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  1. Cerps

    pro's pro challenger 1 vs premium stringer 3600

    Hi, I'm considering buying either the pro's pro Challenger 1 with a wise 2086 or a Penta Premium 3600 pre-fitted with a wise. Pricewise there isn't much difference so I wonder which one of these would be the better buy? Which is the better quality and least hassle? Thanks /C
  2. Cerps

    Calibrating ektelon model DE

    Hi everyone! I recently got to borrow a stringing machine from a friend, an Ektelon model DE. Previously I've been using a Prince Neos 1000 or Ektelon model H (same thing). The problem is that it pulls 5 lbs wrong. Since I know about this, its no huge deal. I can basically just bump it up 5 lbs...
  3. Cerps

    Murray (back) to new PJ

    From this photo it would seem as he's back with the new paintjob at Aegons: Does anybody know why he didn't switch completely before?
  4. Cerps

    Head Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro

    Hi TW! Just looking at the racquet in the titleand saw the weight was wrong. It say's strung weight 10.58 oz/265 grams. Unstrung weight is 285 grams so the 265 is obviously wrong. 10.58 oz = 300 grams.
  5. Cerps

    Head Sprint Team

    Hi! Currently you dont have any Head Sprint team or pro indoor shoe in stock. Only for clay. Do you know when you'll get the next batch? Regards A
  6. Cerps

    Poly main, Poly cross

    Hi! I'm sure this already have been discussed somewhere but if you hybrid two polys. Let's say they are both smooth but one is stiffer than the other, which do you think should go in the mains and which in the crosses? Also if there's any other combination that you find better, like a soft...
  7. Cerps

    I've got problems...

    Hi! I have been trying to make all my racquets feel the same. Three of my four Prestige mp now do feel very similar. I've got 2 from the youtek series and two from the IG. The IG's and one of the youtek feels the same but the fourth feels slow. The balance point on that one is slightly off. It...
  8. Cerps

    Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 grommet

    Hi, does anyone know if for example the k-factor 6.1 95 18/20 grommets will fit the European version of Hyper Pro Staff 6.1? I think it's the same racquet as the hyper pro staff 6.1 stretch but as a standard length.. If not, which grommet will fit?
  9. Cerps

    Head Revolt Pro/Team

    Hi Will you be getting in the new Head Revolt team? And if you do, would it still have a 6 month garantee? Because currently my Sprint team's are just falling apart to fast so I need a more durable one...
  10. Cerps

    Sonic Pro replacement - Signum Pro?

    Hi guys! My reel of Head Sonic Pro 1.25 mm is almost finished and I need something else instead of it? I can get any Signum Pro string for a cheaper price than the Sonic Pro so can you recommend any? I don't use it Sonic Pro myself but I string it for others so I would need something similar...
  11. Cerps

    Pro's Pro string similar to ALU Power

    I have seen that Pro's Pro do have loads of different strings, which one is the most similar to Luxilons ALU Power and is it anything to try out?
  12. Cerps

    Sonic Pro Edge to stiff?

    I recently started using the Head Sonic Pro Edge 1.30mm string in my old Head youtek Speed mp racquet and really liked it. I did find it to have one downside though: it was extremely stiff for me! I have been using a full polyester stringbed for a long time and never had any issues with it but...