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  1. RFRF

    Us open 2017. What a joke.

    From the court surface, that played slower than a clay court to the ridiculous scheduling with the seeding. Let's hope the usta have a long hard look at what they have done and that things change next year. What a joke.
  2. RFRF

    rogers bar man cave

  3. RFRF

    Stephanie vivier

    After a long run its sad to see Stephane leave team fed, he did a great job all these years good luck to him in the future his a great guy. Maybe Gary Hamilton can come back on board!
  4. RFRF

    rogers new frame update,

    ok just got back from a meeting with wilson yesterday and this is the latest, the new frame is a combination of the blade and pro staff but with the 98 head as we already know. it has a PWS but the PWS isn't as wide as on the pro staff. its staying at 17.5 or 18mm thickness with the graphite and...
  5. RFRF

    i got rogers racquet !!!!!!

    i was finally able to get rogers racket, its from the 2003 davis cup semi final againt hewitt. it was from a private auction, here are some measurments swing wt 353 weight 372g babolat 16g gut mains and looks like big banger crosses. wilson white overwrap with leather underneath...
  6. RFRF

    Did She Say????????

    Did She Say "im Going To F*****g Kill You?????????
  7. RFRF

    I Got Safins Racquet!!!!!!!!!

    These are pics of Safins actual racquet. A paintjob. Enjoy the pics :)
  8. RFRF

    New K Factor 6.0

    the dealers are tight liped but there is word of a new k factor for the great man, that will premiere at this years AO, anybody know anything?????
  9. RFRF

    new fall control 9" federer shorts???

    has anybody brought the new control shorts??? they dont come with a belt and there is no elastic in em as stated on the review, i was woundering do these slide down during play if worn with no belt?? at least nike could have provided one as they did on rogers wimbledon shorts!!