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  1. davced1

    String coming back from wrist injury?

    I have not played for some time because of wrist pain but the comeback is getting closer I feel. I thought probably I should start easy with some wrist friendly string setup. I have played with RPM blast at roughly 25 kilos. Probably not the most wrist friendly string and tension. I usually...
  2. davced1

    Why did players stop tucking in their shirts?

    Back in the day everybody tucked in their shirts. Laver tucked, Borg tucked, McEnroe tucked, Edberg tucked, Becker tucked, probably the vast majority of tennis players tucked in their shirts. I remember when I played soccer growing up in the early 90's we where still expected to tuck in our...
  3. davced1

    Best green shirts worn by pro players.

    I don't believe I need to explain why. I'll start.
  4. davced1

    Pros and cons of building up the buttcap.

    I usually haven't done it in the past but thought I should give it a go so I wrapped the overgrip one extra lap at the buttcap. After all many pros do it, Gasquet to the extreme of course but also Djokovic since he use two overgrips. First impressions is that it seems to help my game. The...
  5. davced1

    The serve toss was the problem!

    Just an advice to everyone who struggles to get any decent power on the serve. Today I played a tournament and my serve was weak as usual. After the tournament there was a free court so I stayed and tried to fix it and I did. It turns out that the serve toss was the problem and that my service...
  6. davced1

    I never understood people that say they prefer to watch womens tennis until now.

    In the absence of tennis that is now I stumbled across old matches on youtube and I realized something. The womens game in the 80's and 90's was really enjoyable. So many players with nice looking strokes, good point construction and good footwork. Very stylish and very enjoyable and a far cry...
  7. davced1

    How fast was prime Borg?

    I watched these highlights of Borg - Courier in 2010 when Borg was 54 years old and he was still incredibly fast even at that age. It made me think just how fast was prime Borg compared to the fastest players of today?
  8. davced1

    Etiquette issue with 10's or 11's with no serve.

    Like most players I do play 10's or 11's with no serve to get as much ball striking as possible in a session and still keep it somewhat competible. I do have one issue though. Let's say it's agreed upon to play two balls over the net before the point starts. If I play the second of those starter...
  9. davced1

    String advice for Head pro stock 238.2

    It's a prestige mid or so the paintjob says. I bought this racquet years ago and feel it's a good stable frame but so far I haven't gotten the best out of it. It feels like a really soft frame and probably I have strung it to hard so far, I don't remember but probably 25,5-26 kg and the latest...
  10. davced1

    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    I get the feeling they are all on their way down and the next gen has been knocking on the door för some time now. 2020 is the time when the transition will finally happen.
  11. davced1

    Mindset before competitive matches

    I started this a while ago and it seems to work well for me. Before the match I think that my opponent has spent money to play, put time into practice and spends time to play the match. Therefore I owe it to him to give my full effort and give him a good competitive match. This helps me relax...
  12. davced1

    Always keep your side clear of balls or it may cost you eventually.

    Played a competitive match without ball boys so we had to pick up the balls ourselves. As usual I didn't waste time to pick up every ball off the court after a 1st serve error and this time I payed for it. In a close 1st set that felt it was about to turn either way a ball that I surely would...
  13. davced1

    Opponents who doesn't get the purpose of the warm-up.

    My opponent today went all out hitting spraying balls everywhere on the warm-up and then played warm-up shots the whole match. Very odd.
  14. davced1

    3-1 and serving, most important game in a set?

    There are many opinions on what game is the most important (except for the game that wins the set), the 7th game is often credited. But I disagree. The most important game I think is at 3-1 and serving (if the score is that way of course). Tennis is all about momentum, gaining a lead and...
  15. davced1

    Has Carlos Alcaraz Garfia already peaked?

