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  1. elbuzzard_lives

    Hi eagle, Im in Waikaloa/kona till the 7th. Im 4.0-4.5 Let me know if you know anybody up for...

    Hi eagle, Im in Waikaloa/kona till the 7th. Im 4.0-4.5 Let me know if you know anybody up for a hit. Thanks!
  2. elbuzzard_lives

    Kona Big Island 2/14 - 2/28

    Aloha...I'm on the big island Kona/Waikaloa area from April 1st till April 7th if anyone is interested in a hit. There are courts at our condo. Im 4.0-4.5. thats for you non-bots out there.
  3. elbuzzard_lives

    FS: 2x Angell TC95 16x19 (4 1/2)

    I have one at 330g. 4 1/4 grip though.
  4. elbuzzard_lives

    Diff between ps 97 and rf97, subjectively/experience?

    It was serious... Thank you @jmacdaununder2 ......sorry for the noob confusion. So why does TW not use the same specs as what is PRINTED ON THE RACKET? I had to go back and see if I may have gotten some light version by mistake. I find the 66 stiffness on the ps97cv to be just right for my...
  5. elbuzzard_lives

    Diff between ps 97 and rf97, subjectively/experience?

    hi TW, I'm demoing a ps97 countervail. I really like it so far. the specs on the racket say 11.1 oz. The specs on the TW page say 11.7. I cant find one on TW that is 11.1oz.
  6. elbuzzard_lives

    WTB Dunlop Bio f5.0 tour

    prefer 1/2 grip size.
  7. elbuzzard_lives

    Arthritis in elbow? one

    @Mongolmike @David Thomas I had my elbow looked at a few years back because of loss of motion. The x-ray showed bone spurs. They told me that there was nothing they would do for me then. This was 8+ years ago. I was not having nerve problems in the hand and wrist. I am now. Curious to...
  8. elbuzzard_lives

    What's your racquet history?

    @WestboroChe I prefered the 16x19. I never really got my groove with the 18x20. Turned out too stiff for my taste. At the time I used it I was into multi strung tight. Also, I knew nothing about customization. I'm curious to string up something a bit more modern and bring it to my...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Trying a hybrid in my TC97 18x20...actually re-trying. I got it used here on the boards earlier this year. First few sessions were Amazing in comparison to my TC95! It had a hybrid of Prince premier control mains and Tourna Big hitter silver in the crosses. I cut those out and started...
  10. elbuzzard_lives

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Both great frames. I used the MW for a LONG time. I find the TC97 18x20 has more in common with the MW200g than the TC95 18x20 63ra. I can hit flatter and with more feel. It just matches well with my style of play and groundstroke motion. I will still carry a few muscle weaves in my bag till...
  11. elbuzzard_lives

    Most Stable Shoe?

    I did not want to believe it but my knees confirmed it. Boost from now on.
  12. elbuzzard_lives

    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    I have one of these! Rocket launcher yet it still has tremendous feel.
  13. elbuzzard_lives

    Dunlop Srixon - foam filled?

    I had my first session with the TC97 and for me, it's a good stick to transition from the mw200g. The TC95 just had too much boom boom pow. Could not control it without that sweeping spin. I can hit flat snipers similar to the mw. A year ago, Paul told me the 97 would probably suit me...
  14. elbuzzard_lives

    4 yr old serve and volley video never gets old

    Making your daughter walk home and berating her (in public) because of performance in a practice session: Not cool...IN ANY CULTURE.
  15. elbuzzard_lives

    Replacement for Dunlop Biomemetic 200 Tour

    maybe try the new Srixon CX tour?
  16. elbuzzard_lives

    Dunlop Srixon - foam filled?

    I have tried to replace my mw200g for some time now and I have not had any success. I have a TC97 18x20 on the way. Ill be awaiting your review of this one.
  17. elbuzzard_lives

    Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G Question

    I have several of each...They are identical. Have not tried a reissue...I want to snag one when it comes up FS.
  18. elbuzzard_lives

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Unlike you, I don't really put away backhands for outright winners very often. But I have found that, with the TC95, my rally balls(either low, hard biting slice or TS rollers to the baseline) are as much menace to my opponent as my 90-100% shots with my previous frame. I use either to induce...
  19. elbuzzard_lives

    The one handed backhand is definitely a weakness and attackable...

    I broke my left wrist snowboarding and decided I should try the one hander instead of waiting for the wrist to heal. That was over 10 years ago and my one hander is STILL not what my original two hander was in terms of power+consistency but I developed my slice as a set up shot. I run around...
  20. elbuzzard_lives

    Wilson's New Red Plastic Butt Caps. What a nice step backwards..

    bout to bust a cap in yo butt!
  21. elbuzzard_lives


    Never seen it played at that level before. Awesome.
  22. elbuzzard_lives

    Prince Textreme Tour 95 OMG!!!!

    you could buy another pack of lead tape....or nah?
  23. elbuzzard_lives

    The Official Angell Users Club

  24. elbuzzard_lives

    need opinions: Best Dunlop racquet after mw200g?

    I don't find it heavy or slow....I added considerable weight to it. low power? yes. That's what I liked about it. It's an unforgiving beast that requires a full stroke and a good piece of the sweet spot on every shot. If you are looking for light, quick and powerful I'm not surprised...
  25. elbuzzard_lives

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Says the guy who buys and sells a garage full of rackets(just to try) but could have just customized his racquet to fit his own game better for like $5. lol. A 4.0 can't benefit from lead?...let me guess they should "practice more" or "work on tactics"? Oh wise one. I don't have a...
  26. elbuzzard_lives

    need opinions: Best Dunlop racquet after mw200g?

    wish I knew but I'm not the type of guy to time my racquet swinging on a pencil. Id feel like Gary and Wyatt in Weird Science with a bra on my head! Just kidding...maybe when I get some time I will try to figure it out. don't know if this helps but my customizations are: added 5 grams...
  27. elbuzzard_lives

    need opinions: Best Dunlop racquet after mw200g?

    18x20 63ra 330g /315 mm/ 9pts hl leather grip see my post in the Angell thread earlier today for my other tweaks. Ill try to not cr@p on the Dunlops anymore but iDAPT???? Seriously? I WAS a big fan starting with my first real racquets ever the Black Max and Max200g! @dgoran I read a lot of...
  28. elbuzzard_lives

    need opinions: Best Dunlop racquet after mw200g?

    tried the 4d200 years ago. At the time I thought it was too stiff. I was still so in love with the MW. Played with that stick for 14 years on and off. I also tried the Bio 200 and Mfil 200 and was not impressed but Im sure I could have gotten used to it and done fine with some...
  29. elbuzzard_lives

    Angell Racquet Demo Exchange

    OP I do like the idea but No, I won't sending my racquet to demo....I have no problem hitting with a player using my racquet in person as @Eobard has generously offered. I have been burned in the past by internet "colleagues"....That said, WHO has ANGELL's in the SF Bay Area???? looking to...