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  1. Cerps

    Can any one racquet do it all?

    Yeah my racquet
  2. Cerps

    List your modified racquets

    My IG Prestige mp are as follow: 9-15 gram at noon to bring them up to 346-347 SW. Leather grip to bring balance back down. Some additional weight in handle and throat to make all five of them identical. Oh and black grommets!
  3. Cerps

    Best racquet for someone who wants to play tennis for fun ?

    Any good racquet will suffice :cool:
  4. Cerps

    How do people destroy frames picking up balls?

    Don't they just mean low balls?
  5. Cerps

    i.Prestige MP x IG Prestige MP

    Well that sounds like a prestige to me ;):p
  6. Cerps

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I'm very jealous of that frame. I've got 5 of the regular IG mp's but what wouldn't I give for like 3 of those :oops::oops::oops:
  7. Cerps

    Darcis - New Ultra?

    Nevermind, saw it in the other thread :D
  8. Cerps

    Darcis - New Ultra?

    Wanna share them to me :D
  9. Cerps

    Pro staff 97 stringing issue

    The stringer hasn't made any mistakes as far as i can see :)
  10. Cerps

    From Graphene Instinct MP to...?

    Lead tape ;)
  11. Cerps

    Bless Borna's pretty little heart

    But a headsize of 97 won't be a H19. That would be closer to a 95 sq.inch.
  12. Cerps

    Goran Ivanisevic is using the MXG

    Maybe some pics? :p
  13. Cerps

    Spin To Win or Cruise Control

    Wouldn't really call a 16/19 a open pattern.
  14. Cerps

    (DIY project) Will foam filling the handle make a Babolat a more comfortable racquet?

    Test two identical racquets. One with foam in the handle, the second one with lead inside. See if the weight matters more than the material :)
  15. Cerps

    Racquet pulls through on returns

    Git gud ;)
  16. Cerps

    Alu power rough alternatives

    What about Solinco Tour Bite Diamond rough?
  17. Cerps

    Iterations (a History) of the Head Extreme

    Next iteration is out july 5th according to Head Official instagram!
  18. Cerps

    Nadal has new racquet?

    The weather here have been lovely the past week, maybe a bit windy. So Hank, you have no more excuses ;)
  19. Cerps

    Stupid question regarding strings

    Generally the strings don't really go bad if you aren't playing with them.
  20. Cerps

    Restringing frequency?

    But for all of those that would never restring their racquets, it's quite a good rule. I tell it to people all the time.
  21. Cerps

    Restringing frequency?

    With full poly mine usually lasts around 3-5 hours depending on who I'm hitting with. Lately I've been trying multi crosses to remove some vibration from my racquet and it would seem the durability is actually better! Probably less spin though due to less snapback. I string myself.
  22. Cerps

    Microgel Prestige MP Grommets

    The IG grommets would be clear though, and I've also found they are slightly less durable. They break and split rather than wear down as the other ones have done.
  23. Cerps

    Microgel Prestige MP Grommets

    All prestige mp's grommets fit each other! They actually fit most if not all the radical mp's prior to the Graphene iteration as well. Same headsize and string spacing.
  24. Cerps

    Signum pro premium gut

    Thats probably a no :p
  25. Cerps

    largest paint chip ever???

    I see you now are gripping Wawrinka style ;)
  26. Cerps

    Gut cut into poly

    Well most people dont break crosses so thats reasonable :)
  27. Cerps

    Head Prototype Racquet Revealed

    Is it actually a metal bridge or is it just painted Graphite?
  28. Cerps

    Is the Blade 16x19 more or less maneuverable than the 18x20?

    Aren't they the same specs apart from string pattern?
  29. Cerps

    Wilson RF97 Countervail

    Oh sorry, my mistake!