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  1. SLD76

    Federer was surprisingly short sighted

    Advantage Rafa for playing the long game for once Rafa fans and critics have long criticized his scheduling in terms of managing his long term health Conversely , Fed has long been praised for managing his schedule for them long term But clearly this year they flip flopped . It's...
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    And now for some levity

  3. SLD76

    Djoker mirroring Courier? An article about Jim Courier's retirement citing burn out as the main reason for leaving tennis. Key quote from the man himself "It was a gradual feeling where my enthusiasm to train and prepare started waning. I was not...
  4. SLD76

    Top Spin 4...create a world beater.

    I know this is late and old as hell but I have a question.... Is it possible to create a player that can hang with the top computer players on very hard???? I have destroyed Nadal at the FO using Federer Destroyed Djoker using Agassi My created player can take out Tomic, Davydenko on very...
  5. SLD76

    Does Murray need to slim down?

    Watching the replay of the match, and just from my view it seems like Djoker , with his light wiry frame , is quicker off the ball. What I mean is, the ability to explode into the shot but get his body in position to hit the reply. Murray, and perhaps this was nerves or fatigue, but it...
  6. SLD76

    Can we officially declare Dimitrov a busy?

    He has regressed from the small bit of improvement he made last year and he still has barely made a dent at any Masters tourney...or ATP 500 for that matter. Is the kid an overrated bust?
  7. SLD76

    Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong story

    Has anyone else seen this documentary? ?
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    Djoker vs Murray....the most boring match up in tennis.

    Does anyone else feel this way? I mean really, two guys with the same grinding, retrieving counter punching style who can defend all day and no net play . And no drama dynamic to make it interesting. I mean sure, Rafa Djoker has the same style, but the drama comes from Djoker being one of...
  9. SLD76

    Bouchard fell into the trap.....

    If anyone saw the semi between Bouchard and Sharapova, then they saw a match that was common for Sharapova at the FO this year. They saw Maria lose the first set, a tight gritty second set, and then a blow out in the third. Why do Maria ' s matches follow this pattern, and why did Eugenie...
  10. SLD76

    Forum Challenge. 2days without Fedal

    For the love of DOG, can we PLEASE go two days without any new stupid threads about fed or nadal? can we go two days without commenting in dumb fedal threads? ( nadal news aside)??? My god, Wawrinka won the AO, yet there are a bajillion new inane fed v nadal threads. Sheesh.
  11. SLD76

    Terrible news...doctors fear Schumacher to remain in vegetative state.

    Just awful :cry: :|
  12. SLD76

    Best Aussie open..heck, Slam in a long time.

    No screaming banshees in the latter stages or the finals( Azarenka, Sharapova, any other over loud shriekers) Skilled players going deep into the tourney, not just physical grinders( Stan, Dimitrov ETA: Radwanska) new blood deep in the later rounds( Bouchard, cibulkova, Stan) exciting...
  13. SLD76

    Wayne Odesnik linked in latest US PED ring.

    This report broke from a Miami newspaper on tuesday and so far the biggest focus is on professional baseball players. Thats why as I was reading the article I was shocked to see a tennis name listed as a client, and Wayne Odesnik to boot...
  14. SLD76

    OT: American College Football fans Manti Te'O scandal.

    Strangest story I've ever heard. Apparently the gf he had that died late last year apparently never existed? And he may or may not have in fact invented her? Staggering :shock:
  15. SLD76

    No American man....

    for the first time in 40 years of the open era, there is no american man in the top 16 seeds of a major. Just thought Id throw that out there.
  16. SLD76

    Whats with pro players and mono?????

    Christina McHale is the latest victim although her bout has already passed: "Christina McHale tells that doctors discovered she had a case of mononucleosis last fall. McHale caught a stomach virus during the Olympics in early August and thought for a while that it was what was sapping...
  17. SLD76

    Biggest difference between top pros and juniors/lower ranks...

    ...seems to me the biggest difference is the ability to create/exploit angles. watching the qualifying and then the clijsters match, that seems to me to be the biggest difference between top pros and juniors/ players perennially below the top 100. what say you?
  18. SLD76

    2012 US Open Qualifying

    for those with CBSi Sports on their satellite/cable providers, just figured Id start a thread for those watching the qualifying. first up, ryan harrison's younger brother christian vs....zemya(100 in the world)?
  19. SLD76

    Sharapova out of Montreal..sick to her stomach.....

    .....apparently with a stomach bug she contracted days before her Olympic final with Serena. ................. Now, I can understand clarky et all being mad at me after I say this but...sounds like a page out of team Nadal, no...
  20. SLD76

    If top pros were burgers..which ones would they be?

    Just thought Id add to the inanity around here. Roger= Royale with Cheese McEnroe= Big Mac Nadal= Whopper ( for all his dubious mtos, injuries) Djoker= Baconator.
  21. SLD76

    Coming soon to Comcast...The Tennis channel!

    Comcast subscribers may be getting an early christmas gift in about a month and a half. The FCC has denied Comcast's appeal and is upholding the initial ruling from december which mandates that Comcast must offer the tennis channel on more basic cable tiers. Congrats comcast subscribers...
  22. SLD76

    Wozzilroy and the Unraveling Game Thread

    ESPN columnists notes how since Wozz and Mack paired up and started tumbling each other off the course and offcourt, both have taken a stumble in their respective rankings and titles and tournament wins have been hard to come by.
  23. SLD76

    Anybody else think Djoker played a dumb match....

    ...yesterday vs Isner? I think he was very bad tactically and I could not figure out why. Was it an ego thing? Was he trying to overpower Isner? WAs he trying to break down his strokes? Did he just think Inser would not be consistent? To me it is obvious that Djoker underestimated Isner's...
  24. SLD76

    Echoes of 2009 final.....

    Its deja vu all over again. the young upstart plays a long physical 5 set match in the semi. And although the match up favors him, many wonder if the upstart will be physically fresh enough to compete in the final. Meanwhile the veteran has had a somewhat comfortable draw. beating one of...
  25. SLD76

    How much would you pay to see.....

    An all wood racquet exho with the top players. Discuss.
  26. SLD76

    20111 USO Almost Mirrors 2010

    Its an odd role reversal. Last year it was RAfa who was running Nole ragged, blasting serve after serve and physically imposing himself on Nole. Also, Nole moved a mountain to win one set..only to fold in the 4th. Its.....unbelievable how today's match had all the same elements of last...
  27. SLD76

    McEnroe is such a johnny come lately.

    So thursday, as Fed was beating Tsonga, Mac was telling anyone who would listen how roger is the greatest player of all time, the most beautiful player, the player with teh most beautiful game, the greatest player to ever pick up a racket etc etc... Now on saturday, during the Rafa match, he...
  28. SLD76

    Instruction tips.

    Im trying work on and improve my game but, there is only a part time club near me( I live in a seasonal area). Even if my club were open year round, I dont have the money to pay for private lessons. So, does anybody have any dvd series or series of books they can recommend that are top...
  29. SLD76

    Grinder's Malaise and Nadal.

    So, there was mention of it in the thread concerning Rafa's book and his admission that the FO loss in 09 coupled with his parents divorce left him mentally unfit to defend Wimbledon that year. Others in the thread have speculated that given Rafa's play of late and his struggles with...
  30. SLD76

    Is it me or the FO courts....

    ....look like they are playing fast as hell?? Iwatching the berdych match it looked like the ball is really moving.