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  1. ollinger

    Jay Berger's Son Wins Pebble Beach

    Daniel Berger, son of former ATP top-10 player Jay Berger, he of the abbreviated no-backswing serve motion, wins going away at the PGA event at Pebble Beach today. Daniel DOES have a backswing when he hits the golf ball.
  2. ollinger

    This is Melbourne, Australia......

    Where things are made differently, Made by waves, Made over time, Or simply made up, Where we play with our food, Put our art up on the walls, Mix things up, And turn it up, Way up, That's unexpected, That's Melbourne (posted as a public service for those who have not heard this)
  3. ollinger

    Tomorrow is Hug an Economist Day

    It may be especially hard to find an economist on a Sunday. Anyone know an economist in North Jersey?
  4. ollinger

    Frau Blucher

    Cloris Leachman died today (or possibly yesterday) at age 94. I considered her something of a minor national treasure in the cultural realm for placing her art above her ego. She was a contestant in the Miss America pageant as a young woman, but in her acting career she eschewed glamour and...
  5. ollinger

    Is Soffrito Overrated?

    Saute a little onion, a little garlic, some slivers of bell pepper and a bit of tomato. To hear it from cooking shows, this is the most amazing flavoring agent on the planet, elevating Central American, Puerto RIcan, and Spanish cooking to heretofore unimagined heights. Seems like a Big...
  6. ollinger

    R.I.P. Henry Aaron

    A class act, and oh those fast powerful wrists.
  7. ollinger

    Footvolley, or Sepak Takraw

    "Hey, let's have a volleyball game where you can't use your hands!" Who comes up with this craziness?? In those late night hours when ESPN2 isn't showing two guys in what looks like a large bar/saloon throwing axes at a wall, lately I've seen these volleyball games requiring you to only hit...
  8. ollinger

    Lower Case, Lower Expectations?

    General Motors, which about a half century ago was selling 53 percent of the cars purchased in America, jus announced a change of its logo from an underlined "GM" to a partially underlined "gm." Shrinking company, shrinking logo?? By this rationale we should have seen "ibm" years ago. Things...
  9. ollinger

    R.I.P. Tommy Lasorda

    A member of the Dodgers organization for...........71 years
  10. ollinger

    Happy Birthday, Elvis

    Would have been 86, if he hadn't 86'ed
  11. ollinger

    U.S. Hockey Juniors Bagel Canada!

    It's often asked on this board where the next great American male tennis star is, and a typical response is that those athletes are playing potentially more lucrative sports. Ice Hockey may be one of those, as the Americans won the world junior hockey championship yesterday with a shutout of...
  12. ollinger

    Statistics Pre-requisite For GPPD Posting

    I've suggested to management of TTW that insofar as posting on GPPD is technically considered a privilege rather than a right, it would make sense to require that posters be able to demonstrate formal training (or extensive work experience) in dealing with statistical analysis methods. This...
  13. ollinger

    Gulbis Wins More Delray Beach Opens than Big Four Combined.......

    ...........and only Malisse and Gambill have won as many as Lord Ernests
  14. ollinger

    Your Tesla Can Fart!

    Tesla's holiday catalog introduces a new feature -- custom "horn" sounds including a fart sound!. On Teslas equipped with the external boombox speakers (designed to warn pedestrians of your approach, as there's no engine noise), you can now broadcast to the immediate area sounds including fart...
  15. ollinger

    What If Nadal Lived Down the Street From Doc Brown.....

    .....and could hop in the DeLorean, fire up 1.21 gigawatts, and head for the 1975--1977 US Opens, played on Har Tru. Would he have 23 slams now?? I should mention that this is merely a hypothetical.
  16. ollinger

    The Yolk's On......Everything

    When did it become de rigeur to top everything you eat with a fried egg, strategically placed to break the yolk and let it drip on the rest of the dish?? The guy at a Korean joint seemed genuinely confused when I told him I wanted the egg on my bibimbap to have its yolk broken and flipped...
  17. ollinger

    Meat On -- And In -- Your Bones

    Interesting study reported from BMC - Medicine journal, cited in today's NY Times. British researchers followed 55,000 people for an average of 18 years and looked at the relationship of diet to various fractures. Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians had a 9 percent increased risk of all...
  18. ollinger

    Male Ladybugs

  19. ollinger

    Gulbis has lost 19 of his last 29 matches........

    ..............but posted a nifty 4-2 record this year
  20. ollinger

    "Would you like fresh cracked pepper on that?"

    1) "you just put the plate down and I haven't even tasted it yet, how the hell should I know if it needs pepper??" 2) "does the chef always send out food that he doesn't think is properly seasoned?" 3) "when did restaurants start taking salt and pepper shakers off the tables? Does chef...
  21. ollinger

    Happy National Pickle Day

    November 14 is always National Pickle Day. Wife and I celebrated at Montclair's weekly outdoor farmer's market by picking up a large container of full sours and a container of sweet horseradish pickle chips. And then there's the half-sour dill spears that come with my BBQ delivery order...
  22. ollinger

    Rank Federer's 1242 Match Wins

    .........from most impressive to least.
  23. ollinger

    Analyzing Gulbis' Finals Performances Show How Underrated He Is

    Ernests has been in 7 singles finals -- so far -- and won 6 of them. Those victories came against such premier opponents as Tsonga, Karlovic (at Delray, on hard courts favoring Ivo's big serve), and Fish (before the cardiac issue). His only singles finals loss came two years ago against...
  24. ollinger

    Slam Records are Garbage

    The fractious history of tennis since the mid 20th century has rendered slam records somewhat meaningless. In the period immediately leading up to the open era, top players like Rosewall couldn't play in the slams for at least a decade and had to miss over 40 slam tournaments because they held...
  25. ollinger


    Was curious about the origins of this term, turns out to have originated in horse racing. If only one horse shows up for a race, that horse is required to at least walk over (could run if so inclined, I suppose) the distance on the track that would have been contested before the victory can be...
  26. ollinger

    Surface Distinctions Fade

    Much is made on this board of who won how many slams on which surface, but I'm not sure it makes much difference in the long run. Two decades ago at the turn of the century some were touting Pete Sampras as the greatest tennis player of all time, having eclipsed and even obliterated the slam...
  27. ollinger

    R.I.P. Bob Gibson

    Nevermind that he was as talented and dominating a pitcher as ever played baseball, or that his earned run average of 1.12 in 1968 was the lowest for a season in baseball's modern era (prompting the major leagues to lower the pitching mound to give hitters a chance), what he will be remembered...
  28. ollinger


    I love a good submarine movie, and this is a good one, but I've always wondered how the hell did Jon Bon Jovi get cast as the radio operator. Fortunately his acting was very credible in the role. Was one of the producers a pal of his? Did he kick in some cash to bankroll this thing? Can...
  29. ollinger

    R.I.P. Gale Sayers

    I was never a Chicago Bears fan but always admired two players I saw as Yin and Yang. Sayers was the Yin, smooth and evasive, fast and ephemeral, elegant and eloquent. The Yang was Walter Peyton, hard hitting and determined, yet a pillar of community service, never inclined when running with...
  30. ollinger

    NFL history tomorrow night.......

    ..........when 69 year old Pete Carroll coaches his Seahawks against 68 year old Bill Belichick's Patriots, oldest combined age for coaches ever in a NFL game. Maybe these guys should be wearing N95 masks instead of the team-issued cloth with team logo? Let's hope it's not chilly and damp in...