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  1. lelopez

    I just can't believe it how many people see Medvedev as favorite?

    I'm a Fed fan, and while I hope I'm dead wrong, I don't see Novak losing this final. Too much experience, too good at AO, he is the freaking #1 player in the world, and I don't believe he is injured. No way it goes to 5, Novak in 3 or 4.
  2. lelopez

    RF97: Battle Axes in the Mud

    For me, it plays beautifully with syn. gut., soft, crisp, and controlled. But the RF97 eats up that string like no tomorrow. If I get more than 2 hours of heavy hitting it is a huge win. I almost have to switch racquets every set. I'm trying to find a good durability alternative for syn. gut...
  3. lelopez

    Thoughts on Tsitsipas’s new symbol?

    I must admit, logos existed before theirs but RF's and Bull's logos are GOAT. Coincidence?
  4. lelopez

    Let’s talk overgrip strategy for hot and humid climates

    Here in FL this is a common occurrence, heavily exacerbated in the summer. I sweat pretty heavily too and have tried pretty much all grips and wristbands out there to help address the issue. I've honed it to using a single 2.5" wristband that I change after every set (sometimes sooner...
  5. lelopez

    Fed's RF97 buttcap

    Couldn't find any records of a discussion talking about Fed's custom buttcap on the RF97. I vaguely recall a P1 interview or article that mentioned they used whatever buttcaps they had available laying around to finish Fed's racquet when he was wielding the 90, but the RF97 buttcap he uses is...
  6. lelopez

    Wilson nCode nSix.One Tour 90 Buttcap

    I still have two of these with me. ~360g strung with OG last time I measured, can measure the balance if needed. Agree that if the handle was shaved (what was the original size?) and no leather then the weight will be near 15g light.
  7. lelopez

    Absolute softest spin poly in WHITE COLOR ?

    +1 on PP Concept as well as Tier One Ghost Wire. Concept is more cream/translucent/white colored while Ghost Wire is really, really white. Both really good strings, but for the cost, can't beat Concept.
  8. lelopez

    Best pro forehand to study

    Fred Berdych Verdasco Ferrero Agassi
  9. lelopez

    Scratch or frame crack?

    It is a v11 so I may be SOL. I thought these racquets were indestructible via normal hitting. Only had it happen (crack on throat bridge) once before on an nCode 90.
  10. lelopez

    Scratch or frame crack?

    Hmmm..., I suppose I should reach out to Wilson to see if they would consider replacing it.
  11. lelopez

    Scratch or frame crack?

    Finished stringing an RF97 and noticed this (link provided). I had not noticed it before and certainly didn't feel anything weird while playing with the racquet which is why I think it may be just a paint crack and not an actual frame crack. Want to get the opinion of...
  12. lelopez

    There's nothing like an old-school Fedal match :)

    Ahhh, the Fearhand years! Winners galore with ease off that wing on anything remotely resembling a short ball. What I would give to see a resurgence of that stroke now late in Fred's career. He needs that for one last serious run.
  13. lelopez

    Let’s talk overgrip strategy for hot and humid climates

    I've lived in FL most of my life, and I've played in humid weather all of my life. I also sweat like a mf, Nadal-style. 3 sets in summer mean at least 4-5 shirt changes and 2-3 playing hand wristband changes. For me, nothing has worked better than Wilson Pro, fresh at the start of the...
  14. lelopez

    FS/FT 2x 2012 Volkl C10 pro 4 1/2

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Volkl C10 Pro (2012 version) Grip Size / Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/9.0 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 2h *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes)...
  15. lelopez

    Weaker overhead smash: Federer or Djokovic?

    You forgot to include Sampras in the poll
  16. lelopez

    Damn, Soderling could hit.

    Proof that if the WTA forehand is done right, "no can defend"...
  17. lelopez

    A more durable synthetic gut?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give some of these a try and report back.
  18. lelopez

    A more durable synthetic gut?

    Yep, trying that but I want to stay with something no thicker than 16g. Tension right now is 50/47 on an RF97. May lose a little of the crisp feeling going lower but can certainly try. I should say that I grew up playing with white Prince syn. gut (original, not the duraflex one) on a ps85 in...
  19. lelopez

    A more durable synthetic gut?

    After experimenting with a good range of polys, multis, gut, and hybrids over the last year, there is something about plain 'ol syn gut that sets it apart for my game. Yesterday I played with a full bed of Gamma synthetic gut and everything felt great about it, great feel, good control, ok spin...
  20. lelopez

    Ugliest forehand?

    Edberg was my favorite player growing up. Saw quite a bit of S&V tennis then as well. While Edberg's FH may have been effective, it was still the weakest part of his game, but he did a superb job compensating for it with the rest of his game and phenomenal movement. But there is no doubt that...
  21. lelopez

    Ugliest forehand?

    Include Edberg in the poll. If he would've had a half decent forehand he would have racked a few extra slams.
  22. lelopez

    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    I don't know much about the MP, but the Graphene Touch and the 360+ molds for the mid are the same. While I have not done it, the grommets from the GTPM should fit.
  23. lelopez

    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    I believe the Graphene Touch (previous version) Prestige mid grommets fit. Those are black.
  24. lelopez

    Most beautiful forehand of all time?

    I see this is a poll for SECOND most beautiful forehand of all time given a key name is missing. But I'll write-in my 2nd favorite:Gulbis
  25. lelopez

    K Factor 90 vs Prince Phantom 93

    Agree with everything except the last comment. I really wanted to love the 93p to move away from my K's, but the main price to pay for that would have been weight of shot. I could feel it coming off the racquet and opponents could too. The k90 for me generates a much heavier ball, if you can...
  26. lelopez

    K Factor 90 vs Prince Phantom 93

    Best to understand why are you looking to switch. There is no k90 equivalent. Similar to other purists saying there is no ps85 equivalent. If you're looking for something more modern, tad easier to wield, but still be able to hit heavy, then the new Prestige mid is it. If you're looking for...
  27. lelopez

    Carla Suárez Navarro on court... practicing... Vamos!

    Finally some good news out of 2020! Hope to see you soon on TV Carla!
  28. lelopez

    Rf97 autograph v13

    Most recently I've been playing with a pair of 2015's (red/black) that I matched up pretty well. Been playing well and have got used to swinging them around for 2-3 sets. Last week I picked up a 2016 (v11) and got to play with it this weekend. First off, the balance was off, more HH from the...