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  1. Q&M son

    Interesting article about Montecarlo final, 1981

    Hi there, a text I found about the unfinished final between Vilas and Connors. Next year, Guillermo came again and won the tournament. Advice: It's In italian! By Nicola Pucci
  2. Q&M son

    One away from Golden Masters

    Idemo Nole!!! Come on!!! Vamosss!! Next, Roger or David!
  3. Q&M son

    Comments on news in the ATP web

    Hello people there, I want to ask if you see the comments on the ATP page, the official. I mean, post by facebook users. A lot of hate, of fans who not only are not seeing tennis is seems, but some stupids that have 0 knowledge of tennis history. I get so mad sometimes that I choose to not...
  4. Q&M son

    Weakest fields, Grand Slams

    Hi there, let´s talk about weakest fields in the big tournaments. Of course, after pro circuit "merge" with amateur. I have RG 77, Wimbledon 73, AO until change the dates in the schedule (Dic to Jan), and last year US Open, without Nole, Murray, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic, etc So, what do you...
  5. Q&M son

    About attemps on get an "open era" before 1968

    I recently read on McCauley book that in 1961 the was a votation on ILTF about the issue over pros joining amateurs, but 2/3 votes was needed and don't got the numbers to made it. Anybody has some info about this? Sorry I don't have the book with me now to add more detalis to this thread...
  6. Q&M son

    Players who reached SF at GS events - Open era.

    In all 4 GS events. I was checking this info and I get some susprises, please let me note if I miss someone. Laver. Rosewall. Connors. McEnroe. Gerulaitis (genious Vitas!). Lendl. Edberg. Becker. Courier. Stich. (:)) Sampras. Agassi. Rafter. Nalbandian. Safin. Note for avoid some comments...
  7. Q&M son

    ATP continues to improve his stats database!

    Congrats to Bram and his team, ATP continues its work yo get update its database. See for example go to Title/Finals. 64! Same for Jimmy Connors! 109 now!
  8. Q&M son

    Easy to talk about records but...

    I mean everywhere... web face twitter, but... Laurie Doherty won 8 times in a row Nice tournament on clay, somkind of an actually masters 1000, between 1899 and 1906, and a lot talk about McEnroe and Nole's awesomes beggining of seasons but waht about doherty, tilden or budge??
  9. Q&M son

    Best player men singles 58 and 59.

    I will start this with an old urban post, as it follows: "On Segdman and Hoad in 1958 and 1959, there are some valid comments and rankings (not by me), which argue in favor of both. If you put 4 major pro events in 1958 with all top players competing: Sedman won Wembley and the Austalian pro...
  10. Q&M son

    How Japan got Davis Cup finals in 1921?

    Checking the stats for Davis Cup, I just saw that japan played the final in 21 vs USA. How does it happens? Somebody know the players???
  11. Q&M son

    What happens to Lacoste after RG 29?

    I mean I believe he had very bad health problems. Five finals in a row in RG, 25 to 29, where was he in the 30? Thanks in advance.
  12. Q&M son

    Tennis Video-Games PC

    Ok, you can post cheats or tips... Or comments (I love/I like/Sucks/ ...) Tell about your favourite... and why... And, you finish the game? Or was really hard?
  13. Q&M son

    Who will win Davis Cup 2008?

    Fast courts, Argentina hosts, hope Rafa comes... Ok, choose!
  14. Q&M son

    Corrected data in McCauley book.

    This was just a few, given to me by Mr. Carlo G. Colussi. I believe AndrewTas made a contribution to this. I just will copy here to share with you, for "Results Section": Page 177: From Carlo on wikipedia: "before 1930 some tournaments were sometimes labelled "Professional Championships of...
  15. Q&M son

    History of tennis

    Hi, do you have more "web" info besides wiki and this? Thank you. Lucio.
  16. Q&M son

    Pro tennis begins with...

    George Kerr and Tom Pettitt? Thomas Burke? Karel Kozeluh or Roman Najuch? You can choose more than one option...
  17. Q&M son

    One single year titles record - Open Era.

    Some controversy about this record and who belongs: Laver in 1969: 18 or 17 titles (without Anaheim or BBC2)? Nastase in 1973: 14 (ATP & ITF), 15 (with Washington), or 17 (plus Kingston and Istanbul)? Vilas in 1977: 16 or 17 (Rye included)? What do you think about it?
  18. Q&M son

    AndrewTas or anyone else...

    Do you have the Rye, Harrison draw played in 1977 -won by Vilas-? Did this EXO played in another year? Have the draws for those (in case)? Moose ask the same in other thread... Thank you. Lucio. PS: For Auckland 74 (Borg), Salisbury 70 (Nastase), Roanoke 72 (Connors) and...
  19. Q&M son

    Pella wins again!

    He beats Tomic in straight sets! Do you think he would win Roland Garros?
  20. Q&M son

    Unfinish finals... what to do?

    I have some examples from the past: Nottingham 76: Connors vs Nastase. Johannesburg 77 : Borg vs. Vilas. Nottingham 77: T. Gullikson vs. J. Fillol Sr. Montecarlo 81: Connors vs Vilas (5-5 first set, suspended by rain). Rotterdam 84: Lendl vs Connors (bomb threat). Stratton...
  21. Q&M son

    And before 1910, who was the best?

    So, what do you think? (Ok, we can include 1910...)
  22. Q&M son

    Coria won another match!

    Yes! Willy won in Morocco, in three sets, only seven double faults, two aces! The point here, he plays well, since a long ago! We miss you Mago! :)
  23. Q&M son

    Finally, ATP includes WCT Challenge Cup!

    Like I posted in this thread , ATP recognizes WCT Challenge Cup in its stats. It took time for me (I wrote they for a long time) but I did it! If somebody can help me with more tournaments missed or errors in ATP website, you can add...
  24. Q&M son

    Who south-american player was greater?

    Due to lasts "pools" row... Who do you think was more great player, born in south america?
  25. Q&M son

    Winning % in finals

    Other day, seeing Miami final, ESPN shows some stat saying that T. Muster & N. Davydenko are the players with high % of finals won (0.800). Muster with w44w-11l and Davydenko with 12W-3l. Is this info right? Somebody have the next "positions" on this topic? Thanks. Lucio.