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  1. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    Not yet. Because the squad is looking good , The schedule isn’t rough , 3 matches with 4-5 days in between. I might worry if key players start getting injured , We should’ve Di Maria back soon. It’s hard to see this team losing 4-0 and we have a long streak scoring at least 1 at home , but PSG...
  2. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    It’s all a gamble , wouldn’t you agree? 2 time UCL winner , considered by many the best manager in the world couldn’t take good Bayern sides to a final and good City sides to a semifinal. Bayern was the defending champion when he took over and City reached the semis. Meanwhile Zidane with no...
  3. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The TT Football Club

    I didn’t thought Tuchel was the problem , but so far , It hasn’t been a bad decision , I’m excited to see what Poch can do. Also i think sacking managers after 2 seasons if they don’t win us the CL isn’t unreasonable
  4. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Zverev US Open "Flashbacks"

    It’s over for him
  5. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Does anyone else find it really difficult to imagine Nadal grinding his way to quarterfinal/semifinal losses at the French Open for several years?

    Only losing three sets in the last 4 RGs. It’s just really hard to picture him losing 3 sets in one match , He can win 2-3 more titles.
  6. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Federer has won more titles than Nadal at 10 of the 14 most significant tournaments in tennis

    And it’s still tied. Federer can only blame himself for not stopping Nadal at RG
  7. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Is Nadal different from former Clay Kings?

    He has reached God status now
  8. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Nadal is one FO shy of matching Sampras's TOTAL!

    And at the major that Sampras failed to win
  9. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Noels chances for taking over the slam count

    2/4 , The US Open is a toss coin. Novak has struggled too much there
  10. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Noels chances for taking over the slam count

    I think Djokovic can definitely win 4 more , But Nadal 2-3 more too
  11. AlexanderTheGreat08

    The more FO title he wins, the less will he be a GOAT-contender

    Winning GS titles can never go wrong. Sure it will be better if he picks up some more titles outside RG. Let’s be honest , Majority only cares about majors thanks to Sampras and Federer hyping that record
  12. AlexanderTheGreat08

    It is official: Thiem best surface is Hard Court

    10/17 titles come from clay. Prior to 2020 , All his appearances in the late stages(SF+) was only on Roland Garros. He has clearly improved his HC game and it took him a lot. If HC was his best surface , That wouldn't have been the case , Your best surface is an easier ground for you , so the...
  13. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Better Match - USO 2019 final vs USO 2020 final?

    LOL if you pick 2019. Anyone with a High IQ can really see the incredible high level of tennis that was displayed today. Thiemerev truly mastered the game , Thiem returning 70 mph serves while next to the linesmen is unforgettable
  14. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Will Thiem be as good a clay courter as Muster?

    10 clay titles so far , Doesn't seem like he'll catch up in that regard to Muster. But Thiem has been consistenly reaching the later stages of RG for 4 years(2 semis , 2 finals), Muster didn't do enough at RG. If he can find some longetivity in his game , He could win 2 RG titles which should be...
  15. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Thiem and Zverev will be laughing stocks

    I would say things are looking good for Thiem
  16. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Settle the real GOAT Debate

    Decided for Emily
  17. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Settle the real GOAT Debate

    I was gonna say Sasha until i remembered she was 12-13 in the first season
  18. AlexanderTheGreat08

    So who’s pumped for the French?

    I am. Nadal can win his 20th GS title and tie Federer. It's really a must win
  19. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Naomi Osaka: future multi GS winner

    Needs to upgrade her grass and clay level though
  20. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Osaka splits from coach

    Now Yastremska and Sasha parted ways after this USO and Osaka wins LOL
  21. AlexanderTheGreat08

    What makes you happy?

    Good anime , manga , novel , Nadal winning and a
  22. AlexanderTheGreat08

    am I the only one who likes not having crowds

    I like having crowds
  23. AlexanderTheGreat08

    Asterisk unless Med, Thiem, or Zverev win

    Meh , whoever wins , Clearly deserves the title.