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  1. BGod

    Fresher Anderson vs. Djokovic 2018 Wimbledon?

    It's been some time and we know how Anderson dropped down since then but marathon matches have a tendency to do that with careers. Obviously the 5th set could have ended sooner but what gets forgotten is the 3rd set tiebreak ending 11-9 for Isner. If Anderson wins that it's probable he wins in...
  2. BGod

    Bo3 Format at the USO, how long?

    I think it's inevitable at this point and it actually occurred in the 70s for a few editions in the early rounds. But I'll have a poll option for never. I think with Novak publicly stating his position in favor along with a possible future #1 in Medvedev and Federer/Nadal retiring sooner than...
  3. BGod

    Men's Hall of Fame Breakdown by Decade (OE)

    I find it interesting looking at the male inductees from the OE: 1970s: Borg, Connors, Orantes, Vilas, Ashe, Nastase, Kodes, Smith, Newcombe 1980s: Edberg, Wilander, Lendl, Noah, Becker, McEnroe 1990s: Sampras, Agassi, Chang, Stich, Ivanisevic, Rafter, Courier, Kafelnikov 2000s: Safin, Hewitt...
  4. BGod

    1976 Hong Kong Tennis Classic: Rosewall vs. Nastase

    Looking at the Grand Prix calendar I am trying to find out more about the standing of this tournament given Rosewall won it at 42 playing a Best of 5 set final against #3 in the world Nastase. I can see it's labeled a 2 star event but the prize money is $75,000. Now the star ratings worked out...
  5. BGod

    Novak's Projection on Grass against Roger?

    I am absolutely the type of person who values Roger losing in 5 sets in 3 Wimbledon finals along with his SF loss to Raonic. But at the same time I also can't dismiss him going 0-3 in finals to Novak. Yes, he wasn't prime Roger of 04-06 but he had ample opportunities in 2014 and 2019 and even...
  6. BGod

    Will Federer show up to watch Nadal pass his record?

    Barring him playing the final himself of course. Betting odds are over 90% for Nadal to at least make the French Open final. Federer supposedly considering playing clay but even if he did very unlikely he makes the final. Beyond this if Nadal lost the French and played Wimbledon final without...
  7. BGod

    Kyrgios vs. Dimitrov?

    You just know one or both will eventually make a Slam Final. Which do you think ends up putting on the better show. Whether or not they actually win.
  8. BGod

    The Big 3 holding the Slam Count at their best Slam?

    It's already been quite weird how Novak was able to slip in and dominate 1 Slam for himself, like a pick em (although he'd made massive ground at Wimbledon). When Sampras held 7 titles at 1 Slam it was thought to be ridiculous (Borg was 2nd in OE at the French with 6). Now Novak going for 9...
  9. BGod

    Agassi 2004-05 vs. Lost Gen

    On at least AO 2017 level medium fast courts?
  10. BGod

    Novak's pursuit at Wimbledon & USO?

    I ask this because Fed was so well ahead and his 5 & 5 won't be touched but overall tenure is up for grabs with Novak. Djokovic is tied with most finals with Lendl at 8 while the same only 3 titles. Unlike Lendl none of them consecutively. He did have a novelty SF streak of 11 but that's behind...
  11. BGod

    [1] Djokovic vs. Karatsev [Q]

    True Rocky story here.
  12. BGod

    Change a QF outcome?

    Finals and SF are often considered for alternates but what about some QF shifts? My examples: 79 USO Borg. Great form, almost certainly beats Gerulaitis with ease and then a younger McEnroe 92 WMB Becker, again almost certainly gets by next opponent and then a vulnerable Goran in final.
  13. BGod

    90s AO Wishlist?

    Looking at the 1990s AO as a distinct Slam had a lot of would be Finals. Here's a breakdown but alternatives are welcome: Edberg/Becker 91 Edberg/Stich or Krajicek 92 Sampras/Stich or Courier 93 Sampras/Edberg 94 Courier/Becker 96 Sampras/Agassi 98
  14. BGod

    MONO>COVID so far.

    By a massive stretch. Djokovic bounced back within weeks without issue winning 2 Masters and making Slam final. Dimitrov didn't seem to struggle beyond usual, Paige played after testing positive. Goffin remains to be seen. MONO killed careers, notably Soderling & Ancic.
  15. BGod

    Chances Nadal gets 6 in a row?

