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  1. stormholloway

    rogers new frame update,

    I just don't understand why this frame isn't box beam. I'm pretty shocked that he didn't just use the Pro Staff 95 mold.
  2. stormholloway

    rogers new frame update,

    "In fact" Most people have thought they were getting the racquet Federer has used from the beginning. The average consumer thinks they're getting the same racquet that they're told that player plays with. It doesn't matter if it's the actual racquet or not. The average consumer has no idea...
  3. stormholloway

    TMZ gets Sampras: Federer better than Agassi

    I expected so much more from TMZ.
  4. stormholloway

    Luxilon 4G Tension Loss and Aging

    Can you compare it to ALU?
  5. stormholloway

    Andy Murray couldn't get better seats on Jimmy Fallon:)

    You're incredibly ignorant of how television works. Do you think that they don't know the answers to the all the questions they ask? Television is for the audience, who may or may not know the answers. Imagine an interview going like this: "Yeah so I Googled you for a half hour before the show...
  6. stormholloway

    Modern Estusa Power Beam Braided?

    I asked this same question years ago:
  7. stormholloway

    Official TW Andy Murray Opinion Poll.

    Not one of the other guys has had to overcome the pressure that he has. While his wins alone do not stand out among the other 3, overcoming that kind of pressure makes his achievements this year special.
  8. stormholloway

    Better athlete: Federer or Sampras

    Most of those "slam dunks" aren't even lobs intended to go over Sampras. He generally performed that move for effect. But since nobody has measured, we'll never know. I'm sure Federer can jump plenty high. Mainly? Federer lays waste to a line of hitting partners in 120 degree weather...
  9. stormholloway

    iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s3?

    Nearly ever other publicly traded corporation?
  10. stormholloway

    iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s3?

    You are such a troll. There's no way your post is real. What you like about the iPhone 5 is that you can transfer your songs and apps to it? That makes no sense. You can transfer your songs and apps to your current phone that already has your songs and apps on it. Also, iPhone 4 has iCloud.
  11. stormholloway

    For 9gag fellows

    That is probably NOT from 9gag. 9gag steals content from reddit, who gets a lot of content from 4chan.
  12. stormholloway

    spin and polyester

    Uh.... of course. Or did you think people just really enjoyed the feel and longevity of poly strings?
  13. stormholloway

    Better athlete: Federer or Sampras

    Exactly. I think Federer probably has a clear edge in endurance as well. Sampras rarely had to endure long grueling baseline battles to win majors.
  14. stormholloway

    Did Djokovic lose the U.S. Open final because his shorts were too tight?

    You've started a thread insinuating that Djokovic's tight shorts could have been to blame for his loss. You are not mature, at all.
  15. stormholloway

    Murray's "Celebration" Was Pure Class

    You're in the wrong place if you're looking for sensibility.
  16. stormholloway

    If you were the Djoker what would you work on next?

    >3) Serve (his 1st serve percentage was not great - but it seems that will go up and down and was likely down because of the wind). He was serving pretty damn well, particularly given the wind. I remember his % in either the 3rd or 4th being above 80%.
  17. stormholloway

    Roman Prokes on string

    His racquet and/or strings could be a factor. Tough to say. If his technique does lend itself to injury then simply copy a pro's strokes whose technique is more harmless. The point is everyone should use the best players as models for the game. That's why they're the best.
  18. stormholloway

    Every year it rains at Flushing, Where is the ROOF??

    Arthur Ashe stadium is the greatest abomination in spectator tennis. I think most who have spent time in the monstrosity agree. The upper deck seats offer a worthless perspective on the tennis court. You're better off watching it on TV.
  19. stormholloway

    Roman Prokes on string

    Has Nadal injured himself as a result of his ground strokes? No. I don't know. How many?
  20. stormholloway

    Roman Prokes on string

    I disagree with both of these guys. I see where Prokes is coming from, but I notice a clear benefit when playing with poly. I think it depends on your game really. I don't think I can go back. As for Bollettieri and Wilander, they're just plain wrong. The pros have the most exemplary technique...
  21. stormholloway

    Can Roger do the "Grand Slam"??

    It's always easier to accomplish something when you put the achievement in quotes.
  22. stormholloway

    Gimelstob clarifies Nadal's injury

    People on this forum are the lowest of the low and you are no different. Seriously, the guy has chronic knee issues. He pulled out of the US Open... so he's faking it? You genuinely think he's faking it?
  23. stormholloway

    Could Top Tennis Players Complete Iron Man or Half Iron Man?

    I'd imagine only people who train for Ironman specifically can complete the Ironman.
  24. stormholloway

    Why are Olympic umpires calling the player's names instead of their nation's names?

    Once again, you ignore anything that debunks your argument. First of all, countrymen compete against each other all the time in many events. It is not always one country vs. another. You're suggesting they create an inconsistent motif where if players are from a different country they call...
  25. stormholloway

    Why are Olympic umpires calling the player's names instead of their nation's names?

    Because it's an interesting statistic. Seriously enough with the stupid, coy questions. Davis Cup can't be compared to the Olympics. Davis Cup does not award individuals whatsoever. The Olympics do.
  26. stormholloway

    Donald Young's amazing streak

    You can't compare Wimbledon to the Olympics, ever. Top players skip the Olympics all the time. Sampras did. Look at Fish. He's skipping the Olympics right now. So your comparison is invalid.
  27. stormholloway

    Donald Young's amazing streak

    DY should have just given away his Olympic slot to Baker. That would have been the mature thing to do.
  28. stormholloway

    Federer beats Sampras at 287 Weeks at No.1

    You claimed he finished the year #1. You were wrong. Why can't you just accept it and move on? It's not that big of a deal. #1 in the world gets a trophy signifying he was #1 for that year. Fed didn't get it. In fact, you arbitrarily chose a time when Federer was #1. I could easily do that...