing the same kind of job for years now and we all love tennis very much; we also have the responsibility to promote our...
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    For Djokovic fans and decent human-beings only: Will Djokovic win the CYGS in 2020?

    Given that Djokovic just won his pet slam and that this is an Olympic year, we'll have to ask ourselves again: will he finally do it? Here's how I think about his chances: 1. CYGS+Olympic+WTF: 1% 2. CYGS+Olympic: 5% 3. CYGS: 10% 4. 2 more slams: 25% 5. 1 more slam: 50% 6. 1 more Cincinnati: 50%...
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    When will Djokodal fans fight against each other?

    I predict in 2 years when Fed is officially left behind.
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    2021 will be the year in which...

    Djokodal both reach 21+, while Fed retires the third wheel.
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    How many more young stars breaking through...

    will there be due to Serena losing slam finals? It is hilarious to see her keep making finals and losing and almost seems like God is here to protect Court's record.
  20. CYGS

    I hope Serena wins her 24th...

    so she can retire for good.
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    If Nadal doesn't win...

    Let's hope Med can make the newgen proud by being the first who wins a slam.
  22. CYGS

    Hey Nolefams

    A 2-slam year is still a good one. Let's not forget to celebrate. He is the earth's mightiest warrior and we will witness his comeback in no time. Now I hope Nadal can bring it.
  23. CYGS

    Federer has 1 win over top 5 this year...

    behind Djokovic and Nadal (and RBA etc). Is he still the third wheel? Disgust.
  24. CYGS

    2nd Golden Masters

    Will Djokovic get it this year while Fedal have none?
  25. CYGS

    Lol Stanimal vs. Dimitrov 1st Rd again...

    What's God plan for the two? LOL
  26. CYGS

    NK is so overrated...

    that he makes Zverev likeable. That tells you something.
  27. CYGS

    2 NCYGS vs. 12 RGs

    Which accomplishment threatens Fed's legacy more?