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  1. terribleIVAN

    Scary proposition: Nadal with Gasquet's one-hander backhand

    Of course, it would be a lefty BH. Rafa would be a monster, spraying winners all over the court from both sides.
  2. terribleIVAN

    Did Craig Tiley's plan backfire big time ?

    Tiley's plan was to dramatically increase the speed of the court in order to allow the 2 aging tennis cash cows (Roger and Serena) to finally win their much desired career defining slam. Instead, Serena flopped in the semis, and injured Novak still schooled everybody else, while Fed broke his...
  3. terribleIVAN

    AO 2021: Djokovic's last historical stand at hard court slams ?

    This upcoming final reminds me of the 2015 Wimbledon final where 33 yo Fed lost definitely to Novak, to never beat him again there. Can 33 yo Novak avoid Fed's fate on hard? If he does win AO, will it be his last hard court slam ?
  4. terribleIVAN

    Rafa din't play a bad match.

    Lots of incredible gets. Great shot-making all around. Great retrieving. Tried until the end. Got tight upon closing in, no denying that. He just got beat by youth and talent. His problem is he has no plan B when his usual game isn't enough. I think Tsitsipas will cause him more problems at...
  5. terribleIVAN

    Barty's loss proves once more WTA tour is a bunch of headcases

    How can you be world nr 1 , lead by a set then throw away a semi at your home Slam ? She literally started spraying shots all over the court and couldn't straighten her mind.
  6. terribleIVAN

    Novak can kiss 2021 AO goodbye

    No way does he beat Thiem, Zverev, Medvedev or Rafa with an abdominal tear in best of 5. Unless he milked this for all it's worth, he's already out of the tournament, for all intents and purposes.
  7. terribleIVAN

    Is Rafa's 2020 RG campaign the most miraculous slam run ever (no set lost)?

    Rafa suffered a flareup of a leg injury upon resuming training and had to renounce to USO. He then got demolished by Schwartzie in Rome. Everybody predicted the new RG conditions would defavor him, with damp balls and colder temps. His first rds at RG were far from impressive. Then he had to...
  8. terribleIVAN

    Shots fired: no more than 1 slam combined for Rafa and Novak in 2021 Outrageous ! I'm gone to the Capitol to vent my frustration on something/someone...
  9. terribleIVAN

    What if...Nadal hadn't fell in love with his power and stamina ?

    We all know there's nothing young Rafa loved more than spend 8 hours on a clay court spilling his guts out , for the greater despair of his opponents. There's no doubt he was coached in this sense by Uncle Tony, who saw that if it worked so well, why change it ? We also all know that once Novak...
  10. terribleIVAN

    Tennis Magazine seems out of it's mind

    They've just posted their greatest match of the decade: on the women's side, it's Vinci vs Serena at USO 2015; for the mens, it's Novak vs Fed at W 2019.
  11. terribleIVAN

    "Federer would have definitely played at the AO had he been fit to compete at the level he wished for" "I hate to destroy the narrative," Graf tweeted. "But Roger Federer would have definitely played at the Australian Open had he...
  12. terribleIVAN

    W 2019, Fed's career last slam final appearance....?

    If true, how will history remember him ? Surely, not the way someone would hope to finish his career....
  13. terribleIVAN

    2021 - The beginning of the end for the Big 3 ?

    I think there's a strong chance 2021 will be our trio's swan song, the year they finally are shown the door by the young pack. I fully expect Novak to keep declining, probably only achieving one slam - Wimbledon being my guess - and getting consistently knocked out of his pedestal at masters...
  14. terribleIVAN

    Will Federer be ready to return for Dubai ?

