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  1. crazy8tiger

    gh65721 is awesome!

    Easy to deal with, good communication, no problems dealing with him. Thanks!
  2. crazy8tiger

    Men's Adidas Competition 7 Crew (9/10)

    Yellow/Navy; Washed only once after it's first use. Looking for $15 + shipping of your choice from 92880. ~40-42" chest, 30" from back of neck to bottom, can get any other measurements if needed.
  3. crazy8tiger

    Racquet with open string spacing

    I tried out a K90 demo my friend had a while ago, it was strung with 16g NXT and it was able to get good bite on the ball. Is there any racquets you guys know of that has similar string spacing?
  4. crazy8tiger

    Cheaper Alternative to Wilson NXT

    After using some polyester strings, I've decided that I should be moving to multifilament until I can take full advantage of poly but I need a slightly cheaper alternative to Wilson NXT. When I tried NXT in a K90 demo, I really liked it and when feeling its surface, it seemed to have a "grippy"...
  5. crazy8tiger

    Shoe with Best Durability/Cushion Combo?

    I've finally decided to get some quality shoes but I'm looking at cushion and durability the most. I've heard good cushioning from the Asics Resolutions, and good durability from the Barricade 5's, but how are the other parts of the shoes? The current $30 Wilson shoes I wear with Duralast...
  6. crazy8tiger

    Help with Friend's Serve

    My friend just started playing a few months ago and has a coach he gets lessons from, but he hasn't worked on the serve a lot yet. I recorded him serving a few balls and I could see some tips he could use but I don't want to until his coach has fully taught him everything about the serve. For...
  7. crazy8tiger

    Advice on Serve

    Just wanted to post my video up so I can get some help on what I can work on and improve. One thing I noticed is on my racquet take-back my strings point up to the sky like a waiter's serve and another is that my toss seems kinda high so I think I'll probably need to work on preparing faster so...
  8. crazy8tiger

    Gut Hybrid for LM Radical

    I am thinking about going with a 17g VS Team Gut/16g Synthetic Gut hybrid with natural gut in the mains and synthetic in the crosses at about 60+ lbs. I'm just starting to get serious and I haven't established a certain playing style yet but I would like something that can give me some ball...
  9. crazy8tiger

    Serve & Volley String?

    I need some new strings for my Radical, and I'm currently working on a "Attack the Net" game and my current string set-up is in my signature. It's been working fairly well for me but I want a string set/hybrid that can can give me some more ball bite and control. One of my top things I want is...
  10. crazy8tiger

    Prepaid Text Messaging?

    I was wondering if there is such thing as prepaid text messaging because my parents wouldn't mind me paying for it if I wanted to use it but they don't want me to go over the limit either and start paying 10-15 cents for each one. I was thinking about paying like $10 for 500 messages or...
  11. crazy8tiger

    Should I get a stringing machine?

    Thanks to this thread: And after reading that a Klippermate was only $150, I am now thinking about whether or not to get one. I am still trying to find a string that fits me best and although I don't really break strings, I would like to...
  12. crazy8tiger

    LM Radical String Help

    I took to mind the recommendations I had in my last thread and I think I've decided to try some different strings and stay with my Radical. I'm a stringing noob however, so I don't really know what strings I should be looking at. I currently have my Radical strung with Hurricane in the mains and...
  13. crazy8tiger

    Racquet with Good Combo of Spin/Control?

    Well, I'm using the LM Rad MP right now but I want to find a new stick that can help me meet my needs a bit better. To describe my game in short, I have a fairly ok first serve and a slice second serve. I usually try to move my opponent around at the baseline but I like coming up to the net...
  14. crazy8tiger

    Demoing Racquets

    I was demoing racquets and it is $31 for 4 racquets/depending on distance, but when I added 4 it only came out to be $11.50. Is this correct or is there something wrong? I live in Southern California too so I don't know if that might be the answer why.
  15. crazy8tiger

    What should I do with $90?

    I will have about $90 in refund or store credit after I return some shoes but I am not sure what I should do with them. I am considering buying another LM Radical for a backup but I don't have the time to play as much and I haven't broken a string yet in a year of play. So with that, I was...
  16. crazy8tiger

    What replacement grips/overgrips do you guys recommend?

