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  1. BGod

    Djokovic the only player that dominated different eras?

    Of course. Diluted fields and extended careers will do that. Nadal having three separate Fourpeats is also bonkersville. Without new age great Borg coming up, Jimmy Connors would have dominated 79-81 in addition to his streaks from 74-78 and 82-83.
  2. BGod

    Since Djokovic's comeback in 2018

    Weak era is real. Imagine guys like Becker, Lendl, Connors getting draws like these in their twilight years? Damn the Slam numbers are inflated to sin.
  3. BGod

    Fresher Anderson vs. Djokovic 2018 Wimbledon?

    It's been some time and we know how Anderson dropped down since then but marathon matches have a tendency to do that with careers. Obviously the 5th set could have ended sooner but what gets forgotten is the 3rd set tiebreak ending 11-9 for Isner. If Anderson wins that it's probable he wins in...
  4. BGod

    Federer 11-1 in Wimbledon finals without Djokovic?

    Draws change too much for that type of projection. Take 2014 for example, Cilic was up 2-1 against Novak in the Quarterfinal and we all know what he did at the USO that year so how does a Cilic vs. Federer final play out? Roger would also be seeded 3rd and might face Dimitrov and then Cilic...
  5. BGod

    Current Non-Covid Rankings*

    Still LOL at Medvedev being #2 on paper. Murray from 2012-2013 would massacre the boy while Wawrinka's career high of #3 will stand as a giant middle finger to next genners.
  6. BGod

    Will Djokovic reach 400 weeks at #1?

    Yeah but like Fed showed in 2017, winning the big events almost defaults you into Top 3 ranking. Course you could have WTA style #1 lmao like Medvedev winning a few 500s and 4 Masters but 0 Slams while Novak wins 2 Slams, 1 Masters and doesn't do much else (couple of deep runs elsewhere). I...
  7. BGod

    Was 2011 the best year of the 00s?

    For 2010s it would be 2012 or 2015.
  8. BGod

    Why doesn’t Rafa just say it how it is?

    Aren't there mandatory ATP requirements barring injury?
  9. BGod

    Rate your all time Top 10 Clutch / Top Players under pressure.

    I have it: 2019 WMB 2009 USO 2011 USO Because obviously 2011 he has to go play an additional match with Nadal (though I think he would have won in 4 or 3) Additionally 2016 Wimbledon if he beats Milos in 4, 2005 AO (always forgotten but if he wins in 4 he easily beats Hewitt). Also 2012-2013...
  10. BGod

    Who thinks the ATP World Tour Finals should have stayed in London?

    Bo5 SF and F. End of discussion. It's mickey mouse now.
  11. BGod

    Rate your all time Top 10 Clutch / Top Players under pressure.

    Okay but in fairness it's not Federer losing 2015 Wimbledon & USO when Novak had arguably GOAT season. It's his 2011 USO and 2019 WMB where he literally had zero excuse to not close the deal in both matches. And those are two massive matches that may mean he's at 22 Slams and Novak is at 16.
  12. BGod

    Rate your all time Top 10 Clutch / Top Players under pressure.

    1. Djokovic 2. Borg Although it's tough because Novak was more a choker in his earlier days but has the higher clutch points overall. Meanwhile Borg's entire career was clutch but it was much shorter. I am going with quantity here though. 3. Sampras It's almost impossible to objectively go...
  13. BGod

    Bianca Andreescu: under the radar but not for long!

    Already GOAT in Canadian women's tennis. Would be prized commentator.
  14. BGod

    Should Andy Murray retire?

    He clearly wants a Wimbledon send-off ala Becker 99.
  15. BGod

    Is Federer crazy for coming back?

    I've said every time it's 3 factors, only one being Slam contention. He's got branding and longevity records which are both very attainable.
  16. BGod

    Bo3 Format at the USO, how long?

    What's to stop it from having an added round, not 256 draw but an extra round and 32 seeds having BYEs? So 224 man draw. Then maybe that first round is super tiebreak for 3rd set. First two rounds are Bo3, next two rounds have super tiebreak for 5th set. In a nutshell, because America. The...
  17. BGod

    1976 Hong Kong Tennis Classic: Rosewall vs. Nastase

    Okay but would you personally consider it closer to a current day 250 than 500? Unless you're clearly stating that here. I mean, Doha is a 250 but clearly beats out numerous 500s.
  18. BGod

    Who do you rank above between Roddick and Ivanisevic ?

