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    Us open tickets

    Don't want to sit in rafters on Ashe. Going during 1st week. Stub hub etc Loge seats around $120 Boxes 400+. Is it similar to Miami, where people with extra box seats, scalpers etc will be outside and you can get good deals.
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    the stuff robredo is wearing. is it available anywhere in US? Does tennis warehouse plan to have the yellow or black Lotto shirts that soderling and ferrer have been wearing?
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    wanted. dunlop m fil 300. 1/4 or 3/8 grips

    or advice where can still purchase these new. do not want either aerogel model
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    los tennis warehouse

    is tennis warehouse usa going to carry this is? I see tw europe has it already?
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    grass court shoes

    Have 1 pair left of the addidas barricade grass. tw used to have this shoe. why is noone marketing grass shoes again. I used ti even use them on clay(slide better)
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    is it possible to create your own pj????

    I like a fischer racket but hate the colour? How would one go about making it black etc?
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    dunlop m fil 300

    wanted 3 rackets 4 3/8 grip. reasonable price. keep in mind they are $66 new at present
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    wanted. volkl bb10

    need at least 2 would like to buy several. must be in good condition. 4 3/8 grip or ability to have the pallets adjusted
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    volkl bb 10

    wanted 4 3/8 grip or smaller. e mail me with a reasonable price
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    sergei bruguera set up

    what is he playing with these days??? Think the guy was vastly underated as a clay court player. Everyone goes on about Nadal blah blha blah. would have liked to see bruguera in his prime vs Nadal
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    becker and the bb10

    Is he actually using this racket in exhibitions or the few senior tournaments he plays. The thing is 100 sq and not very heavy. Surely he has a bunch of lead tape and a smaller custom size head
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    volkl bb 10 (beckers racket)

    looking for 4 of these. 4 3/8 grip
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    4 Slazenger Henman pro braided 4 3/8 grips

    All in good condition. 8 out of 10 mcondition. New grommets on all rackets. All strung. make me a reasonable offer
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    grass court tennis shoes

    tennis warehouse doesent have any so..... anyone want to sell me any brand size 11 new. contact me with offers
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    Tiger tim can win this

    99% certain he beats Antic. He owns Roddick. He owns Federer as long as he doesent have to play Lleyton Hewitt he can win this. His level on tennis today was better than anyone else has played for the whole tournament. the crowd is 110% percent behind him. He was hitting passing shot...
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    well done Tim

    Well played and the way to show some heart. Hope he beats Chela. If Coria or Moya get upset he has a chance
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    corretja has to qualify in miami. ridiculous

    USTA give wild cards to people like Alex bogomolov and Brandan evans and Corretja a former grand slam finalist has to qualify its a bit absurd especially with the number of Catalna/spanish people living here who would go to watch him. Vamos Alex Vamos Barca