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  1. DNShade

    Why is ESPN so biased in favor of women's matches????

    Just crazy. I don't know if they think their audience only watches tennis to see girls in short skirts or something. I just don't get it. Has nothing to do with American bias because we aren't talking about the Williams sisters - we are talking about covering women's matches with players the...
  2. DNShade

    79 Borg vs Connors - good quality and camera angles

    Not sure if this was posted elsewhere - but I thought I put it put there. 1979 Seiko World Tennis. Really nice stuff. Can really see the level of play -- spin and pace of shot unlike a lot of older vids.
  3. DNShade

    Great practice video of Borg 1975

    Not sure is this had been posted before but I thought it might be of interest to some here. From spring 75 as he is working on his serve and volley. And for those of you who think guys didn't hit the ball decently hard back then -- this is a nice court level view of Borg practicing. He starts...
  4. DNShade

    Cincinnati- A tourney that knows where to place the cameras for HDTV!

    Now this is where the camera should be. Actually framed for the aspect 16x9 aspect ratio - gets you close to the action and you can see the spin etc. This is where the best seats in the house always are. Lets have the TV audience be there too.
  5. DNShade

    Looking for high level players in the San Luis Obispo, CA area

    Home of TW I know. Just looking for some locals - or anyone visiting who's up for a good hit. I'm now splitting my time between the Los Angeles area and SLO and while I have tons of players in LA but been a while since I played in SLO so need to find some good ones up there. Feel free to...
  6. DNShade

    You're never too old or too good to hit on the wall...

    Connors gettin' a little wall time at IW.
  7. DNShade

    Hey ESPN - WTF???? Show Live Matches Instead Of Talking Heads!!!!!

    As much fun as it is to watch a live match over PMac and Brad's shoulders -- here's a F@#@ing thought -- show the GD match!!!! In what other sport would this happen? I know we can watch it online -- but seriously? You are going to waste an hour talking about three day old news and run...
  8. DNShade

    McEnroe talks racquet, string etc...

    Posted this video in the Former Pro section a few days agol - but thought this would be interesting for the gear sections as well. Enjoy.
  9. DNShade

    Interesting little John McEnroe video...

    Just a nice relaxed candid on court interview with John and some people before a little hit I stumbled across. Talks about his game, racquet, strings, grips etc... Thought it might be interesting to some.
  10. DNShade

    Spent yesterday hitting with Mats Wilander - not a bad Saturday...

    ***I posted this in the Former Pro section - but thought it might be of interest to people here as well*** Had a very fun day yesterday hitting with Mats. He was in my hometown area town doing his Wilander on Wheels tour and I happened to be in the area so I decided to swing by. I did the...
  11. DNShade

    Spent yesterday hitting with Mats Wilander - not a bad Saturday...

    Had a very fun day yesterday hitting with Mats. He was in my hometown area town doing his Wilander on Wheels tour and I happened to be in the area so I decided to swing by. I did the clinic and then hit with Mats and his partner/pro Cameron (who's a great guy and hits a real nice ball) and had...
  12. DNShade

    Rodd4LSU is a great seller

    A true pleasure to deal with.
  13. DNShade

    Safin stunned by Ferreira in Champions Series debut in Rio

    Just in case anyone was interested.... Ferreria beats Safin 7-6, 6-4
  14. DNShade

    Melbourne has suffered its hottest night since 1902 - heat wave grips southern Oz Should make for an interesting AO.
  15. DNShade

    Overheard conversation...

    "This is what all the hoopla is about? Hell anyone can lose playing on speed or coke. Real men win grand slams on it." "No kidding. Try directing De Niro and Minnelli in an f-ing musical coked out of your mind and still end up with career. Now that takes a real man." "Damn straight...
  16. DNShade

    TW Private Label Leather - where is the 25x1.3?

    Just checking the new site design and see they are listed in the above text in the TW Leather Grip section but there isn't any icon or way to order the 25mm x 1.3mm size below. Where'd they go? Just an oversight on the design or you guys not making them anymore? If they are out, when do you...
  17. DNShade

    ESPN off to a great start - 23 minutes in - and not one match shown yet...

