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  1. db10s

    Tinkering with multi

    I'm a poly person, but I think I can benefit from multi. I needed poly for durability, but I don't need the durability now (better source of income). I put a full bed of Hexy Fiber at 60lbs (prestretched on 1 frame, not on another). I can't really remember what Hexy Fiber was like (in a full...
  2. db10s

    Prince Leather

    Anybody ever use it? How are they? I'm going to play with an overgrip 99% of the time, but I like the feel of leather underneath.
  3. db10s

    Skipping the Bottom Cross

    I found a sweet deal on some rackets and picked up a few... I decided to string one.... I was at the very end of a reel of string and I wasn't sure if I would have enough for the crosses... I ended up needing about 5 more inches of string.... So I skipped the last cross and now I have a 16x18...
  4. db10s

    The Best String Lubricant Is...

    I went out and tried some various string lubricants. I ranked them below. Note: all tests were performed on Dunlop Ice with various stages of wear in a Biomimetic MAX 200G. I found RemOil and PTFE spray to perform so similarly that I grouped them together. Overall Performance 1.RemOil with...
  5. db10s

    Graphenes Are Cracking

    It seems like the head graphene frames have been cracking more than usual for rackets. I have already seen one crack while playing. Maybe graphene isn't all that it claims to be.
  6. db10s

    Product Photos

    Do you get the photos (of products) from the manufacturer? Or do you take them? If you take the photos, what camera/lens setup and "studio" layout do you use? Which one of you takes the photos? Sorry, I'm a photography nut just like I am a tennis (gear) nut. :)
  7. db10s

    Racket Spec Database...

    Somebody posted this in another sub forum. It is a racket spec database...
  8. db10s

    1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    What are the (dis)advantages of each? I learned how to string 2 piece... If I can tie my knots well, there shouldn't be any more tension loss than with a 1 piece, no? I know this has probably been asked before, but I didn't find any definitive answers all in one place. Is it like a Ford vs...
  9. db10s

    The Paintjob... By db10s

    I had a meh experience the first time due to my laziness... But I'm going at it again. Let me start off by saying: Do this at your own risk. Frame being used: Dunlop Hotmelt 200G Paint being applied: Clear coat Backstory: I obtained the frame for free due to its condition. It was...
  10. db10s

    What Happened To The St Vincent Factory?

    Lets say I'm going to St Vincent and I want to see the rubble where history was made.... Is there an address? Can we track it down on google earth? What if there are a few molds or something there (ok... Maybe there are a few buttcaps)? What is left of the property? Is there a new use for the...
  11. db10s

    A Small Request...

    I was wondering if I could photography the Delray Beach Fed Cup event "on behalf" of TW... In other words take pictures and write a story on the forum... I am equipped to do it, I just am not "in" the tennis photography business, only wildlife (mostly birds in the swamps of FL) and amateur...
  12. db10s

    Wilson 99 non S

    Anybody hit with it... Thoughts, reactions?
  13. db10s

    Ivan Dodig v. Roger Federer INDIAN WELLS 3RD ROUND Discussion

    Fed should take this somewhat comfortably, but anything can happen. Reminder that Dodig did beat Dolgopolov pretty soundly in Delray.
  14. db10s

    Djokovic v. Fognini Discussion

    Pretty self explanatory. ND up by a lot. I know, a little late.
  15. db10s

    Lead Tape At The 4-5 and 7-8

    Anybody ever try it? When I get more lead tape, I'm going to try this.
  16. db10s

    Foam Filled Frames: A Racket Smashing Surprise

    I didn't realize the Wilson H-Tour was foam filled. I found out when I absolutely went insane on mine... Too bad the strings were new. What other frames are foam filled?
  17. db10s

    My Observations and Conversations at an ATP 250

    This is the thread where I will post photos and info that I can obtain from multiple sources at the Delray Beach ATP 250. - Moya isn't using a PD. Its a 2009 PS. Pics to be added later. - Talked to Kevin Anderson about gear and whatnot, he confirmed using a PJ. He said he was using an older...
  18. db10s

    Any Photographers Out There?

    I'm upgrading from my Nikon D3000 to a D7000... I've taken approx. 30K pictures on that Nikon... But it has its limitations... I've done a fair amount of shooting with a Canon EOS 60D (grandmother's camera, she has had it for years and still hasn't figured out how to use it :roll: ) but I'm...
  19. db10s

    Delray Beach ATP 250

    It's not a huge tournament, but considering the amount of TTers in FL, I'm sure a few of you will be there, no? And by the way, I am out of free tickets :cry:.... But congrats to those of you who snagged some. I'm going to be at the tournament pretty much every day, although not for every session.
  20. db10s

    Back in Black (Widow)

    After a stint with Dunlop ICE, I'm back to Black Widow at 35 lbs. I have nothing against ICE, but I'm going back to low tensions for the benefits I get on serves and ICE doesn't perform as well as Black Widow at low tensions IMO. I'm going to tinker with ICE at low tensions (again...). The...
  21. db10s

    Knot Location Fail

    I string 2 piece. I tied the mains where the crosses need to be, on one side. And tied them in the correct spot on the other side. I finished the crosses on the side that I screwed up on... Brain fart. So the bottom know for the crosses ended up where the mains need to be. The racket is a K...
  22. db10s

    Best String For Low Tension

    What string performs the best at lower tensions? I find shaped polys that are on the stiffer side to work well (Solinco TB).
  23. db10s

    Construction Criticism Wanted (video)

    I wasn't playing top notch... My backhand was lazy... Its a quick video. Just some casual hitting.
  24. db10s

    An APD Hypothetical

    How many people would use the APD if Rafa never touched one...? Just a question about the effectiveness of Babolat's marketing.
  25. db10s

    "Burning" Strings

    I've heard a little bit about it. It causes the strings to not last as long... But what causes it?
  26. db10s

    Pro Shoe Durability...

    This might be better in Pros Rackets and Gear... But it is about shoe durability so I'll put it here. If you watched the Tomic-Fed AO match RF was sliding all around... Now if that match had gone 5 (grueling) sets how much wear would be on his shoes, considering he was slipping and sliding on a...
  27. db10s

    TW is down

    Website is DOWN.... :evil:
  28. db10s

    String playtest un-sticky

    I'm wondering why you haven't un-stickied the Kirschbaum playtest thread. I'm just used to seeing them die after a time period of >1 month after the deadline. I'm only curious. Thanks
  29. db10s

    Stupid mistake... And help wanted

    I was trimming the string from a reel for my crosses (2 piece) an I cut it way to short. Luckily it was only a cheap poly. And now for where I need some help. I'm new to stringing, but I know where things are supposed to go. When I cut the right length of string this time (I put an extra 5 ft...
  30. db10s

    Cotton Strings

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the next nat gut... :) In all seriousness, has this ever been explored?