    Following a disappointing loss to Pedro Sousa in the Barcelona qualifiers I can't see where the 15 year old spaniard ranked 505 is going from here.
  16. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    I will try a new mental approach to beat the pusher. If I make a mini game out of each point and count the number of times the ball passes the net it should keep me motivated to move my feet and don't lose my patience. Anyone tried this?
  17. davced1

    Laver Cup, exhibition or not?

    We need to clarify this once and for all, is it an exhibition? Cast your vote.
  18. davced1

    Santoros forehand as model for backhand?

    I know Santoro is right-handed and this is his forehand. But what if he was a lefty? Then this would be his backhand! His left hand on top of the handle. Has anybody tried this for their backhand or know any pro that use this unorthodox grip? For comparison he has a normal backhand.
  19. davced1

    Advice for keeping the intensity level up.

    We have all been there. You are up 5-0 in the 1st set. You play with good intensity cruising away and you can't miss. Then a piece of you says I've got this and suddenly you drop your intensity and become lazy. Maybe play a lose service game because there are so many chances anyway right...
  20. davced1

    Estimated NTRP level of W60 world no 137?

    I am a male 36 years old amateur. I made it all the way to the final of my clubs outdoor B singles championships and I played the world no 137 W60 player and no 1 in Sweden. I won 1st set lost the 2nd and the match was decided in a match tiebreak which I lost. What could her NTRP level be? Just...
  21. davced1

    Is tourna grip original supposed to be soaking wet for best performance?

    I have played with tourna grip for some time and sometimes I feel the grip is good and other times it feels like I have no grip at all. Today was one of the latter days. I was sweating much on the forehead so I tried to wipe some sweat from there and thoroughly soak the tourna grip. To my...
  22. davced1

    Too light racquet caused back pain?

    I usually play with a racquet that is aboiut 340 g but today I tried out a lighter racquet at 300 g. I normally don't have any major back issues but today after 2 h of play my back got really sore. I didn't feel anything when I was playing, the pain came after. Is it possible that the lighter...
  23. davced1

    It's time for drop shot serves on clay!

    I know this has been up for discussion many times in different threads but I think it needs a thread for proper discussion. The return positions on clay are getting more and more extreme for every year now. Nadal and Thiem standing 5 meters behind the baseline to return and doing so with...
  24. davced1

    It's time for drop shot serves on clay!

    I know this has been up for discussion many times in different threads but I think it needs a thread for proper discussion. The return positions on clay are getting more and more extreme for every year now. Nadal and Thiem standing 5 meters behind the baseline to return and doing so with...
  25. davced1

    When your opponent makes an out call before the ball has landed

    I played a match recently and my opponent made a loud out call way before the ball even touched the ground. The ball was pretty close to the line so I made him aware that he made the call before the ball landed and asked him if he was sure the ball was out. He was doubtful so I asked him if he...
  26. davced1

    No ad scoring system is very flawed

    I play group league matches and because the matches last only 50 minutes we use no ad scoring to speed up the sets. I never liked it and yesterday it became apparent why. The rule of thumb in tennis scoring is to always win by two, in games, sets, and tie-breaks but with no ad everything...
  27. davced1

    Need help closing out set's, ANY advice appreciated!

    I have developed a real bad habit of being in control of sets but just can't get over the finish line and then end up losing the set often with comfortable leads, very frustrating. Todays group league match followed the same pattern as usual. I was up a break 4-2 with 4 more break points for a...
  28. davced1

    Wimbledon or The Championships?

    Inspired by the French Open or Roland Garros thread. What do you prefer, Wimbledon or The Championships. Personally I prefer Wimbledon, The Championships is just a bit too cocky and arrogant. Just realised both are in the logo so it's not necesarilly either of them, oh well.
  29. davced1

    Two losers in a tennis match beaten by time in league play.

    So I played this match today in my group league at my club. Last game of the season. At stake for both players, promotion to group 6 (out of 9). The rules are simple. Six players in each group, two are promoted and two are relegated. Won set equals 3 points, having the lead in unfinished set by...