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  1. DNShade

    How come Edberg has such a high unreturned serve percentage?

    Well done with the quote first of all...LOL And yeah - John's "kick" wasn't usually a kick serve like it's thought about now - he used more just topspin for placement. But John's serve always stayed low - like every shot he hit - you were always hitting from below the level of the net which...
  2. DNShade

    How come Edberg has such a high unreturned serve percentage?

    Just the overall variety of Mac's serve put it in another league than Stefan's. When John was in his prime and especially in 83-85 it was an amazing weapon and could be ridiculously hard for a returner - even a great returner like Connors or even later Agassi - to read. John lost some pop and...
  3. DNShade

    How come Edberg has such a high unreturned serve percentage?

    First - Mac's serve was much better over all than Edberg's. Second - as someone who has been courtside when prime Edberg was serving - the amount of spin and kick on his serve was quite something. You could actually hear it HISSING through the air from the spin. That action on his serve plus...
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    McEnroe serve stats and development

    Back injury. If you look at early matches - his serve was actually pretty similar to Borg's serve which isn't that surprising since John was a huge fan of Borg's. But yes - his stance and motion change was to help with a back injury and then it turned into a plus to help "hide" his motion like...
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    2020 Western & Southern Open - ATP Men's Singles Thread - Tennis is returning

    SOOOO much better than any of the kits in YEARS. Andre flashback. Lots of guys and girl wearing this new Challenge Court line it looks like. Hopefully they are cut like the 90s stuff. Enough of this skin tight shirts. Need room to move!
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    Keen eyes wanted

    Yes - it's a custom handle by P1 but it's just based on one of his old Wilson grips that felt the best to him and they just mimic that so there isn't any variation.
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    So I played a 3-set match against the world’s top 45+ player

    Yeah. I'm confused as well. Sorry but if that guy in the vid is the guy he played and is being called the best 45 player then someone has some seriously wrong info. travlerjam needs to really play some top notch players. Not even close to top 45 player. And Pete and Andre and Chang and...
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    Lets - Has anyone ever lost a match due to them?

    You lose the bet. You can't lose a point due to lets. One can have infinity lets and still be on the same point. Lets were done away with in college tennis as the players call their own lines and lets - and some players were taking advantage of that as a returner could call a let on a serve...
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    Hilarious how deeply Chris downplays her abilities

    Interesting take...and quite wrong. Here's Pam beating Graf at MSG at the height of Graf's powers. I'm quite sure that a decent level Pam could be a lot of trouble for Gauff on grass (old grass for sure) or carpet.
  10. DNShade

    4.5 Player Heading Down the I-5

    If you don't mind a slight detour off the I-5 to the 101 which will take you down to SoCal just as well - you can swing by San Luis Obispo and we can hit and you can also visit the TW store! Let me know.
  11. DNShade

    Am I a 5.0? (asking for a friend)

    Played any matches lately? Jim runs and plays the Invesco series tour and plays competitively all the time against guys like Haas, Fish, Blake, Roddick, McEnroe etc. So yeah - I think he's probably at least a 5.0 - LOL. And some of the other replies here. Wow - this place sometimes.
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    Am I a 5.0? (asking for a friend)

    Sigh. That's Jim Courier from quite a few years ago when he was using the Wilson nSix-One Tour 90.
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    This is how the USO should look like

    That's because that older clip of the US Open was shot with the old 4:3 aspect ratio of standard def. With HD and the 16:9 aspect ratio there is really no need to pan if the camera is placed correctly. Like I said - the HD format with the much wider field of view is made for lower angle...
  14. DNShade

    This is how the USO should look like

    This is the angle that should be used at EVERY EVENT for TV. And with HDTV aspect ratio it's made for this angle. It's ridiculous that any other camera placement is ever used for the A camera. This position is where the most expensive and best seats in the house always are. It's a no brainer.
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    Can't fathom the humiliation of getting knocked out in 1R

    The Majors do not pay appearance fees just FYI.
  16. DNShade

    John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

    Just an easy way of getting a mark to sync sound - like clapping etc. Very common. Still done today even with top of the line HD cams when you are recording sound separately.
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    UCLA area March 24-28

    You can play at the Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA - former home of the LA Open - anytime if there isn't an event or the teams are practicing or playing a match etc - for free. Stadium courts and outside courts. There are the Sycamore courts as well at UCLA which are nice too. Parking is...
  18. DNShade

    Espn/disney/abc must be furious

    Since ESPN is basically part of ABC which is all owned by Disney this was a just a decision on where to air - it's not like ABC outbid for it or anything. I'm sure they were disappointed but I doubt it was a major loss money wise.
  19. DNShade

    Why do people think underhand serves are disrespectful?

    Like a drop shot is a sucker punch? Or hitting to the area in the court where the opponent isn't? Or do you think you should call out exactly where you are intending to hit the ball every time and only hit it directly to your opponent at a nice respectful pace and right into their strike...
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    Serena foot faulting on match point.

    NEVER is a warning given on a foot fault in a pro event. Not something that happens - EVER. Just like when you hit a ball long they don't give you a warning to "try to keep the ball in play next time" - but we'll give you the point. Come on. Do people even play tennis out here???? A foot...
  21. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Finally played with the Dunlop AO balls today. Got some good hitting and play in. Felt quite good. Reminded me of the old Dunlop A player balls back in the day and the Slazenger Wimbledon balls. They lasted well even after a good amount of time on court with a very consistent bounce. They...
  22. DNShade

    Gilbert does have the best nicknames

    Darren "Killer" Cahill is responsible for "Rusty"back when Hewitt was a youngster. He resembled Rusty Griswold from Vacation.
  23. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    I figured that Head/Penn would have to do something like that. Interesting. I'll let you know how the Dunlop AO balls play as soon as it stops raining out here in sunny California ha. I have a lot of experience with pretty much all companies balls - including the many types of other...
  24. DNShade

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Reverse slice technically - although people often just call it reverse serve.
  25. DNShade

    Dunlop Ball Partner for ATP

    I said this a few days ago in the AO ball thread that I had heard that Dunlop was going to be the new ATP ball Guess my sources were correct:
  26. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Yep what I heard is true - it's official:
  27. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Don't know what's going to happen with the Head/Penn ATP balls. I just heard that Dunlop was going to be the official ATP ball for tour events etc. We'll have to see.
  28. DNShade

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    Yeah - the Head/Penn ATP is good ball. I'll see how the AO Dunlop stacks up.