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  1. DanS

    Great transaction with AggieJason

    Sold a racquet to @AggieJason, and it was a great transaction! Immediate payment, and great communication even I threatened to charge him double if he was a Cowboys fan! lol Highly recommend doing business with him!
  2. DanS

    FS: Head & Wilson Racquets

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): 2017 Head Graphene Touch Speed MP Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 sq. in. Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 *Specific Time Used: (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 1 hr hitting against wall. *General Description...
  3. DanS

    StrawHat412 - Great Buyer

    I sold a racquet to @StrawHat412 and had a great selling experience with him. Prompt payment, and great communication! Would highly recommend dealing with him!
  4. DanS

    New Tecnifibre Video

    @TWStaff - can you guys re-upload the new Technifibre video to YouTube? It hasn't ever worked, and I was interested in seeing it! Thanks in advance, Dan
  5. DanS

    Ryan Berry - Great buyer

    Had a great experience selling to @Ryan Berry! Great communication, and fast payment. I highly recommend dealing with him!
  6. DanS

    ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour (300)

    Just curious if anyone has any experience with the ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour (300). I did a search in the forums, and most of what I found seemed to be about the 325 model. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the frame, and I'm really curious about the feel, power, spin potential, as well as the sound...
  7. DanS

    anfield - Great Buying Experience

    Purchased a racquet from @anfield this past week. Really nice guy, and a great buying experience! Highly recommend!
  8. DanS

    lambchop412 - Great Buyer!

    Great experience selling a racquet to @lambchop412! Prompt payment, and great communication. I would definitely do business with him again!
  9. DanS

    loosegroove - Great Trade

    I traded Phantoms with @loosegroove. Great guy to deal with, great communication, and no problems at all! Highly recommend him to all you other TT'ers!
  10. DanS

    GeoffHYL - Great Buyer!

    @GeoffHYL is a great buyer! Purchased a racquet from me. Paid instantly, and great communication! Don't hesitate to deal with him!
  11. DanS

    Closet Sale - Lots of great racquets!

    So I have a bunch of great stuff laying around taking up space, and not getting any use which is really a shame if you think about it. I've narrowed my list down to 3 racquets I'm keeping. My Ultra Tours, my Phantom Pro 100P's, and my Textreme Tour 100P's. All the rest can go. The Textreme Tour...
  12. DanS

    Wilson Replacement Grips

    Is there any chance you guys know the thickness of the Sublime and Pro Performance replacement grips? I have a Pro Staff CV and a Blade 98 CV 16x19. Both are 3/8, but the Blade grip feels bigger. I was thinking it may be because the Pro Performance grips are thinner, and I'd like the Blade grip...
  13. DanS

    Wilson Pro Performance Replacement Grip

    I have a Blade 98 CV and a Pro Staff 97. Both have 3/8 grips however the Pro Staff Grip feels just a tad smaller. I've looked every on this site, and Google and can't find the thickness of the Wilson Pro Performance replacement grip that comes on the Pro Staff. I did a search in the grip size...
  14. DanS

    Big Ace Micro vs Firestorm

    I've been looking for a thinner guage, soft, powerful co-poly to use in a couple lower powered frames I have. I tried a poly/multi hybrid with Cyclone 18L in the mIns at 45, and Velocity 17 black in the crosses at 50, but I really didn't care for the feel. After some research, it seems like Pro...
  15. DanS

    Name this string...

    I purchased a used PS97 a while ago and I really liked the hybrid this guy used in it. He remembered that the cross strings were OG Sheep 16, but couldn't remember what poly he used. It's definitely a round poly, and I don't know if it's because of the hybrid or not, but it's a really arm...
  16. DanS

    Was this a good purchase?

    Hi all... I've been wanting to get into stringing my own racquets for quite some time. Mostly because I like to screw around with new string setups a lot on the never ending quest to find the holy grail of all string setups... yes, this is in addition to trying to find the holy grail of frame...
  17. DanS

    Touch Radical Pro Cap Grommets

    Hi, I was wondering when you guys will be getting the cap grommets in for the 2017/18 Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro. Head's website said they are an option on this racquet, same as they were on the XT model. Also, are they only going to be available in black, or will they have a clear option...
  18. DanS

    Prince Beast 98

    The 98 version didn't have it's own thread so I figured I'd start it off with the new TW review! Apparently they are also reviewing the ported version as well so I'll get that up as soon as I see it.
  19. DanS

    FT: 2017 Wilson PS97 4 3/8 (9/10 condition) for your 2017 Wilson PS97LS (3/8)

    Racquet: Item Description: 2017 Wilson Pro Staff 97 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 9-9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): On and off for 3 hours *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Some minor...
  20. DanS

    Wanted: Yonex Ezone DR 98 4 1/2

    I recently purchased a used yellow (lime) version from Tennis Warehouse in just about perfect condition for a great price, and I'm looking for another as a backup. I've been scouring the boards here, watching the used racquet section, and even looking on **** for months and it seems the 4 1/2...