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  1. Tennis_Freak99

    ‘Someone leaked Novak Djokovic WhatsApp conversations,’ says Craig Tiley

    Craig Tiley has defended Novak Djokovic over his reported Australian Open ‘demands,’ insisting they were misreported from a leaked WhatsApp conversation. Djokovic came in for furious criticism before the tournament, particularly from sections of the Australian media, after Spanish newspaper...
  2. Tennis_Freak99

    The BIGGEST LOSER of the Australian Open 2021 is.....

    Andreas Seppi! Cuevas bt Seppi in Round 1 De Minaur bt Cuevas in Round 2 Fognini bt De Minaur in Round 3 Nadal bt Fognini in Round 4 Tsitsipas bt Nadal in QF Medvedev bt Tsitsipas in SF Djokovic bt Medvedev in F
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    Djokovic gave up $1 million of his prize money to the lower ranked players

    And they obviously won't show this on the news lol
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    Novak Djokovic is our LeBron James but we have to call him out sometimes: Nick Kyrgios

    St Nick back at it again! This time says something strangely 'not bad' on Djokovic xD
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    A Sneak Peek Into The Rafa Nadal Museum : The BIG 4 Racket Collection

    1) Nadal acknowledges The BIG 4 2) MuryGOAT's racket is separated from the BIG 3 LMAO
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    The Thiemovic Rivalry : A look at the last 5 matches!

    Holy shiz, all these matches have been nail-biters. H2H is 7-5 currently. This seems like the next big rivalry of Tennis between the old guard and the new guard!
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    CHAMPIONS CHAT | Pete Sampras & Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic & PETE having a conversation mediated by the GOAT himself!
  8. Tennis_Freak99

    Nadal: "Don't give an Extra Slam to Novak!"

    Lmao :sneaky: :-D
  9. Tennis_Freak99

    Nadal is one FO shy of matching Sampras's TOTAL!

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    Djokovic is NOT a beneficiary of the New Ranking System

    Rule: If a player performs worse than his CY2019 performance, he benefits from the new ranking system 1) Novak Djokovic-Did not benefit - Won Cincy (CY2019-SF) - USO 4R (CY2019-4R) - Won Rome (CY2019-F) - RG SF* (CY2019 SF) *ongoing tournament - Lost 24 weeks due to Ranking freeze (Fair enough)...
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    2020 Roland Garros QF : (1) Novak 'Throatgate' Djokovic vs (17) Pablo 'Karen'no Busta

    Is a revenge around the corner? Or PCB wins this fair & square? Disgust
  12. Tennis_Freak99

    Federer Fan's: Rafa's 20 or Nole's 18?

    Assuming these are the only 2 possible outcomes. Obviously the best outcome will be a new champion but for the sake of clarity, let's keep it to these 2. a) Rafa gets to 20 and matches Roger's record, the Holy Grail of Tennis b) Novak gets to 18 and is dangerously close to Fed and gets a DCGS...
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    Since 2004, The Rome Final has showcased either of Nadal or Djokovic

    The last time we had 2 players other than Djokodal in the Rome final was 2004 Moya vs Nalbandian Epic!
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    Andy Murray is the moral US Open Champion

    He was moral 2015 AO champion too. His tally goes to 5. 1 short from ATG status Disgust
  15. Tennis_Freak99

    Novak Djokovic's Second Response

    Reacts to the hecklers and confirms Rome and RG participation
  16. Tennis_Freak99

    Pablo Carreno Busta's Ominous Prediction before Novak Djokovic encounter

    'He will have a bad day'
  17. Tennis_Freak99

    When Karma Strikes You Back ft. Roger Federer

    He's been doing this for 30 years now Ol' Rog, 30 years.
  18. Tennis_Freak99

    We need Djokovic vs Kyrgios once tennis returns: ASAP

    This guy is too cocky about his victory over Novak. A rematch is necessary:cool:
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    Record in first 100 ATP finals: Open era

    Connors: 72-28 McEnroe: 71-29 Federer: 70-30 Djokovic: 69-31 Nadal: 68-32 Lendl: 64-36 Vilas: 62-38 Nastase: 62-38
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    RIP Irrfan Khan

    The legendary Indian actor passed away today at the age of 53 after fighting a 2 year long battle with cancer. My Indian friends here would have definitely seen his work but how about others? He was in part of Hollywood movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi, Inferno, Jurassic World, The...
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    2016 USO & 2017 AO : Biggest missed chances Murray?

    I feel these were even bigger missed chances than all the slams he has lost to the Big 3. He was the best player in the world during that period and with the Big 3 down and out, everything was for him to take. He won so many tournaments that period EXCEPT slams! All these years we said that he...
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    Have we seen the last of O2 Arena?

    With the way things are going, there is a good chance that tennis is done for 2020. ATP World Tour Finals was scheduled to move to Turin from 2021. Will they still have it London to make up for the 2020 season or it's the last of the O2 arena?