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  1. jaggy

    College football 2018

    It may be early doors but the Urban Meyer news today kind of made it seem relevant. Can he keep his job?
  2. jaggy

    Can multinational Norrie be the next Brit hope

    Born in South Africa to a Scottish father and Welsh mother they moved to New Zealand before he took up tennis and moved to the UK anddeclared as a Brit. Then he went to USA,Texas in fact which is almost it's own country, and was a college tennis star. Turning pro he has cracked the top 75 and in...
  3. jaggy

    Citi Open DC

    Trying to see if I can get up there for a day probably on the Wednesday. Anyone been, any tips. I hate DC traffic so avoiding that would make the whole thing more enticing.
  4. jaggy

    One more reason to be Finnish

    Päntsdrunk is the anglicised word for the Finnish kalsarikänni, a term that literally means “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear”. And yes, in Finland this is a fully fledged, nationally celebrated pastime (not the sign of a minor emotional breakdown)...
  5. jaggy

    Scott Hutchison found dead

    Very sorry to hear this, Frightened rabbit are a great band
  6. jaggy

    Harper Lee dies

  7. jaggy

    Matt Doyle

    I remember an Irish tennis friend telling me that Matt Doyle represented Ireland and played 'for Guinness'. He seems a cool character. Anyone remember much about his playing days or as a coach of Wilander? This is a good starter article...
  8. jaggy

    Tsunami alert

    For Oh Canada and usa usa usa west coast. I'd say good luck but I fear I would be reprimanded.
  9. jaggy

    Vince Van Patten

    Any memories. Child actor, pro player who beat McEnroe then a pro poker player, he now commentates on the poker tour. I remember some articles in mags but I didn't ever get to watch him.
  10. jaggy

    Bye bye Gomer

    An icon passes.
  11. jaggy

    They served

    I thought it would be an idea to start a thread for those passing away who probably are not popular/famous enough to merit their own thread. Today Malcolm Young, founder member of AC/DC, died at age 64. Born in Glasgow, moved to Australia at a young age. A very popular band, I was always...
  12. jaggy

    Waffle House

    This thread is for those fortunate enough to live (or travel) in the states that are home to the most American of establishments. Yes, the awful waffle better known as Waffle House. This is not for anyone to be critical, if you don't appreciate the waffle then please move on. When you see the...
  13. jaggy

    On this day in 1917

    The Bolsheviks overthrew the regime and took over Russia in what may have been the most significant coup in world history. Any TT posters ever overthrow the decadent capitalist system in place or take part in any revolutionary shenanigans?
  14. jaggy

    US Open 2017

    I thought I would try a new thread to get score and result updates for college players at Flushing this week. Cam Norrie just advanced after Tursunov retired 2 sets down.
  15. jaggy

    You are Monfils

    Let's get creative with a little scenario. You are Monfils. It's your biggest ever game and you reach match point. You hit a great approach and come to net, you get an easy pop up to your backhand side. It's high and you have time. What do you do next? Remember, you are Monfils.
  16. jaggy

    William Harris

    I stumbled upon a story that mentioned this guy, I have pasted the Wiki page for him. Anyone know any more? He sounds very interesting. And the Cincy tournament page says he beat Tom Gorman in the final not what Wiki says below. William Harris (tennis) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
  17. jaggy

    Eric Butorac Ted talk

    I wasn't sure of the most appropriate place for this. A good watch.
  18. jaggy

    Hobby horse championships

    Currently going on in Finland. I would do a poll but we all know the winner will be Finish. Do not let this event be too much of a distraction.
  19. jaggy

    Agassi article

    From yesterdays Guardian, a good read.
  20. jaggy

    Chuck Berry died today

  21. jaggy

    Does Sureshs make anyone else crave curry?

    And bbq, and chicken, and pig, and Golden corral, and any AYCE, and pie, lots of pie, and haggis for that matter.
  22. jaggy

    It's March, it's college

    That time of the year in usa usa usa where every sentence should be spoken in an annoying Dick Vitale loud voice and most sentences end using the word baby. Who is your early pick baby? Seems like a lot of parity this year with about 8 teams with a good shot of winning the big one baby. It's...
  23. jaggy

    A strange weekend for Scottish knights

    Sir Rod Stewart, who claims to be Scottish through his fathers side, was invited to take part in the Scottish football (sacker) Cup draw. Quite amusing behavio(u)r. Probably not worth its own thread but drunken Sirs don't seem to have any section. Yet.
  24. jaggy

    Hark the sound: Tar Heel tennis

    Given recent success and the strong chance of the women winning a national title this season I felt a UNC thread was overdue. The men are a solid top 10 team this year I think. Hopefully this is not a duplicate thread, I couldn't find anything using the search function.
  25. jaggy

    Lin Loring retires at Indiana

    Winningest coach in women's college tennis history although it has been a few years since they were relevant. His longtime assistant was promoted. Nice guy with the deepest voice possible.
  26. jaggy

    Leonard Cohen dead

    82, it's been a tough year
  27. jaggy

    JR Thornton

    Anyone aware of him? I just picked up a copy of his novel which is about a US junior moving to China and playing with the Chinese juniors. He apparently played at Harvard, I've not started reading it yet but has promise.
  28. jaggy

    Happy Dyngus Day

    Eat some pierogies, drink some Slivovitz and dance a polka
  29. jaggy

    Pi day

    Next month:
  30. jaggy

    Future college coaches

    I am not sure if this has been done before, if so my apologies. I was watching Aus mens doubles and Eric Butorac was playing. The commentator said he was a volunteer assistant at Harvard (I assume men, he didn't specify). I would guess he has plans to coach a college team later, I may be way...