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    Medvedev Forehand

    Watching Medvedev at the AO, he seemed to have intense and very quick head movement to look at the ball during forehands. Here is a big forehand, that appeared awkward in some way, but was a very strong shot. His ball watching was very locked on. See 27 sec for the best clip. To single frame...
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    Video Comparisons of Your Strokes to Pros, Single Frame on Forum

    Copy the instructions below with videos or substitute other videos, especially compilations & model players, and insert your stroke video. You can copy the entire post below but the videos do not copy & paste. Copy and paste each video by clicking on it and copying. For best comparisons, use...
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    Pro Tennis Ahead of the Australian Open

    FYI Pro tennis gets started ahead of the Australian Open 2021. TV Information...
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    Internal Shoulder Rotation on Serve from Overhead Camera, FYB

    In about 2009, Fuzzy Yellow Balls made some serve videos from a camera placed above the server. The server was Frank Salazar. The flat, slice and kick serves were covered. Toly added some processing and created a composite picture. These above camera views particularly show: 1) When...
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    Chris Evert Instructional Video Describing Forehand, Backhand and Serve (1990)

    This instructional video describes the forehand, backhand and serve strokes. Informative reference on Chris Evert's techniques. It was filmed in 1990. Retired in 1989 at #4 in the world.
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    Forehand Foot Positions of Choice 2021

    A player has a shot to work on, no pressure, and they wish to hit an aggressive forehand - 1) What foot positions are they likely to choose? 2) Like Djokovic's footwork above? [Djokovic has a bent arm forehand with Semi-Western? grip.] 3) What is the name for that Djokovic's stance? 4) If we...
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    CO2 levels, Headaches and other Effects

    Best to reply in an earlier thread that has more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently...
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    Upperbody Orientation on the Serve Types - Flat and Slice vs Kick

    I have looked carefully at tennis videos of strokes for years and missed things in front of my face. Once these things are noticed, I always notice them after that. Over the last year, I've been paying more attention to the orientation of the chest on the kick serve and noticed that the...
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    Indoor CO2 Levels and Possible Headaches?

    During the recent CA wildfires we had very bad air quality. Our advice - heard many times - was to "stay inside and close the doors and windows". While learning about smoke, HEPA air cleaners and other subjects, I found CO2 and its relation to building ventilation to be a very interesting...
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    Hip Pain Arthritis? Sitting on Couch?

    Around January this year, I got a diagnosis of moderate arthritis in left hip. I stopped tennis and took PT. Pain had gone and I was in condition ready to start tennis when Covid 19 put a halt to my plans. The recent 5 weeks of bad smoke in CA stopped my walking. The worse pain has been an...
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    New Tennis Court Issues for Covid 19? "The CDC updated its website on Friday amid a debate among scientists on whether the coronavirus is airborne. It states the virus can be passed on "through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as...
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    The Frankenstein Serve

    The tennis serve is often thought of in terms of a few words. Examples: 'Hit up and out.' 'Hit from 7 to 1 o'clock.' 'Relax the arm' 'Face to the side' '....?..... vertical' 'fully pronate' What are some of your words?
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    Needed - Strong Kick Server for Video Measurements.

    For the kick serve there are many disagreements in the forum posts that could be resolved easily if a few videos were taken. What is needed is a strong kick serve that bounces clearly to the right and a 240 fps camera with a fast shutter - many smartphones will do - and small motion blur...
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    The 2020 Re (Open) is on Tennis Channel at Posting Time

    Thiem vs Tsitsipas are hitting some big backhands. For another tournament, the Adria, Dimitrov tested positive for Covid 19 and the tournament is cancelled. If anyone understands the format and scoring please post. Please do not post any scores as some may be recording the match.
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    How to Directly Video Internal Shoulder Rotation on the Tennis Serve

    The shoulder joint with humerus doing internal shoulder rotation (ISR). I don't see any pronation. Slow playback. Go full screen. For single frame on Youtube use the period & comma keys. The humerus is rotated by ISR during the high level serve. ISR is the joint motion that provides the...
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    The Scapula in Tennis Strokes