    Thought it was over in 2015 but here we are again. No man in the Open Era has won 6 consecutive titles at a single Slam. Bill Tilden got 6 USOs as the only one who had to play draws (Renshaw in the 1800s only had to play a single match to retain). That means Nadal winning a 14th and 15th crown...
  16. BGod

    After 2014 Wimbledon...

    Major commentators in North America and ESPN review stated the following: 1. Soon to be 33 year old Federer had made a mark just making the final and although many wanted 1 more title it looked like a fitting last hurrah. 2. The next generation was making inroads and that time was ticking on...
  17. BGod

    How many matches have you watched this ATP comeback?

    Real curious with pandemic tennis. I'm talking entire matches not partial or a set. 4 for me. Watched only a single USO match (would have gone there and Cincy this year). I saw 2 Cincy matches with Raonic, Shap/Busta USO and just this FO Final. Just doesn't feel the same and I attend about 2-4...
  18. BGod

    Will a man get YE #1 without a Slam? (Next 50 years)

    Halep did it for women in 2017.
  19. BGod

    IF Novak finished undefeated what would you be comfortable with?

    Because it's a shortened season? It appears the remaining schedule for Novak would be Vienna, Paris & WTF. Assuming they aren't cancelled that's 15 possible matches. Would put Novak at 53-0. For comparison he went 53-13 in 2018 finishing YE #1.
  20. BGod

    The luck of Nadal's draws.

    Yes I know it's been talked to death but at this point it's not do much draws as they are drawn out but how they play out. The 2020 FO is the third time in 2 years a seemingly heavy draw has collapsed with Nadal benefiting. Meanwhile people bring up Bagdahtis or Cilic for Federer. Yes Novak in...
  21. BGod

    If Novak won every match...

    For the remainder of the year but had that 1 loss due to the disqualification. Would you consider his season undefeated? As shortened as it was. I mean, technically it's a no brainer for me a DQ is not a loss, especially since he wasn' down 0-2 in sets and down a break in the 3rd type of deal.
  22. BGod


    One of these men, lions if you will, are guaranteed to make final. Ain't that wild? Thiem looking to make his 4th.
  23. BGod

    Shapovalov vs. Busta USO Quarterfinal

    Another one of those QF matches that allows an easier than usual path to a coveted Slam Semifinal.
  24. BGod

    Federer's 2021

    It just dawned on me how assuming Federer would have been out for this year's Olympics had they taken place, them being moved allows for that all too convenient path towards retirement. I guess it depends on which side you fall if you believe Fed would choose to retire at Wimbledon or play out...
  25. BGod

    Chance French Open won't finish?

    The French Open is scheduled Sep 24th to Oct 11th. Bubbles help but you'll have a glut of players coming in after USO.
  26. BGod

    How would USO participation be affected if USA went their own way on policy?

    There are already murmurs the United States could attempt to forego the big lockdowns the rest of the developed world is undertaking for economic reasons. Assume it's just the USA that does this, deaths are worse than Italy but events start coming back because there isn't the same federal...
  27. BGod

    Could hiatus prolong Novadal's dominance? (and other career considerations)

    With their aging bodies a long hiatus could only benefit and extend their careers right? On the flip side I look at a guy like Wawrinka who might just retire as he was seemingly going hard for his last season. How would this affect Murray's plans of return? Ivo Karlovic said a break was what...
  28. BGod

    Covid-19 after Miami?

    The USA is taking a very different approach on the virus so IW & Miami seem to be unlikely affected in March but after that you have the clay season in Spain-France-Italy all countries already taking steps cancelling public events. Unless it just goes away somehow I don't see how the ATP tour...
  29. BGod

    Has Novak dominated Wimbledon?

    Most top all-timers had periods of dominance at 2 Slams. Novak has done this in Australia without argument but what about Wimbledon? Winning twice back to back in a 6 year span. Or is 3 in 4 more akin to dominance? Trying to clarify this. I lean on yes.
  30. BGod

    All future generations will have is pursuit of CYGS.

    I don't really think this is debateable. The total Slam count will almost surely be unreachable by any future great for at least a long time. So the only window left open is none of the Big 3 won all 4 Slams in the same year although Novak has a chance this year and held all 4 at the same time...