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    Hitting the overhead with a little bit of slice

    How common is this? I see Federer does it. What are the benefits vs. completely flat.
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    Tiring quickly when playing aggressive at net

    I get more exhausted at the net then I do running down balls at the baseline. Overheads in particular take lot out of me. I was wondering if this could be because my legs are weak and the bending on the volleys and even some overheads are draining me. if so would that cause me to lose energy...
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    Breathing properly during a point

    I’m a 38 yr old 4.5 player who can run 5KM in 23 minutes but find I tire much quicker than all my opponents after an average 8 shot rally. This includes 50 yr olds who are far from skinny. I’ve been told by coaches that I should not get that tired and that my breathing during the point must be...
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    If no majors are played in 2020 it will crush Novak’s chances of catching Fed He will be approaching 34 years old with potentially no competitive matches under his belt in almost 12 months. His style of playing backboard tennis and long points will become harder and harder as he gets...
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    This could snowball quickly if Shapo pulls out..
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    Best set of tennis played in 2019

    Tough call but I think I’d pick the first set between Rafa and Theim at RG. Theim was absolutely swinging for the fences in both the first and second sets then appeared to run out of steam. The fact Nadal was able to weather the storm was impressive.
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    Best points ever played..

    How high up on the list would this one be? Although he loses the point the squash type shot Fed hits from the back corner is absolutely insane!
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    Best string for GE

    I continue to battle golfers elbow especially when hitting serves and forehands. I know that stringing looser is helpful but which types of are best? Thx
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    The end of the big three’s majors run is near..

    If I had to guess the big three (likely Nadal and Djokovic) will pull in two majors in 2020 and maybe one in 2021. Djokovic will not surpass nor equal Federer’s GS record because the next gen will finally start their run of major titles next year. The trio of Medvedev, Theim and Tsitsipas have...
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    What happens if all three of them end up with 20?

    This is definitely possible. it will allow this board to debate for decades to come who is the GOAT.