    Voted Goran as better but Roddick greater. Hard to argue Roddick didn't have the better career. Goran however on grass, I feel obviously on slower grass it's much tougher but fast grass against Federer like 01 he would have beaten him. I always say Roddick wins 6-8 majors without Federer but...
  19. BGod

    Ranking the top 4 grass courters ever

    It's pretty amazing for me to think about but after 2019 chokejob I now put Sampras ahead of Fed. Yes, yes the extra finals but you can also counter lesser fields and Sampras went 7 in 8 only facing a single 5 set final and control of that 5th set to boot. We're not even touching a 40-15 double...
  20. BGod

    Some Hard Truths

    On the Olympics vs. WTF, let's just take a look at the winners since 1988 (first OE olympics) no? Olympics Mecir Rosset Agassi Kafelnikov Massu Nadal Murray Murray WTF Federer x6 Djokovic x5 Hewitt x2 Murray Kuerten Nalbandian Davydenko Zverev Medvedev Tsitsipas Dimitrov Yeah, given who's won...
  21. BGod

    Bo3 Format at the USO, how long?

    I think it's inevitable at this point and it actually occurred in the 70s for a few editions in the early rounds. But I'll have a poll option for never. I think with Novak publicly stating his position in favor along with a possible future #1 in Medvedev and Federer/Nadal retiring sooner than...
  22. BGod

    Some Hard Truths

    Assume for a moment a player could come out next year and start winning 3 Slams a year for 7 straight seasons. The question you have to ask yourself is how likely that is to happening and how many years before you think the Bo3 format will start seeping into the Slams? Cause at the USO it will...
  23. BGod

    The defending slam champ not being the favorite....

    It depends. Wawrinka wasn't favoured to repeat any of his Slams although at close betting odds for 2016 French. Andy Murray only 1 of 3 titles (2014 Wimbledon) And I don't believe Nadal was for the 2010 Aussie Open. That's just this era, I don't think anyone wants me to go back to the 90s...
  24. BGod

    Some Hard Truths

    You don't think everything outside of Slams being Bo3, 3 of 4 Majors having 5th set tiebreaker and ongoing discussions of Bo3 early rounds is a sign of times changing for the worse? Not to mention the massive drop off in emerging talent? It's kind of like boxing actually. Nobody is smelling...
  25. BGod

    Favorite Open Era Decade

    I remember the 90s fairly well and it boiled down to Sampras running 2 of the Majors with Rafter & Agassi sprinkled in and whatever was happening on clay. I decided to look up and see if I'm completely off base in terms of the quality matches and found the following: Total of 7 Five Set Finals...
  26. BGod

    Some Hard Truths

    Another hard fact is nobody after the Big 3 will have an objective argument of being the GOAT. They will dilute the Slams to fit growing trends. Whether that means eliminating Bo5 entirely or having Bo3 in earlier rounds, super tiebreaks, fast5 sets, etc. That will definitively end any objective...
  27. BGod

    Who would have played better than Medvedev at the Final?

    Thiem, Tsitsipas or Kyrgios.
  28. BGod

    Win percentage against top10s by Big3's Slam final opponents:

    Federer's average skewed by Cilic and Roddick. Especially since Roddick's overall average is skewed by losing to Federer. Joke stats.
  29. BGod

    Favorite Open Era Decade

    The only objective answer is the 1980s. In that 10 year span you had 7 all time greats all winning multiple Slams, 5 of whom fill out everyone's OE Top 10 plus a young Agassi making Slam Semis last 2 years. A plethora of memorable matches including finals across all surfaces. Great variety in...
  30. BGod

    Is Federer the tragic hero

    Just coming in to remind Nalbandian, del Potro & Soderling being sidelined due to injury/illness inflated Novak/Nadal numbers along with weaker crop of talent proceeding them. But tennis also massively shifted into a ridiculous wealth disparity that created an insanely tilted top heavy result...