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  1. mavsman149

    Who owns Donnay?

    It's a shame, I was looking for a little flexier version of the Youtek Prestige Pro I was using at the time at the Pro One looked perfect on paper. Luckily for me the TFight 315 Limited came out a year later accessibly and affordably and fit the bill perfectly as well.
  2. mavsman149

    Who owns Donnay?

    I almost bought a few 2012 Pro One 16x19's a long time ago. Even then I thought their customer service was awful and I found the prices on their rackets laughable. For a company trying to make a comeback they were trying to charge like at least 50 more per racket than the most expensive competitor.
  3. mavsman149

    Volkl And Fischer

    I've actually noticed that a lot lately. I see a lot of old rich guys at the club using old Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3's
  4. mavsman149

    Volkl And Fischer

    Honestly amazed Volkl hasn't suffered the same fate as Fischer yet, I never see them on the court here in the US. I was a big Fischer fan and I remember really liking the Volkl Tour 10 Gen 2 as well, it's too bad, both make/made great racquets! Amazed Pro Kennex is still in business too honestly
  5. mavsman149

    Why is the Nole Slam given so little credit around here?

    Because Djokovic did it instead of Nadal or Federer.
  6. mavsman149

    scientific top 10 ATG ranking updated after AO

    Radek Stepanek’s style and game with the ladies make him GOAT, needs add to the list as true king of tennis ASAP!
  7. mavsman149

    Favorite Open Era Decade

    I loved Marcos! I really can’t decide between the 2000’s and 2010’s, wasn’t a fan before then so I can’t comment
  8. mavsman149

    Some Hard Truths

    The GOAT race is fun for sure although I don’t think it’ll ever be definitive either I 100% agree that saying it’s all about the slams is a big mistake. While I’ll miss the GOAT race I became a huge fan of tennis in 99-00ish and I loved the unpredictability of that era too!
  9. mavsman149

    Nadal will NOT win FO 2021

    I’ve just accepted that Nadal wins the French. Every time I try to get pumped for the French as a Novak fan it’s a disappointment.
  10. mavsman149

    Worst performance in a GS final?

    Shocked no one mentioned Djokovic RG 2020
  11. mavsman149

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    That’s very interesting, in the USA the Limiteds were generally 20 dollars cheaper than the rest of their non Limited TFight line
  12. mavsman149

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Any chance the Limited's come back?!
  13. mavsman149

    What men's Grand Slam final of the last 10 years were you the least excited for?

    2013 Nadal vs Ferrer Roland Garros for sure, everyone knew whoever won the Nadal vs Djokovic SF was going to cruise in the final. The Nadal vs Anderson 2017 US Open final was a close 2nd. *I can understand people putting the 2018 Djokovic vs Anderson Wimbledon as well, Djokovic is a huge...
  14. mavsman149

    Serena leaves press conference in tears....

    Hope Serena gets one more slam, people keep saying she needs to retire, let Serena decide when she wants to retire. She is still a top 10 player and has reached SF’s and Finals of slams since coming back, she clearly isn’t as good, but she’s coming very close! I thought she looked in good form...
  15. mavsman149

    Head Prestige MP, Mid, or PRO?

    My favorite Head ever is the Youtek Prestige Pro, that was a great racket, played with it for several years. I’ve never liked Head grips though and that’s ultimately why I switched away I also played with the Liquidmetal Prestige Mid for awhile and really liked it too, that was before I...
  16. mavsman149

    What racquet "technology" have you actually liked?

    Interesting, I always figured Fischer’s was really big in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since so many of the higher ranked Czech and Slovak pros endorsed them (Hrbaty, Karol Beck, Lukas Dlouhy, Tomas Zib etc)
  17. mavsman149

    What racquet "technology" have you actually liked?

    Definitely more popular in Europe, I’m in the USA and I think I’ve seen 3 other people using a Fischer ever.
  18. mavsman149

    What racquet "technology" have you actually liked?

    I know a lot of people cracked jokes about those rackets but I absolutely loved my Pro Ones my junior and senior year of high school. I’ll never understand how Fischer didn’t have more fans
  19. mavsman149

    What racquet "technology" have you actually liked?

    There will never be a better and more legit technology than the Fischer Magnetic Speeds, the innovation of the opposing magnetic fields propelled the ball over the net with increased velocity and spin.
  20. mavsman149

    Most Underrated Upset of All-Time

    Credit to Soderling for being one of the few to upset him and keep winning
  21. mavsman149

    Greatest Near-Upsets of All Time

    Michael Russell vs Gustavo Kuerten at Roland Garros, can’t remember what year, but Guga went on to win
  22. mavsman149

    Post a picture of your favorite player in his coolest outfit.

    Also the racket is even more red!
  23. mavsman149

    Monte Carlo 2006 - The Birth of an electrifying rivalry - Federer v Djokovic

    Always interesting to see how much more Novak used to attack
  24. mavsman149

    2 - 4 slam winners, who was the best?

    Murray is far greater than anyone on this list not named Courier. I am not educated enough on Courier to give a valid response to Murray vs Courier. Shame Murray’s peak level seems to brushed aside, do you guys remember Murray demolishing Federer at the Olympics on grass?? Safin and Wawrinka...
  25. mavsman149

    Wimbledon cancelled

    Catastrophic for Djokovic trying to take the slam record and for Fed trying to get to 21. Especially if Roland Garros is still played.
  26. mavsman149

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    but why would you get rid of that paint job?! Pure control swirlies are beautiful!!!
  27. mavsman149

    Most underrated ATP match of the 21st century?

    They were highly regarded back then, but I haven’t heard anyone mention them in a long time. The Rafter vs Agassi matches at Wimbledon in 2000 and 2001 were both outstanding!
  28. mavsman149

    Should the rankings be "frozen"?

    It’s hilarious most people are complaining because Djokovic gets extra weeks at number 1. Y’all do realize he only had like 45 points to defend there and based on current form was a big favorite to gain a lot of points, right?
  29. mavsman149

    Your Most fave racket manufacturers stencil ?

    Fischer all day, everyday
  30. mavsman149

    Prettiest serve motion?

    I have a few I really liked Federer-so fluid Djokovic-looks like a viper about to strike Guga-honestly don’t know why, just always liked it Sampras-didn’t like him but even when I started playing I tried imitating it, just not as well as Rampras lol Hewitt-underrated fluid motion Safin-looks...