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  1. Steve0904

    Ivan Ljubicic: Coaching A Top Player

    Source: "When Ivan Ljubicic ended his playing career in April 2012 he made a seamless transition into the television commentary booth. However, the highly respected and consummate professional both on and off the court...
  2. Steve0904

    Age Starting To Catch Up With Djokovic

    That is all. :) Discuss.
  3. Steve0904

    How Hewitt raised his level against the best

    Thought a select few posters here might find this interesting. @NatF, @Sabratha I don't know how accurate these numbers are because I've heard some strange things about the ATP website stats, but I just took them at face value. Thought it might be interesting enough to warrant a thread. :)...
  4. Steve0904

    Report: Russian hockey hit by mass doping scandal

    I know you're all probably sick and tired of talking about it, but I figured it was still a relatively big deal. Russia’s entire roster will reportedly be replaced just one week prior to the IIHF World Under-18 Men’s World Championship in Grand Forks, N.D., marking the biggest mass doping...
  5. Steve0904

    #1 song on the day you were born?

    Want to know what song was #1 on the day you were born? Or any day for that matter? Just click here and find out. Mine was "If wishes came true" by Sweet Sensation.
  6. Steve0904

    Federer says he's ready for Europe Now unless this is Federer just not wanting to reveal anything yet (which wouldn't totally surprise me), he says the back is fine. For the record, I never thought the back was a problem last night. And...
  7. Steve0904

    ATP Heritage: What it means to be #1

    Thought this deserved a thread. It's a fantastic video of (almost) every former and current #1 discussing various topics. In particular, watch what happens when Borg is walking and watch him when he takes the mic. I guarantee you'll laugh. Enjoy.
  8. Steve0904

    Hewitt vs Murray- who wins on grass?

    In their primes of course. I know, I know the joke is does Murray even have a prime, but being serious lets say it's from when he joined forces with Lendl until now. This could be a stupid question with a lopsided poll one way or the other, but you never know in this crazy place, and I figured...
  9. Steve0904

    ATP not doing enough to protect player health says Nadal Thoughts? Personally, I think Nadal is partly right here, but I have a hard time being sympathetic with him considering the way he plays tennis. He says fans want to see great rallies and long matches, but his definition of great rallies is 25-30+...
  10. Steve0904

    Federer wants faster surfaces

    SOURCE: My thoughts on this are as follows: This will sound like sour grapes from Fed given its timing, but I've always agreed with him in this regard, but I can almost guarantee that fans of the other 3 won't. He's not saying all the courts...