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  1. Otacon

    I like tennis more than I like Federer

    Although Roger is obviously my favorite player, but I won't stop watching the beautiful game after his retirement. It's strange to say this, but I know a lot of people who watch tennis because of X and Y player, and it's sad really. That's the same for another popular sport, football, as many...
  2. Otacon

    RF logo is back !

    More news to come !
  3. Otacon

    When fit and rested, Thiem is the best player in the world at the moment

    He proved it in Australia, in NYC and now in London. It's just too bad he wasn't at 100% at the FO.
  4. Otacon

    Poor Djokovic lol

  5. Otacon

    The one-handed backhand is far from being obsolete in the modern game

    Let's hope that coaches and parents of players realize that a one-handed backhand can still bring success at the highest level, contrary to all the predictions that have been made in recent years.
  6. Otacon

    Tennis is the greatest individual sport in the world

    As boxing is light years away from what it used to be, tennis is unquestionably the greatest individual sport in the world. I've been aware of this for a while, but given the media earthquake caused by Novak's disqualification yesterday, it's further proof of the immensity of this sport. Tennis...
  7. Otacon

    Let's pray for the line judge to make a full recovery

    It would be a miracle if she ever walks again :cry:
  8. Otacon

    Nick Kyrgios reacted at last

  9. Otacon

    I Miss Tennis

  10. Otacon

    Comparing tennis players to famous football/soccer teams

    - Federer : Cruyff's Ajax = Total football conducted by a pure genius. - Nadal : Mazzola's Inter = Catenaccio, discipline, sacrifice, defense. - Djokovic : Beckenbauer's Germany = Organized, efficient, a well-oiled machine. You get the idea, your turn !
  11. Otacon

    Remember Monica Seles ?

    Yeah, well, we can't say she's that present in the media, and it's a really cool to hear from her. To go even further, I'd say that from the late 80's till the early 2000s is probably the only time in tennis history when women's tennis was a lot more interesting than men's.
  12. Otacon

    Ferrero, highly critical of Zverev and the new generation

    Their collaboration was short-lived. Barely eight months after the start of their adventure, Juan Carlos Ferrero was fired by Alexander Zverev at the end of the 2018 Australian Open. The German would talk a little later about an argument that went wrong and the disrespectful attitude of the...
  13. Otacon

    2015 - 2020 era

    Djokovic won most of his Slams in the last 5 years. 10 out of 17. Probably the weakest era ever.
  14. Otacon

    The ATP/ITF don't know how to sell tennis

    The governing bodies of men's tennis suck, that's the reality. We have a very badly organized sport with no strong centralised body that oversees the whole thing. I mean tennis should be a lot more popular than it is now, a whole lot than Hockey and up there with Basketball. Maybe the ATP HQ...
  15. Otacon

    Tennis fans are better at geography than average

    We can be proud :cool:
  16. Otacon

    The match in Africa : Roger Vs Rafa

    No match thread ? I'm surprised.
  17. Otacon

    Federer is the greatest sportsman I ever saw

    It's just as simple as that. I'm +30yo so I've watched a lot of WC athletes, but Fed has something special about him. He's simply unique, he ticks all the boxes.
  18. Otacon

    Facing Nadal in the French Open final

    Is there a tougher challenge in the history of sports ? I can come up with a few exemples of teams and players who had an air of invincibility for sometime, but I don't recall anything that comes close to what Nadal has achieved in this particular match : The Roland Garros Final ! If someone...
  19. Otacon

    Thiem is a charming and genuine guy

    He's the complete opposite of Djokovic.
  20. Otacon

    Rafans a won't like this

    But it's hilarious :D
  21. Otacon

    Thiem beat all the Big 3 in a couple of months

    He's the best player not to win a major.
  22. Otacon

    Tennis Racket Technology Is Way More Elaborate Than You Think

    Engineers are embracing digital mapping, materials science, and robotics to provide an incremental edge on the tennis court. As tennis speeds up on the court, including at the 2020 Australian Open, which began this week, racket evolution hustles along off the court, with technology to create...