    The scapula and rib cage form a joint, called the scapulothoracic joint. But this joint does not have a bony connection to the rib cage. The scapula moves around on the rib cage. The scapula repositions the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) which is located on the scapula. The scapula is...
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    UTR Pro Match Series - The 2020 (Re) Open

    I had not looked at Tennis Channel for 2 months, a big change for me. I turned Tennis Channel on yesterday and found that there are some live tennis matches taking place! It was called UTR Pro Match Series -- The 2020 (Re) Open It is based on a different format and social distancing. 2...
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    Learning a New Stroke after Months Off

    All speculation - I have noticed after injuries and not playing tennis for, say 90 days, that there might be an advantage for learning a new stroke. ? But - if true - the advantage is very brief and would be lost quickly by going back to your old stroke. This applies when you have studied...
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    Tennis Serve Footwork & Jump

    The footwork on the tennis serve and the jump is not an easy subject to understand. Sometimes one foot does not seem to push on the ground, ??. The serving technique of Pete Sampras is one successful footwork and jump technique that is particularly clear to observe. What does Sampras's back...
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    Tennis & Coronavirus

    Two of the issues might be 1) how to reduce Coronavirus transmission at our tennis courts? 2) what is going to happen with tournaments? 3) others For example, carry disinfecting hand sanitizers or wipes? Have some available at the courts? But "There is a lot of advice emphasizing cleaning...
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    Comparing Videos Side-by-Side on the Forum_ Test

    The best available way to compare two strokes is by using side-by-side videos examined frame-by-frame. The purpose of this thread is to display two Youtube videos side-by-side and allow single frame control on each video. One problem is that if you click on a Youtube video in the usual way to...
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    Air Quality Website for Melbourne Australian Open 2020

    See Pm2.5 in Melbourne over the last week. 24 hour clock. Present time in Melbourne is ahead of us, sometimes next day, and on the right. Purple air is very hazardous. Green is good and may reflect effects of the rain on the smoke this week in...
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    Comparing Stroke Videos on the Forum Side-by-Side

    Many posters post their tennis strokes and ask for comments on how to improve their strokes. The best way to do that is side-by-side videos comparing their strokes to a high level stroke, often an ATP stroke. Video analysis programs exist for this purpose and are the best way to do...
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    Kinovea & Open Pose for Display of Tennis Strokes

    FYI I just read a description of a new version of Kinovea, Kinovea 9.1. Kinovea is free and open source. (I don't know what .NET 4.8 is. ?) Kinovea has added a new capability using a machine learning application, Open Pose. Kinovea can...
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    Bad Air? Sensors can help, for example, PurpleAir

    I moved to California last year and have asthma. It does not rain here for several months in a row. High winds come up in the fall when everything is driest and that causes the wildfires as you have seen on TV news. What can you do? One thing that helps considerably is to know where the...
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    Thoracic Extension of the Spine and the Serve

    WARNING - How your spine is used during the serve can risk injury. Many backs are not capable of much Thoracic Extension. ? The extension of the...
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    ESPN & Xfinity TV Coverage of the Majors?

    I watched Wimbledon and now the US Open on ESPN and Xfinity cable. ESPN broadcasts a channel on TV and half a dozen streaming channels for the US Open. When Wimbledon got to the Championship match, the TV picture was awful with what appeared to be digital hesitations of the picture. It...
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    Kinovea Application to Tennis

    Kinovea is a free, open source video analysis application that allows comparison of tennis strokes side-by-side. Kinovea has many other capabilities. If any readers are interested - In Windows 10 you can search (magnifying glass Windows...
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    Ways to Adjust Racket Height to Impact Ball for Ground Strokes

    The well know instruction to 'bend your knees for low balls' is one way to adjust the height of the racket head for low balls. It works for all ground strokes. SPECIFY GROUND STROKE or ALL GROUND STROKES and METHOD and BALL HEIGHT Add comments, pictures, videos, and any issues. Examples: ALL...
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    I have agood picture on Surround Camera view_ no replies or spoilers please

    I have a good picture on Surround Camera view believe it is live.