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  1. CyBorg

    Who ruined this great wikipedia entry on number 1 ranked players?

    This page once was one of my favorite reads about the history of tennis and is one I often return to whenever I need a quick snapshot of past years: Those of you who are familiar with this one know what I'm talking about...
  2. CyBorg

    Great highlight set for the greatest match ever played

    By the way, they're making a movie about this one with Shia Labeouf as Johnny Mac (yikes).
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    How can 'experts' be so historically ignorant? So ESPN polls some 'experts' and come up with this list of supposed all-time tennis greats. Their method appears to be nothing more than majors counting. Which is the only way to explain the placement of Roy Emerson on this list...
  4. CyBorg

    Borg v Kodes (Davis Cup, 1975)

    Follow this user on Youtube for some Borg goodies. He/she has just uploaded the Borg-Kodes DC match.
  5. CyBorg

    Wood to graphite

    Would it be possible for some of our historically informed posters here to provide a bit of context for the gradual switch from wood to graphite in the early 1980s? Specifically I am wondering which of the top players switched when and therefore pinpoint specifically when the changes...
  6. CyBorg

    Borg/Mac in Stockholm, 1980 Amazing video. The whole match + press conference in great quality.
  7. CyBorg

    Watch this match

    Connors - McEnroe in the semi of Vegas in 1979. .. in eight parts. Aside from the excellence of tennis, there is some very interesting commentary in this one. You'll get a good idea of what people in the media said about the young hotshot McEnroe...
  8. CyBorg

    The 1975 Dallas WCT

  9. CyBorg

    Borg-McEnroe in Tokyo (Suntory) in 1983

    A youtube member is in the process of uploading this match - Borg's last victory before retirement. Part 1 is already up: Big thanks to MrJohnMcEnroe for the upload!
  10. CyBorg

    Slow Conditions

    I'm somewhat flabbergasted by so many people suggesting that today's final's conditions favoured Soderling. I don't see how. The clay was extremely slow and wet. Nadal got to everything. And this same surface was much faster earlier in the tournament. Soderling was not able to drive the...
  11. CyBorg

    The ATP Tour is boring

    I'm a big time tennis guy and I'm just not having any fun. At least not until Roland Garros. And then Wimbledon. And then the US Open. But all of this "in-betwen" is just too boring for words. On another message board, I expressed my intense dislike for ATP's decision to scrap five-set...
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    My New Homepage
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    Laver's backhand

    Does anyone else feel that Laver's backhand is really underrated nowadays? Even in the old books it doesn't get mentioned as much as Rosewall's. Watching these old matches I'm really amazed by the angles and depth of Laver's backhand. It's a nasty shot. Rosewall's backhand is more subtle...
  14. CyBorg

    Agassi on 60 minutes
  15. CyBorg

    Connors and Collins in 1978

    I'm curious if anyone has any theories on what happened post-match at the 1978 Wimbledon tournament. Connors had just lost the match and the players walked towards Bud Connors to be interviewed. Connors was to be interviewed first and as he came up to Connors Bud asked "Jimmy, can I have a...
  16. CyBorg

    Cincinnati: bizarre scheduling

    I am really surprised by this, considering how neatly organized the order of play was in Montreal. In Canada they're very careful to divide the best players among the matinee and evening sessions. Tuesday typically involves at least one second round match, sometimes more. Always involving...
  17. CyBorg

    Excellent Lendl highlights on YT

    Worth checking out: Especially a good viewing is the highlights of the 1985 Aussie open semi with Edberg. Both playing s&v tennis:
  18. CyBorg

    What's a 'profile infraction'?

    Just curious. Mods?
  19. CyBorg

    Someone please explain to me NBC's semifinal coverage

    On their website it says: 10am-1pm (see june 5: Does this mean they're showing one semifinal or both? Or perhaps showing a Serena Williams match from last week with some small talk thrown in? I'm really not sure what we're getting here.
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    The tiebreak
  21. CyBorg

    Madrid considering Blue Clay

    Tiriac and Co. just can't help themselves:
  22. CyBorg

    On red clay, tennis was once slowwww

    I had a disagreement with a poster some time ago over that youtube clip of Borg and Lendl in 1981. I notice it has become a popular reference for some people here. The disagreement was over Lendl. The poster argued that Lendl at the time was very young and hadn't yet learned to correctly...
  23. CyBorg

    Knee-Jerk "GOAT talk" then and now

    Near the end of the Tanner-Borg Wimbledon final, in the final game, the commentator of the particular tv station exclaims that Borg is "serving to become the greatest of all time." This made me laugh. People never change and we never learn from our mistakes. So little perspective, and such...
  24. CyBorg

    Seles fan blocks CyBorg on YouTube

    This just happened to me on Youtube. Insecure Seles Fan says: "graf only won 1 grand slam in 90 and that was only cause seles didnt play at the australian open that year due to shoulder problems or she would have won it i think,seles won the french and martina won wimbledon and sabatini won...
  25. CyBorg

    File Sharing and Copyright

    An interesting piece by my favorite cinema/media scholar Mike Jones on the matter. I thought I'd share it with everyone. I have always been of the opinion that the fight for copyright laws is fruitless and the claim that the focus is on protecting the actor's rights is a outright lie...
  26. CyBorg

    Lendl's wife

    Samantha Frankel. Does anyone have any pictures of her or them together? She was a real cutie. I'm just wondering how she looks now.
  27. CyBorg

    John McEnroe: "I played the greatest match of all time at Wimbledon"

    Just thought I'd pour some salt on the wounds of those who couldn't stop quoting Mac's past comments about this year's Wimbledon final. Just another one of those quotes to go on Mac's hyperbolic record.
  28. CyBorg

    Great Matches of the Open Era

    For those who use megaupload this is a fantastic source for match downloads: This user uploaded one of my favorite matches of the open era - the Agassi-Becker Davis Cup face-off of 1989.
  29. CyBorg

    #1 Tennis Player Rankings Wikipedia Article It's gone. There was a humongous piece that went over this year-to-year - I bet many of you remember. Why was this deleted? Did anyone save a copy?
  30. CyBorg

    Wilander/Lendl Us Open 1988 was better

    ... than the Roger/Rafa battle at Wimbledon. Here are some highlights: In terms of pure quality from set to set I don't think last week's final even comes close. Both of these guys came to play and fought tooth and nail in every set. Roger only...