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  1. stormholloway

    Anyone try a western forehand/eastern backhand grip as neutral return grip?

    I was wonder if anyone with a one handed bh and semi western or western forehand uses or has ever tried to use that grip as their neutral grip on returns since it's the same grip (or in the case of semi western forehands, at least very close). This seems more logical than having to do such a...
  2. stormholloway

    Main/Cross Tension Differential

    What's the biggest tension differential you guys have strung a hybrid at? At what point is the differential too much for the racquet to handle? I've heard 5 lbs is the most you'd want to have. I've been tinkering with a gut/poly hybrid and would like the poly as low as possible and the gut as...
  3. stormholloway

    FS/T IG Prestige Mid 4 3/8

    Excellent condition. Virtually like new. Has been played once. A scratch or two on the head guard. Paint flawless. 9.5/10. Strings are still very playable. VS/ALU Rough 58/55. $150 shipped. Would also be willing to trade straight up for a PS BLX 90 in 3/8 grip. Must be close to spec (and not...
  4. stormholloway

    Dear Granville...

    ...we know you like leather grips. This is settled. Can we stop mentioning them, or a lack thereof, in racquet reviews? Thanks. Sincerely, stormholloway
  5. stormholloway

    About the Pro Staff 90 BLX...

    Is anyone playing regularly with this frame? I ask because I had a hit with it and have nothing but positive things to say about it. It's outstanding really. It's basically a BLX 90 with feedback, which is all that the last model lacked as I see it. It's perhaps a slightly lighter swing, but...
  6. stormholloway

    Best stringer in Austin?

    I might as well put this here. I know there are a few Austinites on this forum. Where do you guys string your racquets? I took mine over to South Austin to get a hybrid done and they gave it back to me with full gut. I was pissed. They shall never touch my racquets again. So... who strings...
  7. stormholloway

    Best for a buttcap: glue or staple?

    Butt cap on my new (old) racquet keeps coming off. Anyone try super glue? Any tips to make sure these things stay on?
  8. stormholloway

    Head PT 280 question

    Picked up one of these on the bay. Sweet stick, like perfect. My question is that I have the non-CAP version. Is there a particular difference between this and the CAP version besides the obvious? Is it convertible to CAP? Are there particular versions I need to look out for/avoid? Do any new...
  9. stormholloway

    Tacchini Gear... quality?

    Tacchini definitely used to suck. The materials were just very low quality. They look a lot better now. Can anyone attest?
  10. stormholloway

    Quick Reviews: BLX Tour 90 and YT Prestige Mid

    Bought both of these (not much of a demoer). Also not much of a tennis player, but love playing with mids 'cause when I'm on, which is seldom, it's just more fun. These are by far my favorite tennis racquet lines on the market, so I thought I'd give them a go. Both setups are VS/ALU at 60/58. I...
  11. stormholloway

    Oh Wow -- Shake Weight This is not a joke, just saw it for sale on TV. Thoughts?
  12. stormholloway

    Indoor lighting and returns

    Played at the new USTA indoor facility tonight and got my ass kicked. Couldn't put a return in play to save my life. Anyone have trouble with indoor lighting playing tricks on your eyes. The lighting system seems top notch but everything on court kinda looks.... surreal. Thoughts, criticisms...
  13. stormholloway

    YouTek Prestige MP Pics

    Well, **** had a YouTek Prestige MP, so I asked to look at it. Felt like a dweeb taking pictures of it but they know I'm a racquet junkie. Here ya go... I asked if I could demo it, but they said it was "Tommy's". It didn't have a grip palette on it yet. Looks really fine in person, best...
  14. stormholloway

    Vapor VI Clay Sizing

    Plan on getting more sizes in this shoe? I don't see anything smaller than 10.5.
  15. stormholloway

    Definitive opinions on Vapor VI?

    So I've been a bit disappointed by the Asics Gel 2. The first run of these shoes were fantastic, but with the second run they hurt my feet, just when walking. I get pinched in strange places. I feel Asics lost their way. I used to wear Vapors religiously, and took the V model out on the court...
  16. stormholloway

    Kazakhstan Building UFO Base and Space Embassy Hilarious. Can you imagine an advanced alien race coming from many light years away to land in Kazakhstan?
  17. stormholloway

    Storm's Vids

    Don't watch this if you have trouble digesting spicy foods. Serve: This has been a lifelong struggle. I could use some advice. Since I've never seen myself serving before, the first thing I noticed was how stiff I looked. The last clip is even more unimpressive...
  18. stormholloway

    I think my serve crashed Vimeo

    Can someone see if they can go to I uploaded my serve video then tried to go to see the video and suddenly I can't even connect to the site. I've tried it a dozen times. Did the guys at Vimeo rethink their business model after seeing my hacker serve video?
  19. stormholloway

    Stringing in Rome

    Anyone know a good place to get a racquet strung in Rome, Italy? I took my racquet somewhere to get it strung at 28 kg and it's so far below that it's unplayable. Does anyone know of the Foro Italico (where the Italian Open is played) does stringing? I assume they do, but don't want to go all...
  20. stormholloway

    ShamWow Guy Arrested...

    ....for beating up a hooker. Wow.
  21. stormholloway

    Reason #1879873 to avoid sodas
  22. stormholloway

    Google map spots Atlantis? Check out the pictures. There is a near perfect rectangular grid exactly where Atlantis was fabled to have existed. Google claims that it's sonar data from a ship that made that pattern. Maybe, but why aren't there any other patterns...
  23. stormholloway

    Nadal Wears Short Shorts

    I think it's a good look for him. And yes, they are short shorts. EDIT: Wow. Next time I'll make sure and look for the Tennis Channel "Classic" emblem. This match against Ljubicic must be like 3 years old at least.
  24. stormholloway

    Storm.. In Europe (Barce, Napoli, Roma)

    Anyone live in any of these cities that can help me find some tennis? The web isn't that helpful. I'd love to hit with anyone who lives in these places. I'll be in Barcelona tomorrow until Monday. Let me know.
  25. stormholloway

    Can we please talk about this? I don't know how to feel about this. Someone please help me.
  26. stormholloway

    Mac claims Fed's control is due to his lighter frame (!)

    I've grown tired of hearing McEnroe talk endlessly and continuously about players' "lighter frames" and "these new strings," but during the slow-mo video of Federer's forehand McEnroe claims that Roger gets such great control from his "lighter frame and these strings" which allow him to get such...
  27. stormholloway

    To see night matches at Armstrong...?

    What ticket do I buy? I watched them there last year but I don't remember what kind of ticket I bought. There is no Louis Armstrong Night Session ticket. Am I missing something? If so, what?
  28. stormholloway

    Unwittingly on YouTube Some short film I did years ago has been on YouTube without my knowledge. Enjoy!
  29. stormholloway

    Babolat VS 15g?

    Anyone played with this? I'm sticking it a pair of K90s. I didn't know it existed, but it does. This isn't the 15L by the way. Anyone played it? thoughts?
  30. stormholloway

    Blister advice

    So I've been consistently getting blisters on the bottoms of both big toes. I wear the Yonex 306, which is a great shoe, but apparently there's too much room in the toe box. Does a more cushioned shoe have the potential to fix this problem? Does cushioning help with blisters? I'm thinking...