    They are talking in studio about how they aren't going to be forced to have any "talk feasts" during rain delays now due to the new roof. Yeah...meanwhile they are talking in studio for half an hour while live matches are going on during a beautiful day. Who tunes in to see actual tennis being...
  18. DNShade

    Somehow I think Nike is going to be stuck with a lot of Pink Polos....

    Unless rabid Fed fans start wearing them for good luck or something... Just as well. I hated that shirt. I was just talking earlier this week with someone in the Nadal camp about his attire this year and how horrible it's been and how they are really need to change the look and they agreed...
  19. DNShade

    Seriously Tennis Channel....Szavay/Cibulkova over Gonzalez/Hanescu?

    What a surprise...TTC is showing the WTA match instead of this. I'm sure Szavay vs Cibulkova has a much bigger fan base and they have to keep the huge amount of fans of those two happy, so I understand... I mean really? Come on. This is getting to be really annoying!!!!These are barely...
  20. DNShade

    So do US TV networks think that only women watch tennis?

    I'm really trying to figure out the choices that both ESPN and TTC are making during this event. I kept thinking that is was just the usual Williams/American bias at work - but quite a few times that doesn't explain the matches being shown. Example - right now Stosur/Dementieva are being shown...
  21. DNShade

    Just to put the "Elevation" of Madrid thing in perspective...

    Everyone keeps talking about how fast the ball moved at the "high" elevation of Madrid and what terrible placement of the tourney right before the FO etc... Well Madrid is only like 2000 or so feet. That's not very high at all. That's Las Vegas elevation if that. Not really a factor at...
  22. DNShade

    Agassi, Graf, Henman and Clijsters play on TTC Sunday

    Just in case no one posted about it. The Wimbledon thing with the foursome playing is on TTC today (Sunday) 4pm PST.
  23. DNShade

    So are European tennis fans more "fragile" than other places?

    Just wondering since once again in Madrid (as was the case indoors) they have the "safety netting" up like the tennis players are hitting foul balls or something. Same thing in the rest of the European indoor season - Paris etc. I meant to throw this out there earlier in the week when I first...
  24. DNShade

    So who's going to miss the great coverage of IW this weekend on TTC as we go to FSN?

    Going to be hard to adjust to the FSN coverage after how well done this weekend's coverage was. And as far as I can tell - I have FSN HD and it's not going to be on there - just SD. Too bad we can't have this weekends feeds all week long.
  25. DNShade

    Agassi to play Outback Series!

    Just wanted to let everyone know... Agassi, Sampras, McEnroe, Rafter, Courier, Ivanisevic...not too shabby of a lineup.
  26. DNShade

    All I want to know is...what hair product does Verdasco use?!!!

    I mean after 5+hours of serious hard hitting man style tennis - and his hair is still perfect. Now that is an ad for hair gel!!!!
  27. DNShade

    Ok. What's the reason now?

    ESPN is doing it again. They are choosing to show a women's match between a Serb and Japanese player over showing the top ranked American male... So much for the American thing. It's seems like there is a very real sex bias going on here. Don't they know that The L Word is replaying on...
  28. DNShade

    You want to know why tennis doesn't have better TV ratings? Look how it's shot

    Madrid has terrible camera coverage - the most boring and energy sapping views possible. The wide shot is from almost directly above and from so far away it looks like you're watching Pong. And the camera work is just as bad at pretty much every other televised event. I know they have to work...
  29. DNShade

    It was great to see Andre on court today (pics)

    You could really tell how happy he was to be back out there and how much he loves the game - and he's still got a mean return. Here are a few quick snaps. Fun event. I'll post some vids later...
  30. DNShade

    Sampras racket quote

    I didn't know if this had been posted out here in one of the infinite threads about what Pete's using, etc...But I thought some might find it interesting. From the Outback Champions Series - To Sampras: Q. Are you planning on staying with your old Wilson 85 or using a different...