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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    Totally agree, there is no classic Volkl feel on the Super G X10. It is a modern player's racket with a super stable racket head and a slight flex in the string bed during ball contact.
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    I transitioned from head prestige 600 to volkl ... a long time ago. Anyway, the volkl classic feel ... is like a cushioned, sling shot kinda feel where u can feel the strings and racket head flex on impact with the ball (volkl c10 pro, tour 10 rackets). IMHO :-)
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    I played with super g 10 325 for the past couple of weeks. It does have a bit more power, and better feel (non muted) then the organix 10 325. I like the super g version way better than the old version of organix 10 325.
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    Using 2 over grips...

    I use two overgrips on my volkls. Done for added comfort and make the racket balance out a bit with lead tape in the racket head. Love the feel of Yonex super grap over grip.
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    Playtesters: Any word on Volkl Super G 10??

    Thanks for the update Michelle Hopefully the review will be posted soon.
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    Making Grommets flush

    To make grommets more flush to the frame, i use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat up and soften the grommet. Then it becomes easier to press together the grommet closer to the frame (use your hand and/or a stringing awl tool).
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    Playtesters: Any word on Volkl Super G 10??

    Should be interesting comments on how the new version compares to the non-G version.
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super G?

    Darn, i also wanted cap grommets on the new super G organix 10 and less stiffer than non-super G organix 10. Oh well ... I just demo one later this year and see how it plays.
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    Best Racket Bag?

    I like the volkl super tour 9 racket bag. Fits all my rackets, clothes, shoes, etc ... etc. :-D
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    VOLKL PB10 MID--anybody use it?

    Great mid size frame. I love the soft flex (easy on the arm), weight (330g unstrung), and balance 1.3 inch HL unstrung. :)
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    Wish List for Reissue???

    +1 for Volkl Tour 10 mid generation I.
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    FS: Dunlop AG100 (x2), 4 1/2, 8-8.5/10

    I have two Dunlop AG100 rackets for sale. Grip Size: 4 1/2 Description: Rackets were always used with over grip, racket head protection tape, and lead tape. Just a few bumper scrapes and minute paint chips on one racket. I can email pictures upon request. Condition: Racket 1...
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    Your favorite natural gut hybrid?

    My current hybrid: Pacific Tough Gut mains 16g x Spiky Shark 16g Crosses.
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    NEW Vantage Custom racquet order - what's your specs ?

    Here my specs Headsize: 95 String Pattern: 16x19 Stiffness: 63 RA Length: 27.25 Weight (unstrung)/Balance: 320g (11.4oz) / 310mm (10pts hl) Frame Colour: White Bumper Colour: Black Handle Shape: D Handle size: 3 Grip type: black leather
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    Vantage odrers? Anyone

    I also live in Canada and do not want to pay high fees to any couriers, so I sent an email to Sven to shipped via USPS when my racket is done (still pending shipping status - I also changed frame color from black to white).
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    Vantage odrers? Anyone

    Definitely the camera, the flash is overexposing the red color of the racket frame, making it look orange. Or he got customized color beside red, white or black.
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    Best Overgrip?

    Yonex Supergrap is great. YMMV
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    Vantage odrers? Anyone

    Same here "Pending Shipment"
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    Sock recommendations.

    +1 I love the Thorlo level 3 socks. I highly agree the only downside is the high price.
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    Who ordered a Vantage on Sale?

    I ordered 1 tennis racket from the US site. 95in 27.25 in, 320 g, RA 63, 10pts HL, D Shaped handle, grip size 3- All black color. It would probably take a while to ship (greater than 14 days for normal business).
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    BEST 95" frames EVER made???

    Another vote for Vantage 95 (any custom model will do)
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    Randall55, is great buyer.

    Randall55 provided excellent communication, and made a prompt payment. He is a super buyer to deal with!!!
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    FS - Custom Vantage 95 (x3)

    All rackets are sold. Thank you
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    ..any middle'age players using a mid frame ?

    I am in my early 40s and I currently using Dunlop 100s (90sq inch rackets).
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    FS - Custom Vantage 95 (x3)

    Sold one. Two to go.
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    Calling all you mid experts... it's top 3 time!

    1. Head Prestige Classic 600 2. Volkl Tour 10 (generation one) 3. Dunlop AG 100
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    FS - Custom Vantage 95 (x3)

    Lower Prices: $85 per racket or all 3 rackets for $225 (includes shipping).
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    How much lead tape to put on an AG100?

    The AG100 weighs about 315 grams without strings. So I decided to add 10 grams of weight to bring the racket up to 325 grams without strings. I maintain the balance of the racket by adding even amount of lead to the racket head and behind the butt cap (for now its 2.5 grams of lead at 3 and 9 o...
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    Vantage Racquets, Post Your Specs.

    Does anyone use an one handed backhanded with an extended length vantage (greater than 27")?
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    Vantage Racquets, Post Your Specs.

    Hey Mozzer, I demoed a vantage 330g 95" 63ra 9pts HL version before i purchased my 320g versions. My demo had a lot of pop at 330g, but I was getting tired hitting with it after a couple of sets (felt heavy with a 3 or 5pt balance with strings). For me, the 320g version plays super...