    I think it's pretty much an open question, considering his age and time spent off the court following double knee surgery. He might re injure himself in training. He might delay his return further. Or he might return, with varying luck.
  15. terribleIVAN

    Todd Woodbridge: "Federer isn't the GOAT: but he's the best all-court player"

    "Roger Federer is the greatest all-court player. I find it hard to suggest he is the greatest of all time when he doesn't have a winning record over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Rafa spoiled Roger's numbers by winning the 13th Roland Garros title in dominant style. If Roger Federer could...
  16. terribleIVAN

    Once more, 2 retired tennis champions die of brain cancer

    Dennis Ralston and Alex Olmedo died this month of brain cancer. Add them to the list.
  17. terribleIVAN

    If Mevedev can take his game to the next level and conquer the net, why can't the rest of the Top 10 ?

    Why can't them ? Afraid of ridicule ? Fear of losing ? Refusal to get out of one's comfort zone ? (not talking about Fed of course).
  18. terribleIVAN

    Medvedev is already a much better net player than either Novak and Rafa

    Hugely impressed by his new found net play and volleys which he used to steal that third set break. I believe he's the only next gen player able to charge the net aggressively and put his opponent under pressure. If he can keep his fitness and avoid injuries, he's going to bulldoze a lot of...
  19. terribleIVAN

    Is it over for Novak and Rafa at the WTF ?

    Yesterday was probably their last chance to win this tournament. Both had good chances, were within 3 and 4 points of advancing to the final, and both blew it by choking. Especially Rafa. Discuss.
  20. terribleIVAN

    Memo to Rafa's coaches: end that BH slice ! It's killing him.

    It might work on slow bouncing clay, but on hard it's hanging in the air and is begging to get hit. Also, the BH dropshots attempts were even more amateurish than his slice.
  21. terribleIVAN

    Tennis GOATS per chinese zodiac

    As i wrote in another thread, Rafa = tiger Fed and Thiem= rooster Novak and Murray= rabbit Medvedev= pig Rubled and Zverev = ox Sampras= pig Becker= goat Lendl= rat (damn!) Borg= monkey MaCenroe= pig Agassi= dog Edberg= snake Stich= monkey Courier= dog Muster= goat Rios= rabbit Safin= goat...
  22. terribleIVAN

    Thiem is a nightmare to play

    Blows 4 MP in the tie break, one of them a double fault. In the next one, falls 4-0 behind then destroys Novak. Novak will remember this loss, lol.
  23. terribleIVAN

    Medvedev favorite over Rafa ?

    4/5 at the bookies. Rafa usually ups the intensity near the finish line. And Andrei played yesterday. Hmm...
  24. terribleIVAN

    Nadal the Tiger; Federer the Rooster; Djokovic the Rabbit

    I think it's pretty accurate, especially for Roger. Novak does indeed run like a rabbit. (Chinese zodiacal signs)
  25. terribleIVAN

    Nadal still ahead of Thiem at the bookies to win his group

    Per Oddschecker Nadal 5/6 Thiem 11/8 :unsure:
  26. terribleIVAN

    By Wimbledon next year, Fed will be without his slam and weeks nr 1 records.

    Welcome back to the tour, Roggie ! :cool:
  27. terribleIVAN

    Who wins WTC this year ?

    I believe Rafa has a chance, since Novak is starting to leak, and he's quite fresh.
  28. terribleIVAN

    Gaudio destroyed Rafa on clay 4 months before RG 2005

    February 2005, clay, Buenos Aires: quarter finals: 0‑6 6‑0 6‑1 This was Gaudio's last victory over Rafa; they stand at 3-3, with Rafa winning the last 3. It's interesting because Gaudio had great success with his one handed BH vs Rafa: when this shot was on, he could beat absolutely everybody...
  29. terribleIVAN

    Federer's too insecure to be considered GOAT

    Crying like a Magdalena- needing a sports psychologist- losing from winning positions time and again-throwing matches on purpose. Also, shouldn't the GOAT have a GOAT wife ? Disgust/never mind discussion.
  30. terribleIVAN

    Nadal the only one of the Big 4 to never have used audible obscenity

    Federer, Djokovic and Murray have all been warned multiple times on the court for audible obscenities, often with fines. Rafa's the only one to have kept his temper in check. One exception might be the 2016 Indian Wells incident between Rafa and Zverev, interpreted by the chair umpire as a...