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  1. jones101

    Which court is Serena's favorite stomping ground?

    RLA, she has said numerous times she gets the best reception there.
  2. jones101

    #WTA: Iconic #Shade Parts 1-5

    Part 4 @ 2:20 kills me everytime. Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena in Wimbledon, Serena - she's so strong, Serena, MONICA SELES. Hahahaha oh Maria, her face gives her away (rehearsed), she don't believe that ish. I love it though.
  3. jones101

    Ladies 2015 Wimbledon Final: S. Williams [1] vs. G. Muguruza [20]

    Serena, serving up your favourites like....
  4. jones101

    2015 Wimbledon discussion - WTA.

    Serena apparently isn't even the toughest opposition she's faced. Skip to 2:20
  5. jones101

    I think Sharapova will win Wimbledon 2015

    Remember the last time they played on grass though? My thoughts on the match. Maria.....
  6. jones101

    Does Federer get to keep the Halle trophy every year?

    The Halle trophy Fed took home looks to scale imo.
  7. jones101

    What do you think about ROME's draw?

    2008 ring any bells?
  8. jones101

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Why has no one mentioned Kirilenko? The face that can launch 1000 ships.
  9. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    I give credit to Aga for looking to improve, but Martina was not the route. She should try and get Hinigs on board -already travels to most tournaments anyway and knows all of the players game
  10. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    Should Lisucki just take a holiday and prep for Wimbledon? If there was a ranking for consistent inconsistence, she'd be GOAT.
  11. jones101

    Genie refuses to shake hands...again

    Anyone trying to make excuses for hasbeenie needs to realise you represent your country in Fed Cup, not yourself. The official pre match photo op is a tradition, and the handshake a token of respect and sportsmanship. She thought she was above tradition. DulGOATu got the best revenge post...
  12. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    In Fed/Davis cup you represent your country, not yourself, its a simple gesture of respect before the match. What makes Flopchard so special that she thinks she's above tradition?
  13. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    They are all top 10 fyi.
  14. jones101

    Just realized something about Federer....

    I think he was referring to Delpo beating him in 09, not Djoker last year;
  15. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    Can EMPRESS JJ keep up her (somewhat) decent form in Miami?
  16. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    Exactly, Petkovic is in good form, has logged a lot of court time this week too, and is (according to ranking) one of the 10 best players on the planet. Mummy Kim has been busy backstage tendering to players needs, scheduling, media events etc all week. On top of being a mum to 2 children...
  17. jones101

    The "What's Wrong With Her?" Thread

    Im more concerned with mummy, out of shape Clijsters easily outhitting Petkovic on an hours notice in the Exo match in place of the title. Petko is top 10 tomorrow and should be ashamed, exo or not. It makes me miss the golden years of...
  18. jones101

    Retiring in matches when being close to a win

    Djokovic once retired 2 sets to love down against Rafa in the 2006 FO. He was however 'in control' up to that point.
  19. jones101

    Can serenas slam compiling over a long time being held against her?

    Steffi played 1005 singles matches and won 22 slams. Serena has played 811 so far and won 19. Longevity is subjective.
  20. jones101

    Why don't people move Serena more?

    Great idea in theory, but as Mike Tyson once said - 'everyone has a plan until they're punched in the face'. In Serena's case it bludgeoned with a groundie or serve.
  21. jones101

    the GOAT survived a Bee sting ;)

    Floats like a butterfly, stung by a bee.
  22. jones101

    Coolest GIF's of Pro's.....