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  1. swizzy

    UTS tennis is in trouble

    this ultimate tennis showdown is supposed to solve the problem tennis has with young people. i was just watching some and it was tennis with gimmicks. i can't think of any other sport where it would be suggested to water it down and add a bunch of silly features and think it was an...
  2. swizzy

    Novak wins all 4 this season and enters goathood.

    What an accomplishment. He could do it. Once he defeats Nadal in Paris.. he could steamroll the rest of the way til he gets Goaty in New York.
  3. swizzy

    Naomi Osaka robbed of her moment..but cashes in

    So happy for this fresh face on the women's side.. young, upbeat, and swimming in cash with a huge payday and a lucrative endorsement deal. We all know the unpleasant nature of her win.. the doubt and hysteria that it wasn't a legitimate victory because the umpire had to punish Serena for her...
  4. swizzy

    Head SE 600.. must be a dud, nothing comes up from a simple internet search

    i was driving to work and saw a tennis racket leaning against a dumpster... this made me think it is as close to trash as you can get. still it was in very good shape. i put it in the car and later did a search and literally nothing came up. can anyone give any impressions or info on it...
  5. swizzy

    another major..another lackluster nike tee

    they should really put more thought into these quite hideous offerings.. this washed out pale blue 11 shirt might be the worst of the bunch
  6. swizzy

    Looks like a Head Graphite Edge and a Prostaff had a baby

    hi.. one of my tennis players asked me to hit with him. I didn't have my stuff with me so he gave me a few rackets to choose from. He picked these all up at a local flea market and i chose a racket that i thought upon a quick glance was the Head Graphite Edge. I happen have one at home in my...
  7. swizzy

    Nike Cage 3 shank cracks

    Doesn't seem to really be a problem.. but both of my pretty new shoes [left and right] bought on 12/12/17 have cracks across the plastic shank between the forefoot and the heel. I am hard on shoes..and these are soon to be sent back for the durability guarantee.. but, it is odd that these have...
  8. swizzy

    Nike Cage 3 HardCourt Premium Black w/ Gum Sole

    I saw these when they first came out and really liked the combination. $140 and no mention in the description that they have the 6 month warranty. I destroy shoes and have been a very happy nike loyalist because they had me hooked.. i have a wider foot so the cage, cage 2... and to my surprise...
  9. swizzy

    Nadal is clearly awesome despite these ridiculous claims

    win or lose today..he has made the finals in 3 of the 4 slams this year.. after so many writing him off completely. They discount and discredit his awe inspiring wins on clay... they claim his win today will be illegitimate even before it has been secured. shameful.
  10. swizzy

    double bagel in women's doubles?

    biggest stage in the reach the finals and serve up some bagels? Never seen this before in professional tennis
  11. swizzy

    Anyone have some input on orthotics for tennis?

    My wife just got some orthotics not for sport.. and she loves them. Would these help for some of the foot abuse we go through playing tennis? Anyone care to share some information on whether these were helpful or recommended for tennis? I would do anything to keep playing for another 40...
  12. swizzy

    nike court tech tennis backpack

    Anyone know if Nike is going to continue making their big backpack? Haven't seen a new color since the blue one and it seems to be on the way out.. I really like this bag and wonder if i should buy a back up.
  13. swizzy

    nike shoe defect- a question?

    I am three months in on a pair of zoom cages. I will probably burn through the midsole and be ready to send them in for the warranty in another 2-3 weeks, possibly a month or two since the winter weather has curtailed regular play. i looked at the underside yesterday and found two large...
  14. swizzy

    is everyone so busy the kvitova slashing went unnoticed?

    she was released from the hospital.. two time wimbledon winner and one of your better lefties is out for 6 months.. hope she makes a full recovery... i was doing some remodeling in my bathroom and was pulling out some corner bead and it cut me pretty badly.. first thing that went through my...
  15. swizzy

    Anyone ever use very old strings?

    Just bought some kevlar idea exactly the manufacture date.. probable the 80's i'm guessing by the look of the boxes they came in.. My thinking on this purchase was pretty simple.. the price was extremely cheap..$1.50 for 40 feet, and kevlar seems indestructible. They are Toa...
  16. swizzy

    Wilson graphite matrix jr.. for an 11 year old

    Wilson graphite matrix jr.. for an 11 year old.. saw it at a thrift shop and thought "what the heck? why not" i play with a blx 90..i grew up playing a 14 oz. wooden racket. played with and still have my pro staff mids.. and my dunlop max 200g... all great rackets i must say. my kid has...
  17. swizzy

    fans of fast matches

    i miss rallies.. this raonic match was dull..had some moments. 15 shot rallies were on the high end..most were 3 or 4..or worse yet.. big serve and fed scrambling and framing..
  18. swizzy

    nadal wants all dopes who thinks he's been doping to finally shut their pie holes

    kudos to rafa for asking for transparency of his numerous blood tests to prove he is clean..and if you don't like it prepare to be sued.
  19. swizzy

    not unexpected, but what a pro fed crowd

    the crowd was pretty shameful in their applause of errors on one side of the net and gasps at errors on the other. the french crowds have earned bragging rights again.
  20. swizzy

    Kneissl White Star Twin: anticipation

    my inlaws just picked one up a yard sale.. they live an hour away and are coming down next Sunday.. tempted to drive over and get it now..but, really should be patient and wait the week.. i'm sure it is not that amazing.. since it is not the most desirable of the white star releases.. anyone...
  21. swizzy

    nike outsole guarantee question?

    hi.. bought some air max cages at marshall's 16.99 will nike honor this purchase when i send them back after burning through the outsole in the next 2-3 months? They were manufactured within the last 2 i am safe on that front.. i have never had a problem. but i usually get my cages...
  22. swizzy

    kevlar question for those in the know

    i have been playing a long time and it is pretty rare to try something new after years of experimentation. i bought a racquet [ps90] and it came strung with kevlar mains and a multi in the crosses.. never had any elbow problems in 30 years of playing.. i tried an aero pro drive last summer and...
  23. swizzy

    the grand slam: the triple crown of tennis

    it is amazing that each player of the essential 3 were so close to winning all 4.. i really thought novak would win the french and be motivated to keep it up for the next 2.. it will be very interesting to watch the rest of the year to see what will happen. another pearl in this string of great...
  24. swizzy

    help:nike dual fusion ballistic advantage..?

    hi everybody.. my cages died and i just got my voucher for$115.. and right now i can get these ballistic advantages for $75 or the new cage zoom2 for $95 no lunars are available in my size for $115...i have been a loyal cage user..but these ballistic advantages at that price makes me...
  25. swizzy

    Nadal to do it again in Paris

    Djokovic has deluded himself into thinking he is to win the French and plow on to the Grand Slam.. 4 in a row would be amazing to see. Just not sure i could stomach it with Novak. I am very confidant that Rafa is going to get his legs back and be ready to dazzle the tennis world with a tenth...
  26. swizzy

    why so slow??

    i like to play quickly in almost every aspect of the game.. i have a few friends who have the same philosophy as me.. we can maximize our court time by having a short warm up..playing the first ball in on serve in the opening game..if conditions are fare, we only switch after the set. we can...
  27. swizzy

    another less than epic major

    I wish warinka had gotten through.. djokovic has become quite dull to watch. so happy for rafa though..just wish he had to fight to win this one.