    I currently have a Head Hydrocontrol grip and Tournagrip for my overgrip but I've found that long periods of play cause me to get small blisters on my hand because I don't sweat. I am looking for maybe thicker/cushioned and more tackier replacement and overgrips. Ones I've been looking at...
  17. crazy8tiger

    Best Durability for Nike Shoe?

    I'm deciding that I want to stay with Nike for a pair of shoes that I can wear for tennis and maybe some running instead of wearing basketball shoes. I don't play that much right now, I'd say maybe 2-5 times a month but I plan on playing more later on. I like the Blue Air Vapors and Breathe...
  18. crazy8tiger

    Shoe Exchange

    I want to order some Nike shoes for a upcoming tournament, but from my past experience, Nike always make their shoes sizes smaller than usual but I was wondering how much the same this is with Nike tennis shoes? And just in case I get the size and it doesn't fit me, can I get an exchange for a...
  19. crazy8tiger

    When does demo week start?

    I was just wondering if you guys had a week after you received it, or is the week started when you order it? This is probably a dumb question because it's not fair to people on the east coast, but I just wanted to clarify. Thanks for the help!
  20. crazy8tiger

    Tips on improving and learning from mistakes?

    I have my second tournament coming up this weekend and I am trying to learn from mistakes from my first. I only won 1/6 matches in my 1st one and nearly won 2. I got some volley practice from my cousins and now I think my volleys are much better than before so I may go ahead and try a little bit...
  21. crazy8tiger

    Help me decide the best shoe! (Please)

    I found a couple of shoes now that I'm interested in and all of them have their pros and cons such as one being better in comfort but another in durability. I'm not looking for specific features, but I'm wondering what shoe(s) you thought were best overall.
  22. crazy8tiger

    Best On-a-Budget Shoes?

    I'm starting to get into tournaments more and play more so I decided to get a nice pair of tennis shoes instead of basketball shoes. I really like the Nike Air Vapors or the Barricade IV's but I'm not sure if I can spend $100 for them. I'm looking for something that might be a little cheaper but...
  23. crazy8tiger

    Paddle Tennis, Good or Bad?

    During P.E. at school, we're given a choice of 4 sports that we have to choose to do every few months. Today we had to get new ones and I decided to choose paddle tennis as I didn't really like any of the other ones. I was wondering if playing this would ruin my tennis game somehow? From what...
  24. crazy8tiger

    Should I stay safe with String Savers?

    I just restrung my racquet with a Babolat Xcel/Hurricane hybrid and I'm going to take it out for a first run later on today, but I've heard a lot of people talking about its durability. I used the old synthetic gut for about 6 months since I bought it but never broke the string, my Radical is a...
  25. crazy8tiger

    Measuring a tennis racquet's head size?

    I saw a post with a link somewhere before on how to find a tennis racquet's head size but I can't find it right now. I was wondering if anyone had it or could help me find it? Thanks in advance to anyone that helped.
  26. crazy8tiger

    Babolat Classic or Head Radical Series Bags?

    I want to order a new bag tomorrow in time for the weekend, but I'm stuck in the dilemma of either getting a Babolat Classic Line 6-pack bag or Head Radical 3-pack bag. Both are the same size so that's not a factor, but I'm wondering which you think is better in terms of durability and quality?
  27. crazy8tiger

    Babolat Hybrid or Head FXP?

    I'm going to try a new string out and cut out my synthetic gut but I'm not sure which I should get. I'm going to be buying my string from my local Sports Chalet to get free stringing, so they don't have a big selection. The two choices I've looked at most are a Babolat Xcel Premium/Hurricane...
  28. crazy8tiger

    Novice Player's Characteristics

    I'm preparing for my novice tournament next weekend but I've been hearing different things about how novice players are. One thing I've heard is that novice players are beginners, have average strokes, etc. Another is that novice can be up to 3.0 players. Which of these are correct, or are both...
  29. crazy8tiger

    Which string to string with before my tournament?

    -I have my first tournament coming up and I'm still using the Synthetic Gut 16g on my Liquidmetal Radical. -Do you guys think I should restring before a tournament to stay safe or does restringing before give me more of a risk of breaking them? -And, if yes to the above question, what string...
  30. crazy8tiger

    What are tournament types based on?

    I have a novice tournament coming up at the end of the month and it'll be my first so I'm pretty excited. I see a lot of Satellite and Open tournaments around my area but very few novice tournaments, so I was wondering if tournaments were organized by tournament experience or skill level?